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Why are you switching your previous company ?

If you are looking for a job change please first make a list of reasons for leaving your job. The interviewer wants to hear that you are leaving for the right reasons.

The Interviewer don’t want to hear that you are leaving your job for bad reasons. So below PrepInsta has provided some of the possible answers you can give in interview. It is important to give reassurance that you are leaving your job for the right reasons not for the poor reasons.

Why are you switching your previous company ?

What the Interviewer Really Wants to Know?

Every Person who is hiring wants to know why you want to leave the job.In this case they want to know whether you are someone who don’t stick to one job , or you have any poor performance , relationships in your previous job .

They just want to know that you are leaving the job for the right purpose. They also want a good and efficient employee for their company.They also want to listen some positive things like:-

  1. Desire for growth and career change
  2. Desire to relocate.
  3. Desire to take on more responsibility.
  4. Desire to gain a new skill or grow a current skill.
  5. Looking for new challenges in work

So you have to answer wisely in interview. Below there are some possible answers that will help you in understanding what to answer during interview.

Possible Answers for Why are you switching your previous company ?

Possible Answers

I have learned a great things in my previous job but now I am now looking forward to your XYZ company to learn new skills and this opportunity fits very well with the direction I want to take my career. 

Possible Answers

I was doing good in my previous company but now I want to switch because previous company was small  but now I am looking forward to work on your company because it is perfect and this job provides an opportunity to leverage my current areas of expertise and increase my skills.

Possible Answers

I had been working in this company for __ years now and learned alot and now I felt for ready to change and your company is perfect fit for my experience and abilities.

Possible Answers

I have worked with my current employer for last– years and have learned and growth well. Now my reason for a job change is upward mobility and financial growth. I had a great experience in Software development in-depth industry knowledge. But now my work is no longer challenging thatswhy I want to change my job to stay on the path of progress.

Best Possible ways to give the answers for Deadlines !!!

  1. I don’t like the Previous Company

There are positive and negative in every company. So if you say like this to interviewer it will give a very negative impact of yours. If you want to say then please take a moment to think and se this to craft a more positive, clear response. 

2.I don’t like the hours at my job.

There will be a chances in company you are interviewing for wants a employee who are flexible in any working hours. So it will leave a negative impact.

You left for legal reasons

This will be most negative thing if you say this thing in interview.So please think before you say.

Office politics

If you say this then they will put up questions like you can’t handle difficult situations , if this type of issue arises here then you will leave the company here also. So it will become difficult for you to answer this.