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How to Answer Puzzle Questions in a Job Interview

How to Answer Puzzle Questions in a job Interview

How to answer puzzle Questions in job Interview

Interview puzzles are critical thinking problems, much like brain teasers, that can require the interviewee to rely on their lateral thinking and problem-solving skills.These are one of the ways a hiring manager can test your problem-solving and lateral thinking skills.

Typically, interview puzzles may be reserved for candidates applying for information technology positions such as software engineers and designers, computer programmers and coders.On the surface, these questions are completely unrelated to the job for which you are applying.

However, companies use these questions to assess your analytical and problem-solving abilities.

Types of Puzzles Questions

1.Number Tricks:

Puzzles with numbers or numeracy are problems that may use number sense to solve. Oftentimes, an interviewer may ask this type of question to see how you reason with numbers, find patterns with numbers and problem-solve with numbers.



These types of interview puzzles can be presented much like a riddle, or question with a trick answer. These puzzles may be used to assess your ability to apply logical thinking to solve the problem creatively.



These type of puzzles depends on your skills in probability.These are asked to check your knowledge in probability in trick questions.



Tips for answering Puzzle Questions in Job Interview

1.Make sure to bring pen and pencil:

Keep your pencil and pad handy.Solving questions on pad helps you to visualize and solve problems more precisely.

2.Think about the problem:

Analyzing a problem before approaching it helps you to save time as you will take correct approach to solve the question.

3.Explain your answer:

Explaining your answer reflects your confidence in the interview.Confidence makes a lot of difference in an interview.

4.Ask for clarification:

It’s fine to ask for clarification if it’s hard to figure out just what the employer is looking for in a response.


Additional Interview Tips

Your interviewer will also ask you some questions about your experience and education. Prepare yourself by reviewing the most common interview questions and some example answers. Also, make sure you wear proper interview attire. It’s important to choose the right clothing for your interview because you want to make a great first impression.


Finally, after your interview is finished, be sure to send a thank-you note to your interviewer.

FAQs of How to Answer Puzzle Questions in a job Interview

Question:What do you say when you can’t answer a question?


If you are stumped by a strange question, be prepared to mention that you can’t think of a viable answer to that question just now. It’s acceptable to ask if you might return to it later.

Question:What are some good brain teaser questions?


Here are a few common brain teasers you might be asked during a job interview:

  • There are three boxes. One box is labeled BANANAS, another is labeled STRAWBERRIES and the last is labeled MIXED. All of the boxes are labeled incorrectly.  You are only allowed to reach into one box and take out one piece of fruit.  Without looking into the box, how will you fix the labels?
  • You need to measure out four gallons, but you only have a three-gallon jug and a five-gallon jug. How do you measure out four gallons exactly?
  • Why do they make manhole covers round?
  • You are standing outside of a room with no windows. The room has three light bulbs and three switches outside of the room. Each switch controls one of the light bulbs. You may only enter the room one time. How can you find out what switch goes to each light bulb?