TCS NQT Managerial Question and Answers

Latest TCS NQT MR Interview Questions and Answers 2023

In the Managerial round the executive will ask you some stress based questions to examine your work efficiency in pressure.

Few pointers you need to keep in mind for this round are-

  • Have confidence in yourself, that whatever you are answering is the right answer, as the MR will try to confuse you to check your confidence level.
  • Secondly he will be judging your working style and ethics under different situations like
    • Sudden change in deadline
    • Conflict issue with colleagues
    • Leadership quality
    • How to handle Stress
  • Last but not the least you need to have fluency in English, as it is the most important aspect for any TCS employee

TCS NQT MR Interview Round Question and Answer

Points to Remembered

English Proficiency-

  • You need to make sure, that you have a good command on English speaking and writing as it is one of the important aspect for getting placed in TCS

Experience Matters-

  • While facing the Managerial Round you need to make sure, that you have in depth knowledge about your past posts that you have worked upon

Some frequently asked TCS NQT MR Interview Questions

TCS MR Interview Question and Answer 2021
  • What were your previous posts? Answer
  • What technologies have you worked upon till now? Answer
  • What will you do if you are given a team to work with, which have internal conflicts within? Answer
  • What will be your reaction if the deadline of your project suddenly decreases? Answer
  • Why should I hire you within 200 students? Answer
  • What quality do you have that differs you from others? Answer
  • Suppose you are traveling in a boat with your wife and father, and the boat started drowning, whom will you save? Answer
  • What if you’re not given your preferred location? Answer
    • What is one negative about yourself? Answer
    • Have you done any certification? Answer
    • On what basis should I judge you before handing over any project to you? Answer
    • Are you comfortable in working in team or do you like to work alone? Answer
    • Why are you switching your previous company? Answer
    • Your strongest point? Answer
    • What will you do if your work gets continuously criticized by your boss? Answer
    • How will you manage a team of trainees ? Answer
    • How do you define Success? Answer
    • How to answer puzzle questions in a job Interview? Answer
MR Round Question and Answer

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