Formulas For Successive Discounts

Successive Discounts Formulas & Definitions

  • Successive discount is discount on discount. 
    Case 1: If there are two discounts:

    The formula for total discount in case of successive-discounts: 
    If the first discount is x% and 2nd discount is y% then,
    Total discount = ( x + y – xy /100)%

    Case 2: If there are three discounts:
    If there are three discounts as x%, y% and z% then find the total discount of x % and y% first and using it find the total discount with z% 

  • Marked price is the price marked on the product. It is the same price on which you get discounts.
  • They revolve around Profit & Loss, Selling Price & Marked Price.
formula for successive discount

Formulas for Successive Discounts

  • Single discount, which is equal to two successive discounts m % and n % is calculated as 

M + N – MN/100 

  • When the SP of x articles is equal to CP of y articles, then earned profit in percentage is calculated as 

Profit percent = 100× difference in x and y/x 

  • Discount = D% of marked price, M 
  • Discount = Marked Price – Selling Price 
  • M (1-D%) = Selling Price 
  • Selling Price = Cost Price + Gain  

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