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Tips Ans Tricks And Shortcuts To Solve Cube questions

Tips and Tricks and Shortcuts for Cube:-

Get a quality Rubik’s Cube. The solving time depends on two things: you, and the cube. Let’s focus on the other one: A Hard turning cube that stuck all the time will dramatically increase your solving time.

  • In a cube the number of unit cubes = (side)3.

There are few rules to be kept in mind while solving these type of questions:

  • The opposite sides of the cube can never be adjacent to each other.
  • If two cubes are considered, and one of the two common faces is in the same position, then the remaining faces will be opposite to each other.
Tips and Tricks to solve Cube Questions

Direction for Tips and Tricks and Shortcuts for Cubes

A cube is cut in two equal parts along a plane parallel to one of its faces. One piece is then colored red on the two larger faces and green on the remaining, while the other is colored green on two smaller adjacent faces and red on the remaining. Each is then cut into 32 cubes of the same size and mixed up.

Question 1: How many cubes have only one coloured face each ?


A) 32
B) 8
C) 16
D) 0

Answer: Options (B)


8 from (I) and 8 from (II)

Therefore 8 from each.


Tips and Tricks for Cube
Tips and Tricks for Cube

Question 2: How many cubes have each one red and another green?


A) 0
B) 32
C) 16
D) 8

Answer: Option (D)

Explanation: 16 from (I) and 8 from (II)

Question:A cube is coloured red on all faces.It is cut into 64 smaller cubes of equal size.How many cubes have no face coloured?


Explanation: Since there are 64 smaller cubes of equal size,therefore n=number of divisions on the face of undivided cube=4

Number of cubes with no face coloured= (n-2)^{3}

= (4-2)^{3} =8