What quality do you have that differs you from others ?

Qualities that differ you from others?

When an interviewer asks – “What quality do you have that differs you from others?he or she is looking for a unique selling point (USP) of the candidate.

Hiring managers will ask a series of questions to determine who will be the best candidate for the role since they want to hire someone who can work beyond their expectation and bring credibility to the company.

What quality do you have that differs you from others?

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When the recruiter assesses whether you have qualities in your experience they try to know how you can contribute to work success.

  1. “What makes you unique?” 
  2. “What distinguishes you from others?” 
  3. “What quality do you possess that sets you apart from others?”

Tips to answer - "What quality do you have that differs you from others?"

To become a perfect choice in the eye of an interviewer, one must know what an ideal answer should consist of before answering any question in the interview. Here are some of the important points which can help you to find your most relevant unique traits.

Consider what the employer may find valuable

Employers are searching for applicants that can offer a new insight, skill set and help them achieve their goals. Take the time to read the job description closely to look for specifics on particular tasks that the boss is hoping the new hire can achieve and think about the skills that meet these needs.

Look to your background and previous experiences

Consider times when you were good in former jobs or when your boss appreciated or paid you. What did you do to get noticed? What attributes, talents, or abilities led to your success? Whatever you did, it’s possible that other companies will value a new hire as well.

A highly gifted salesperson, for example, may have experience dealing with dissatisfied consumers or reclaiming lost accounts. His special talent in this situation may be his ability to identify when someone is upset and quickly develop a plan to diffuse and answer their issues.

Acknowledge your most popular personality traits

Consider former employers’ talents and qualities that the peers and family have praised. Then think about how you can use certain facets of your personality to help you succeed at work.

Best Answers to - "What quality do you have that differs you from others?"

What makes you unique?

Looking for something unique in your self and then explaining it to the interviewer requires deep concentration. Before appearing for an interview, make sure to evaluate your performance in your previous job or academic life and come up with something unique that can help you get the job you’re dreaming for.

Possible Answer:

All that separates me from many other salespeople is my capacity to connect with clients on a human level straight away, to put them at ease, revealing all their pressing needs regarding my goods. Following that, I’ll engage them in a conversation about my offering, taking into account their needs. To a large extent, I attribute this ability to “warm up” clients with easy talk.

Why it works:

This response indicates the candidate’s ability to gain clients through exceptional leadership talents. Customers are more likely to buy a product if they can personally interact with the salesperson setting it up, so this trait is highly appreciated in the sales industry.

What makes you stand out from the other applicants?

Responding to this question requires you to be smart but not over confident. While you have to set a standard when listing your good points, make sure not to bring others down. Talk more about your USP and less comparison.

Possible Answer:

I have a good coordination and am skilled at creating processes that help me stay on top of assignments and plan events. My bosses have praised my leadership abilities and looked to me to keep the team on board. Last year, for example, we held a conference for our customers to educate them about our new product line, which I organized. I was satisfied with the input I got.

Why it works: This response suggests that the candidate is not only organized when it comes to small ventures but also has experience managing high-stakes competitions. Employers like to see real examples of candidates who have been put to the test and have met or exceeded their goals.

What quality do you possess that sets you apart from others? 

Identifying and reflecting upon your own qualities that can give you an extra edge during an interview is never a bad idea. Try to closely analyze the job designation and look for a couple of qualities that may possess so that you seem to be the perfect candidate out of all. However, never over boast.

Possible Answer:

I have a deep curiosity about the world around me, which I share with my students and I love learning new stuff, especially in science. For example, I created a weather station and shared my passion with different cloud forms and how they contribute to weather patterns. Some of my students were impressed by this and suggested that we form a weather club.

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FAQ on - "What quality do you have that differs you from others?"


This basic question is asked to know more about a candidate because an interviewer examines many candidates so this question  allows them to differentiate a lot between candidates.

QUES : What possible answers may i give to the interviewer upon asking this?

  • Consider what the employer may find valuable, for example – your goals and hobbies.
  • Look at your background and previous experiences, for example – your experiences, habits and creativity.
  • Acknowledge your most popular personality traits, for example – your passion, attitude, etc.

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