How to Answer Puzzle Questions in a Job Interview

How to Answer Puzzle Questions in a job Interview

How to answer puzzle Questions in job Interview

Interview puzzles are logical thinking questions that enable the interviewee to use their lateral thinking and problem-solving skills, similar to brain teasers. A recruiting manager will put your problem-solving and lateral thinking skills to the test in this manner.

Interview puzzles are typically reserved for people applying for jobs in information technology, such as software engineering and designers, computer programmers and coders. These issues seem to have nothing to do with the work for which you are applying.

Types of Puzzles Questions

1.Number Tricks:

Number puzzles, also known as numeracy puzzles, are questions that can be solved with number sense. This type of query is often asked by interviewers to see how you reason with numbers, discover trends with numbers and solve problems with numbers.


These types of interview puzzles may be posed in the form of a riddle or a trick question. These puzzles can be used to test the abilities to use logic to solve a challenge in an innovative way.


These types of puzzles depend on probability knowledge. These are used to test the chance information in trick questions.

Tips for answering Puzzle Questions in Job Interview

1.Make sure to bring pen and pencil:

Keep your pencil and pad handy. Solving questions on pad helps you to visualize and solve problems more precisely.

2.Think about the problem:

Analyzing a problem before approaching it helps you to save time as you will take correct approach to solve the question.

3.Explain your answer:

Explaining your answer reflects your confidence in the interview.Confidence makes a lot of difference in an interview.

4.Ask for clarification:

It’s fine to ask for clarification if it’s hard to figure out just what the employer is looking for in a response.

Additional Interview Tips

Your interviewer will also inquire about your work history and qualifications. Check the most popular interview questions and some sample responses to get ready for your interview. Make sure you’re dressed well for the interview. Since you want to make a good first impression, it’s important to pick the best clothes for your interview.


Finally, give a thank-you message to your interviewer after the interview is over.

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FAQs of How to Answer Puzzle Questions in a job Interview

Question:What do you say when you can’t answer a question?


If you’re stumped by a strange question, be prepared to say that you’re having trouble coming up with a viable solution right now. It’s fine to wonder if you should come back to it later.

Question:What are some good brain teaser questions?


There are different type of Puzzle Question that is asked during Interview. Click on the button below to practice some puzzle question.