What quality do you have that differs you from others ?

What quality do you have that differs you from others ?

“What quality do you have that differs you from others ?”

Hiring managers will ask a slew of questions to determine who will be the best candidate for the role. The recruiter uses a number of strategies to assess if you are an appropriate candidate or lack the requisite skill set to do well in the work.

“What makes you unique?” is one of the questions you may be asked. “What distinguishes you from others?” or “What quality do you possess that sets you apart from others?” When the recruiter assesses whether you have qualities in your experience that can contribute to work success.

Why interviewers ask "What quality do you have that differs you from others ?"

This question is often asked by employers to determine what talents or attributes make you a better match for the job than other applicants they might be interviewing. They’re hoping for an answer to the issue of what separates you from others.

The interviewer is searching for proof of your talents and soft skills, which you may not have listed in your resume or interview but which would help you excel on the job. They’re looking for evidence that you’re good for the job, as well as something that goes beyond and above what the other applicants have to do, demonstrating that you’ll be a valuable asset to the business.

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What quality do you have that differs you from others ? : Tips to answer

Below are the four points which can help you to find your most relevant unique traits.

Consider what the employer may find valuable.

Employers are searching for applicants that can offer a new insight, skill set, or willingness to help them meet their company objectives. Take the time to read the job description closely to look for specifics on particular tasks that the boss is hoping the new hire can achieve, and consider the skills you have that match these requirements.

Look to your background and previous experiences .

Consider occasions where you were good in former jobs or when your boss appreciated or paid you. What did you do to get noticed? What attributes, talents, or abilities led to your success? Whatever you did, it’s possible that other companies will value in a new hire as well.

A highly gifted salesperson, for example, may have experience dealing with dissatisfied consumers or reclaiming missing accounts. Their special talent in this situation may be their ability to identify when someone is upset and rapidly mobilize a plan to diffuse and answer their issues.

Acknowledge your most popular personality traits

Consider former employers’ talents and qualities that the peers and family have praised. Then think about how you can use certain facets of your personality to help you succeed at work.

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When an interviewer asks these sorts of questions, he or she is usually trying to find out what credentials you already have and whether or not they are relevant to the job with which you are being questioned.

Decrease in deadline :

You will be delegated to several teams, each working on a separate mission, and meeting deadlines is critical. Whatever role you occupy, you would be expected to work with and manage deadlines.

Certifications Role :

Your credentials are the most important part of your resume. Obtaining a certificate certifies your skills and talents whilst still demonstrating your enthusiasm. If you have several credentials, you must determine whether to put them on your resume.

Tips for answering What quality do you have that differs you from others ?


Be careful not to exaggerate your uniqueness or imply that you are the only one with such characteristics. It’s better to emphasize that you are unique or unusually good in many ways.
In some cases, citing others will help you maintain a modest demeanor, such as “I have been told that I am unusually assertive in a professional manner.”

Best Possible Answers for "What quality do you have that differs you from others ?"

Possible Answer:

All that separates me from many other salespeople is my capacity to communicate with clients on a human level straight away, to put them at ease, and to reveal all of their pressing needs in relation to my goods. Following that, I’ll engage them in a conversation about my offering, taking into account their needs. To a large extent, I attribute this ability to my ability to “warm up” clients with small talk.

Why it works: This response demonstrates the candidate’s ability to use their superior leadership abilities to win over clients. Customers are more likely to buy a product if they can personally interact with the salesperson setting it up, so this trait is highly appreciated in the sales industry.

Possible Answer:

I have exceptional coordination and am skilled at creating processes that help me stay on top of assignments and plan events. My bosses have always praised my leadership abilities and looked to me to keep the team on board. Last year, for example, we held a conference for our customers to educate them about our new product line, which I organized.
I was satisfied with the input I got.

Why it works: This response suggests that the candidate is not only well-organized when it comes to small ventures, but also has a track record of successfully managing high-stakes competitions. Employers enjoy seeing specific examples of when candidates were put to the test and met or exceeded expectations.

Possible Answer:

I have a deep curiosity about the world around me, which I share with my students, and I love learning new stuff, especially in science. For example, I created a weather station and shared my fascination with different cloud forms and how they contribute to weather patterns. This piqued the interest of some of my classmates, who asked if we should meet for a weather club.

Possible Answer:

Political events and policy pique my curiosity in an odd way. For example, I’m the only person I know who read the whole Mueller Report just for fun and took notes on the most important passages! In addition, I am unusually conscientious about my job and have gained positive feedback on my ability to consistently apply research procedures to a sample.

Why it works:This response demonstrates a passion for research and learning outside of the workplace, which helps convince the interviewer that you are passionate about this field. The answer also emphasizes your creative approach to research as well as the positive feedback you received.