Are you comfortable in working in team or alone ?

Are you comfortable in working in team or alone?

This question is generally asked by Interviewers because they want to know that what kind of environment generally suits you.Below you will find best possible answers to give for this questions. This answers will help you in understanding how to answers these difficult questions in correct way.

Interviewers wants to know whether you are interested in working in team or alone.

Are you comfortable in working in team or do you like to work alone ?

What the Interviewer Really Wants to Know?

There is no wrong or right answer to this question. There are only positive and negatives which way you choose to answer of this questions it depends on you how you will answer and show only positive side to the interviewers.

  • In company there are some positions requires their members to work in team.
  • They will also get an opportunity to know more about candidate that how they will behave when they are working on team.
  • They want to know whether you are team player or not.

So, How to Answer the Question "Are you comfortable in working in team or alone ?"

As I said there is no right or wrong answer to this questions. The wrong answer if you will be dishonest.

So it depends how do you work best. Before Interview take a time and think what kind of worker you are. Can you give best output as working alone or you are someone who are best in generating new ideas and good output while working in team.

Then hopefully it will give you an idea that in which workstyle you are good in. It is completely ohkay if you choose one working approach over others. But tell them in which one you are best in. But Sometimes it can affect your job.

For example: They want to hire someone who are best in working with team and you told them that you like working alone.

So you can possibly take points from both sides. You can also give the answer by not taking anyone sides.You can choose the examples where you have worked on both sides. So it will give them an idea that you can work on both sides when you are put in that situation.

Best Possible Answers for "Are you comfortable in working in team or alone ?" and related Questions

Possible Answer:-

I really enjoy when different types of ideas come together and it is really effective and motivating. I also like working alone with more independence as I don’t need to reassure of my work. But Personally for me I like working in team because much more work can be accomplished with the great ideas. Being Co-operative and focused are the key points to be successfull.

Possible Answer:-

For the most projects I have worked with the team and I got to know that with multiple ideas you can create something different and new. So Personally I like working in team. In college also I was in involved in sports so I know the benefit of working in team. But I also enjoy working alone. It depends on the projects. If I have to work alone then I can also complete my project on time but If I have to work with team I also like brainstorming and co-operating with my team mates.

Possible Answer:-

I have worked in both scenario in my college. Both have different benefits and I can work in both scenario. But Perosnally I like working alone because I think I can work on my own various times and complete my work on deadline without interferance of others. I can be a good self manager.I have no issues working long hours on my own to ensure that I achieve my target.


Question: Tips for giving the best answer.


  1. Confidence:- You should be confident while giving the answers.Confidence gives you the skills and coping methods to handle setbacks and failure.
  2. Be Honest:- You should be honest with interviewers because If you say you can work with team but you can’t then it can create problem in future.
  3. End on a positive note.

Question: What we should not say or avoid saying while answering this question?


Considering if the interviewer is asking about the negatives you should NOT say some of the things. Mainly refrain yourself from saying these three things:

  1. Don’t bad-mouth an employer or your peers.
  2. State that you can’t work in one mode.
  3. Imply you don’t value the opinion or work of others.