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What will you do if your work gets criticized by your boss?

What will you do If your work gets continuously criticized by your boss ?

Criticism is a good thing. It tells you the right path if you are doing anything wrong. But every person cannot handle criticism. They take it in a wrong way. So In your early carrier you will get a lot of criticism but it is healthy to accept criticism because it is gonna help you in your entire career.

But Yes still not all criticism are healthy to hear. Not all bosses understand your work value so their work is just to do criticize.

If Interviewer ask this questions they want to know how you are gonna react in this situation. So answer should be wise that it don’t create a negative impact. Below are the all possible answers for this questions.

What Interviewer Wants to know by the question "What will you do if your work gets criticized by your boss?"?

In your earlier phase of job you are gonna various kind of bosses. So some will criticize you so that you do better in your life. Some will do because they want to so it is possible that you will get panic and do some argument or anything else which is not good for you or for company reputation.

So they just ask this question What will you do If your work gets continuously criticized by your boss ? they want to know how you will handle this situation. What kind of qualities do you have to handle this kind of situation. Interviewer only wants to know that you are fit for the job or not .

Factors Important for this Situation

  1. Don’t Panic

When this question is asked that What will you do If your work gets continuously criticized by your boss ? Then you have to think like when criticism will come to you then you will not get panic or say anything wrong.

You can say like ” I will not get panic instead of that I will look for the mistakes I am doing regularly and do changes in my work that my boss want to see in my work. Because criticism always doesn’t necessarily mean that my boss think I am incompetent. I think they just want to improve my work and it will also help me in future”.

   2.Explain Your Perspective

Sometimes it is important to talk and sit with your boss  what he/she is not liking and why you are doing that work in different manner. Your purpose should not be to do counterattack or defensive.

You can say like” If the situation comes like this then I think first I will calm myself first and then I will sit with my boss and explain my view on the things but if still boss don’t like it then I will try to change the according to my boss. Because I think my boss is experienced and he always guide me the right things.

3. Take criticism in good way

Sometimes it difficult to handle criticism because we don’t know what the other person;s intentions are.Sometimes it is good or sometimes bad  but need to get that intention and work in that way.

You can say like- ” I think I will take all the criticism in positive way. If it continues day by day then I will try to focus on my work not on criticism. Because it can loose my confidence and I don’t want it. So I will try to give as much productivity and do good work as much as I can.

FAQs of If your work gets continuously criticized by your boss ?

Question: Tips for giving the best answer.


  1. Display positive energy.
  2. Mention positives that demonstrate your culture-fit or skills.
  3. End on a positive note.
  4. Focus on tasks over people.

Question: What we should not say or avoid saying while answering this question?


  1. Don’t bad-mouth an employer or your peers.
  2. Don’t say anything negative
  3. Be Honest.
  4. Don’t be judgmental