What will you do if your work gets criticized by your boss?

What will you do if your work gets continuously criticized by your boss?

“What will you do if your work gets continuously criticized by your boss?” Criticism is beneficial. If you’re doing something wrong, it will point you in the right direction. However, not everybody can take the scrutiny. They interpret it incorrectly. So you will get a lot of feedback early in your career, so it is safe to welcome criticism and it will benefit you in your career.

However, not all feedback is beneficial to hear. Since not all managers recognize the importance of your work, their job is merely to critique.

What will you do if your work gets continuously criticized by your boss?

"What will you do if your work gets continuously criticized by your boss?"

During your early career, you would have a variety of managers. As a result, others would ridicule you in order for you to improve in your life. Some would do so because they want to, so you could panic and start an altercation or something else that is bad for you or the company’s credibility.

As a result, they simply pose this question. What would you do If your job is constantly attacked by your supervisor ? They’re curious as to how you’ll approach the case. What skills do you possess to deal with a case like this? The interviewer is only interested in whether you are qualified for the role.

What will you do If your work gets continuously criticized by your boss ? : Important points

  1. Don’t Panic

Where the question is posed, “What would you do if your supervisor constantly criticizes your work?” Then you would imagine that when you are confronted by critique, you will not hesitate or utter something inappropriate.

You can say anything like that “Instead of panicking, I’ll look for the mistakes I make on a daily basis and make the improvements my boss wants to see in my job.  Since critique does not always imply that my employer believes I am inept.
I believe they simply want to better my job, which will also benefit me in the future “..

   2.Explain Your Perspective

It’s also necessary to sit down with your manager and discuss what he or she doesn’t like about your job and why you’re doing it differently. Counterattacking or defending need not be the goal.

If the situation arises, you can say something like, “If the situation arises, I think first I will calm myself, then I will sit with my boss and explain my point of view on the situation, but if my boss still does not like it, I will try to change it according to my boss.” Because I believe my boss is knowledgeable and always steers me in the right direction.

3. Take criticism in good way

We don’t really know what the other person’s motives are, which makes it impossible to deal with criticism. It can be good or negative, but the important thing is to have a goal and strive for it.

You might say something like, “I believe I can take all feedback in a good light.” If it happens day after day, I will try to concentrate on my job rather than on the critique. Since it has the potential to erode my self-assurance, which I do not like.
But I’ll try to be as productive as possible and do the best job I can.

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