Deloitte Previous Papers and Pattern

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Find the latest and most detailed Deloitte Test Pattern and Syllabus here on this page

Deloitte Placement Papers with Answers and Pattern

Pro Materials

These have 2x more questions and 4x more change to repeat in the exam

Free Materials (Expect 30% from here)

Deloitte Online Test Questions

Deloitte Questions and Answers

Deloitte Questions are of moderate difficulty but one doesn’t have much time to solve them they have been using AMCAT in Deloitte Placement Papers for Freshers below you will find best on the internet Deloitte questions that are repeated by as much as 40 – 60% in the exam thus you can increase your percentile drastically by preparing from here.

Deloitte for Engineering Graduates will be a position for Data Scientists you can check Deloitte’s website for life at Deloitte.

Note – If you have any question regarding the exam, comment at the end of the page we will answer within 10 mins.

Deloitte Test Papers Free

Deloitte AMCAT Papers

Deloitte Online Test Papers – From this year Deloitte has been using AMCAT to conduct its first round of Placement thus you should be studying for Deloitte AMCAT paper and Deloitte Test Questions.

Here all the AMCAT Questions asked in previous Deloitte sections.

Deloitte Written Test Questions and answers

Deloitte Previous Papers solutions and Questions with Solutions

Deloitte Online Test Papers

Click here to visit Deloitte Quantitative Ability Paper Section

Deloitte Placement Papers with Answers Quantitative Aptitude

Deloitte Online Test Papers Questions can be found here section wise –

Deloitte Questions and Syllabus with Paper Pattern

Click here to visit Deloitte Logical Reasoning and Ability Paper Section

Deloitte Round 2 – Versant Test

This test is conducted for people who clear the first round. This test analyses your English Listening, speaking and conversing skills.

Click here to visit this section.

Deloitte Syllabus and Previous year Pattern

As observed from Deloitte Previous Papers the maximum score for each section while giving Deloitte test is 820 out of 800. Yes you read correct this is new US type of scoring for better evaluation in Deloitte Written Test Questions and answers in Deloitte Online Test Questions.

Deloitte Placement Papers SectionNumber of QuestionsSectional TimeDifficultyImportance
Logical Reasoning2535HighMedium
Verbal English2525MediumHigh
Versant Test48-51NoneMediumVery High

Find the latest syllabus for Deloitte here on this page.

Deloitte Cut off marks for each section

Deloitte Online Test Questions60%ile Correct Questions70%ile 60%ile Correct Questions80%ile 60%ile Correct Questions90%ile 60%ile Correct Questions
English(25 Ques)19202123
Quants(25 Ques)20212223
Reasoning(25 Ques)17202122
Versant Test31384148

For Deloitte Online Test Papers Strategy for Score vs Correct for Questions in Deloitte Placement Papers for Freshers.

For Deloitte Questions if you take lesser time than designated for a question in Deloitte Test Papers for e.g. if there are 16 question in quants and total time is 18 mins in Deloitte Aptitude Test.

Deloitte Placement Papers with Answers for Freshers Time based Facts

Thus, the total time for one question = 67 seconds.

  • If for quants any question is solved 10 seconds before i.e 57 seconds you get +15 points.
  • Similarly, if it is solved after 77 seconds – 5 points.
General AMCAT Cut of for somewhat relevant for Deloitte but not complete as in Deloitte Test there are 25 questions in each Section but in AMCAT they are 18, 16 and 14 respectively for English, Quants and Reasoning in Deloitte Test Questions.
English(18 Ques)5911131415161718 Ques
Quants(16 Ques)6810111214141516 Ques
Reasoning(14 Ques)25791112121314 Ques
Computer Programming(25 Ques)6911152020212225 Ques
Computer Science(26 Ques)61015171920212326 Ques

To increase your percentile Practicing from previous year AMCAT papers and AMCAT Sample Papers are the best.

Deloitte Sample Papers and Deloitte Mock Test Papers

For Deloitte Online Test Questions we think rather than studying from Deloitte Sample Papers and even giving Deloitte Mock Test Papers preparing from actual previous year questions that were asked in Deloitte is the best way for the Preparation and our study material is also the best on the internet.

Moreover in Deloitte Previous Papers these questions are generally repeated in the Deloitte Online Test Papers and Exam and you can expect about 40 – 70% Questions being repeated from here in the Deloitte Test Questions Exam.

Deloitte Aptitude Test Based Facts and FAQ’s

Deloitte AMCAT Papers with Answers based FAQ’s

Ques. What is the probability of having same questions being asked in deloitte amcat papers?

Ans. These questions are generally repeated by as much as 40 – 50% and thus you must study from these.

Ques. In Deloitte Test Papers which section should I prepare more or focus more upon for Deloitte written round in Campus Placements?

Ans. You should focus upon all sections equally though the logical section will be the most tough if you haven’t prepare from Deloitte study material given on PrepInsta.

Ques. Is time management important when one is giving Deloitte Placement Papers 2018 which is online test based solution?

Ans. Yes, time management is very important as for every question you have just one minute. If you’re taking too much time for one Question in Deloitte then you must go ahead to the next question in the test and not waste much time here. Plus there is sectional cut off in the paper and you don’t want to score very high marks in one section and very low in the other in Deloitte Previous Papers and Deloitte Written Test Papers.

Ques. Deloitte Written Test Questions, what is the difficulty?

Ans. For deloitte written test questions the level of difficulty is medium but the time is the main concern as people are not able to solve the sections in the given time for Deloitte Aptitude Test.

Ques. Where can I find AMCAT Sample Papers for Deloitte?

Ans. There is no need to study from AMCAT Sample Papers for Deloitte. You can directly study from our Deloitte Dashboard from previous questions asked in Deloitte.

Deloitte Written Test Papers excelling Success Stories

  • Name –  Janvi Golani
  • College – VIT, Vellore
  • Package – 6 Lakhs
  • Branch – Electrical and Instrumentation

Deloitte visited our campus in around September 2017 and around 2100 students sat in the first round out of which around 500 were selected for the next round of Deloitte placement papers 2018.

The previous round in Deloitte Online Test Questions was AMCAT based so I had studied from PrepInsta and a good number of questions were repeated in the exam. Thus I was able to solve the paper within time and I cleared the next round as well which was Group Discussion post which there was a personal interview session that was easy like an HR round.

Deloitte Online Test Papers Success Stories Continued

Around 341 people were finally selected and I was also give some goodies. If you clear the first round mostly you’re selected thus I will recommend studying from PrepInsta as they have the best resource out there for Preparation for deloitte test papers and you will easily be able to nail the written round in Deloitte Test Questions.

Deloitte Cocubes Test

Deloitte Screening Test Cocubes

Only Sometimes Deloitte used Cocubes Test to conduct the first round of placements in such a case you can study from our Cocubes Dashboard here. For deloitte screening test cocubes and cocubes online test for deloitte.

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