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What quality do you have that differs you from others ?

Qualiy that you possess that differs you from other.

There are a plethora of questions that are asked by the hiring managers that will finally indicate, who will be the perfect person for the job. There are various tactics used by the recruiter to get on to a conclusion whether you are an appropriate candidate or not having the right skill set to do good in the job.

One of the questions you may be asked is, “What makes you unique?” or “What quality do you have that differs you from others? ” as the recruiter evaluates whether you have elements in your background that are likely to lead to success on the job.

To give a good answer to this question, you have to really believe that you’re the best person for the job, and you have to be able to explain why.

Why interviewers ask "What quality do you have that differs you from others ?"

Employers often include this question to identify what skills or qualities make you a better fit for the role than other candidates they might be interviewing. In other words, if dozens of other professionals with nearly identical skill sets have also applied for the role, why should they hire you instead? They want a answer from you that what qualities make you different from others.

The employer wants to see evidence of strengths and soft skills you might not have included in your resume or application, but that will help you do well on the job. Interviewers ask these kinds of questions to determine whether you’re a good fit for the job, but this may also be asked to determine if you are compatible with the organization’s culture. They’re looking not only for indications that you’re qualified to do the work, but also for something above and beyond what the other candidates offer, showing that you’ll be a strong addition to the company.

The employer is looking for exceptional strengths or soft skills you might not have included in your resume or application but will help you do well on the job.

Tips for What technologies have you worked upon till now ?

Tips to prepare you for this question

Tips for What technologies have you worked upon till now ?

 You should search your qualities in yourself that makes your different from others. You should focus on why hiring you will benefit the employer rather than trying to identify a feature that distinguishes you from other applicants because you don’t know other applicants and analyzing a feature of yourself with respect to them will be a little difficult. Addressing why your background makes you a good fit will let employers know why your traits and qualifications make you well prepared.

Below are the four points which can help you to find your most relevant unique traits.

Consider what the employer may find valuable

Employers want candidates who will bring a perspective, skill set or ability that will help them achieve business goals. Take time to carefully review the job description and look for information about specific objectives the employer is hoping the new employee will meet, then identify the strengths you possess that align with these needs.

For example, if you’re applying for a team management position and the job description highlights the company’s drive to facilitate cross-department communication, you might share your ability to bring people together around a common goal and create drive in a group setting.

Look to your background and previous experiences

Think back on times you were successful in previous positions or times you were praised or rewarded by your employer. What did you do to earn recognition? What traits, skills or abilities helped you achieve success? Whatever you accomplished is likely something other employers would also appreciate in a new employee.

For example,
a particularly gifted sales professional may have experience handling unhappy clients or bringing back lost accounts. In this case, their unique skill may be their ability to perceive when someone is unhappy and quickly mobilize a strategy to diffuse and address their concerns.

Acknowledge your most popular personality traits

Consider strengths highlighted by previous employees and traits your friends and family have celebrated. Then, look for ways you could apply these aspects of your personality to excel in the job.

For example, let’s say other people have recognized you’re patient and dedicated. In this case, you could share how your patience and persistence has allowed you to remain calm and collected in high-stress scenarios or your determination to meet goals despite outside pressures or setbacks.

How to Answer the “What Makes You Unique?” Question

Take some time to research the company and the job before you work out how you’ll answer this question. The more you know about the employer’s organizational objectives, the better equipped you will be to link your unique attributes to the job. Thinking about what’s special about you and how these features will allow you to make a strong contribution to the organization can be helpful.

One strategy that may help you respond to this question is to mix personal characteristics, experiences, or preferences with key professional properties. You might note, for example, that you have an odd mix of interests, such as skydiving and collecting coins, while also sharing that you are very attentive to detail.

Tips for answering What quality do you have that differs you from others ?


Be vigilant not to overstate your individuality or suggest that you are the only one with those attributes. It’s easier to stress that in certain respects you are extraordinary or unusually talented. In some instances, it helps to cite others in order to retain a modest stance, such as, “I have been advised that I am unusually assertive in a polite way.”

Remember, as with the message, “Tell me something about yourself that isn’t on your resume,” one of the purposes of this query is to get to know you outside your work and your on-the-job personality and knowledge.

Best Possible Answers for "What quality do you have that differs you from others ?"

Possible Answer:

Everything that makes me stand out from many other salespeople is my ability to interact with consumers on a human level from the start, to make them feel relaxed, and to reveal all their urgent desires around my items. From there, I will introduce my product in dialogue, taking into account their needs. To a large degree, I credit this talent to my gift of small talk to “warm-up” clients, as well as my sincere interest in the sports and news issues of the day.

Why it works: this response shows the candidate’s willingness to win over customers with their superior leadership skills. In the sales industry, this trait is highly regarded, since customers are more likely to purchase a product if they can directly communicate with the salesperson setting it up.

Possible Answer:

I am unusually well-coordinated and adept at designing structures that help me keep on top of tasks and schedule activities. My bosses have consistently appreciated my management skills and looked at me to help the team keep on track. For example, last year, we gave a conference to our customers to teach them about our new product range, and I arranged the whole thing. I was proud of the reviews I got.

Why it works: this response indicates that the candidate is not only very coordinated when it comes to minor projects, but also has a track record of organizing high-stakes competitions with stellar outcomes. Employers love to hear concrete descriptions of where applicants were tested and matched or surpassed expectations.

Possible Answer:

I have an immense curiosity about the world around me, which I express to my students, and I am thrilled to learn new things, particularly in science. For example, I built a weather unit and shared my obsession with various cloud types and the relationship between cloud types and weather patterns. Several of my students were so excited by this that they asked if we should meet for a weather club after work.

Why it works:  This response highlights the core qualities that enable long-term sustainability in the teaching role: curiosity and enthusiasm. When you tell experiences that reflect a love for teaching, employers are enthusiastic about the possibility of having you on board. Often post any extracurricular programmes that you have planned to underscore your commitment to students and to education as a whole.

Possible Answer:

I take an unusually strong interest in current affairs and legislation. For eg, I’m the only person I know who read the entire Mueller Report and took notes on the most relevant passages, just for fun! In addition, I am unusually rigorous in my approach to work and have received good reviews on my ability to adapt testing methods reliably to a sample.

Why it works: This response reveals an enthusiasm for science and learning beyond the office, which helps persuade the interviewer that you truly enjoy this line of work. The response also highlights your innovative approach to analysis and the constructive reviews you got.