What if you’re not given your preferred location ?

Do you have any location preference ?

The question – “What if you’re not given your preferred location ?” is generally asked to gain a brief about your preferences, expectations and to check your flexibility while setting up a scenario for the ongoing interview.

The answer to this question will frame a format for further questions that the interviewer may ask. Therefore, answering this question briefly and smartly is important. Let us take a look at the content which you must go through to learn how to answer this query.

What if you’re not given your preferred location ?

Questions Related to – “What if you’re not given your preferred location ?

  • Would you be willing to relocate if required?
  • What is the preferable location?
  • What is your preferred location?
  • What is your preferred work location?
  • Are you willing to relocate?

Best Possible Answers for - " What if you're not given your preferred location ?"

Examine the sample answers below to see how you might more exactly and logically respond to the question. Your response must include all of the key points regarding your willingness to relocate in order to provide the interviewer with a concise summary.

 What is your preferred work location ?

If you have a certain preference where you want to work, mention that. Avoid talking about too many specifics and try to show your flexibility to work at your preferred location.

Possible Answer:

I’m really excited about this opportunity, and I believe I will add a lot of value to this role. I’m probably open to relocating, and I’m excited to hear more about it.”

Possible Answer:

“I’m ready to make a difference with the right opportunity—and this work, with [why you like it so much], is unquestionably that.”

Possible Answer:
In fact, I’ve been considering moving to [location]/starting a family in [location]/getting a change of scenery, so this job would be an excellent opportunity to make a change and do something I love.
Possible Answer:

I like living in [current location] and would like to continue to do so. However, if the right opportunity presented itself, I would be willing to relocate.

Possible Answer:

I’m willing to relocate if the work is a good fit. If operating remotely or outside of the [actual location] workplace is still a possibility, I’d like to explore it because [reason] would be more appropriate for my current situation.

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FAQs on What if you're not given your preferred location ?


No. Just trying to get the job with a ‘YES’ and then saying ‘NO’ only shows your dishonesty and insolent personality. Even if you get hired, your image in the company will be damaged. It’s best if you go with a ‘maybe’ in the interview and then deny it if you want to.

Ques: What if they hire me and relocate in a month?

In such cases, it is always beneficial  to clarify all doubts. You can ask them to give a month’s notice prior to  your relocation or help you in the relocation process This way both the parties build better understanding and trust.

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