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On what basis should I judge you before handing over any project to you ?

On what basis should I judge you before handing over any project to you ?

This is the most tricky and smart questions that panel can ask you during interview. So you must prepare it before interview so that there will be no hesitation or problem occur  at the time of  interview.

The interviewer can do many tactics to determine whether you are good candidate for the position or not. so below we have provided the best possible answers that will help you in preparation.

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On what basis should i judge you before handing over any project to you ?

What Interviewer Wants to Know?

When the Interviewer ask on what basis we should handle you the project then they want to know the qualities and experience you have to handle those projects.

The employer wants to see the strength and soft skills that you might have but not included in resume. They will judge you on the basis of these skills that you are able to handle projects in future or not. Interviewer ask these questions to judge you whether you are fit for the job or not. They are not looking for the technical skills for the job but also other important things and beyond what the other candidates offer,showing that you are also that strong in comparision to others.

Best Possible Answers of On what basis should I judge you before handing over any project to you ?

Possible Answer

As I have done 2-3  projects in my college in teams I got to know that communication and team compatibility is the most important thing in any project work. And I think I have a great leadership quality, communication and technical skills to handle any projects.

Leadership quality and Communication skills are the two most important factors to handle any project in team. If you are a project manager you must know how to lead the team in a good way. Being a Manager you know how to motivate the team to perform their best in the project and for this you must have clear and competent communication about the expectations.

Possible Answer

I think I have great technical knowledge and i am focused about my work. So If i get this great opportunity i can showcase all my experience and knowledge.As i am a great team leader i can handle all the people and i can solve all kind of problems.i will give my best and bring the best out of my team mates also.

Possible Answer

Sir, I have some capabilities like to analyze the situation logically, I can make the team together by keeping their internal issues aside. If I am allowed to explain my points I was assigned a project in my last job where we were asked to deliver the samples in a required time frame because it could cost the client. I divided team with their specialization areas so that we can attain maximum output. Moreover I was always backing them up in their shortcomings so that they do not loose morale. As a manager it was duty to know my team as a close group so that I was able to figure out almost everything without interfering too much. When the D day came as a team we presented the presentation in front of the client and he liked it a lot.

So I have that capability of handling situations smoothly, leading the team from front backing them in their shortcomings and handling internal conflicts and sorting them out as soon as possible so that it does not hamper the project deadline and output. Therefore I think I should be judged upon these qualities of mine.

What Quality you should have to handle the projects:-

  1. Leadership Quality
  2. Communication Skills
  3. Problem Solving Skills
  4. Enthusiasm
  5. Team Building Skills
  6. Competence
  7. Delegation Skill:- If you assign the things and then properly check it if it is done in corrrect way or not.


Question: What we should not say or avoid saying while answering this question?


  1. Don’t bad-mouth an employer or your peers.
  2. Don’t choose a negative aspect that isn’t common in the industry.

Question: What can be possible follow up questions?


There are many questions like this which they can ask you related to projects . Some of this are:-

  • How do you help the team prioritize competing or simultaneously urgent tasks?

  • What is your strategy for working with an underperforming team member?

  • How do you help the team prioritize competing or simultaneously urgent tasks?