Formulas For Dices

Basic Information on Dices :-

Dice is a cubical shaped article, having six faces. It can also be referred to as a cube or a cubical.

They have six faces similar to a cube and each face is marked with different number of dots from one to six.

  • A Dice have six faces
  • A Dice have 8 vertices
  • A Dice has 12 Edges
Dice Formulas

All its six faces are shown in the mentioned diagram:

Specifically, the six faces are:


Formulas for Questions of Dice

There are certain relevant facts which should always be remembered while solving the Dice reasoning questions which are mentioned below:

  • It has six square shaped sides having equal length and width.
  • It has 8 points.
  • It has 12 boundaries or edges.
  • One can only view three sides of a cube at one point of time which are commonly known as “joint sides.”
  • The above figure makes it evident that the two opposite faces cannot be adjacent to each other.

For example: from the above figure, we can see that face PQRU and STWV are opposite to each other, but they can never be adjacent to one another.

Formulas For Dices & Types of Dices

Usually, there are two types of dices that are:

  1. Base Dice
  2. Open Dice

(Note:- Since generally questions on Base Dices, are being asked in the exams. Hence we shall be discussing them in detail in the tips and tricks page.

However, a brief explanation of open dices along with diagram is mentioned here for some basic understanding of the concerned students)

Dice Formulas

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