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Formulas For Decimals And Fractions

Formulas for Decimal and Fraction

The Standard  for representing integer and non-integer numbers known as Decimal. And the  fraction denotes a part of a whole or any number of equal parts.

Formulas for Decimal and Fraction

Decimals and Fractions Formulas

  • Definition
    • Decimal: A decimal number can be defined as a number whose whole number part and the fractional part is separated by a decimal point. For example, 0.5, 2.55,… etc. It has two parts: The integer part on the left of the decimal point, and the fractional part on the right of the decimal point.

    • Fraction: A fraction is an expression that indicates the quotient of two quantities. For example, 1/2, -1/4, 2/5 … etc. It has two parts: Numerator and Denominator

Formulas for Decimal and Fractions & Types

  • Decimal:

There are two types of decimal

    • Non-recurring decimal or terminating decimal: A non-recurring decimal is a non-repeating decimal. It is terminated at some point. For example: \frac{1}{5} = 0.5, \frac{125}{4} = 31.25
    • Recurring decimal or non-terminating decimal: A recurring decimal is a repeating decimal. For example: \frac{19}{6} = 3.1666666, \frac{21}{9} = 2.33333
  • Fraction:

There are two types of fraction

    • Common fraction: A common fraction is a fraction in which both numerator and denominator are integers. For example, \frac{2}{7}, \frac{3}{2}….etc.
    • Decimal fraction: A decimal fraction is a fraction in which denominator is an integer power of ten. For example,\frac{1}{10}, \frac{4}{100}…etc.

Points to remember in Decimal and Fraction Formulas

  • The denominator of a fraction cannot be zero.
  • In decimal number, the fractional part’s value is always 0
  • If numerator = 0 and denominator ≠ 0, the value of fraction is zero.
  • If the denominator = 0, the value of fraction is infinity.
  • If the numerator and denominator contain the same number of decimal places, we can remove the decimal sign.

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