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Who will you save your wife or father from a drowning boat?

There are lot of benefits working in MNC’s but working in such teams can be challenging sometimes. Thatswhy sometimes Interviewer ask some trickiest questions to judge how your mind will work in such situtations.

People from different countries have different work cultures so if any difficulty will come then how will you react in such situtaion. Interviewer are gonna judge you on your answer.

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Who will you save your wife or father from a drowning boat?

What Interviewers Want to know?

Suppose you are working in any MNC company. And there are clients are from various country and there work cultures are diff.  For example :- Suppose there are some Russian clients who first take a lot of time to make any decision like they take meetings with their teams but japanese are the ones who take decision immediately and  americans are the one who are argumentative during meetings but their decisions are always correct and accepted by everyone.

So Candidate should know how to handle these different type of Personalities from different countries. So the Interviewer just ask these straightforward questionSuppose you are traveling in a boat with your wife and father, and the boat started drowning, whom will you save ?

There is no correct answer to this questions. There are multiple views on this questions and neither are wrong because it depends person to person’s priority.

Best Possible Answer for Suppose you are traveling in a boat with your wife and father, and the boat started drowning, whom will you save ?

Possible Answer:-

Sir It depends on situation If I have a don’t have a children and I have spent less than 5 years with my wife then I will save my father because I think today I am here because of him. He had sacrificed many things in his life to provide me everything. I know it is selfish decision but If i wont take decision now, i will see none of them.

Possible Answer:-

If I have a children then I think I will save my wife because every kid needs their mom. This will be the toughest decision of my life but I can’t do anything because thinking about my choices my wishes over my kids’ future? This can also ruin my children’s future.

Possible Answer:-

I think I will save my wife  because she is my partner for life.In contrast my father has already lived his full life but my wife has not and my kids also need their mother. My wife has spent a years staying away from her parents, trusting me always. Now she also deserves to see her children growing in future.

Why it is Important to answer this Question?

It is important to answer this question because it will test your:-

  • Problem Solving skills
  • How you will react in such situations
  • Confidence
  • Your Priorities in life
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Time Management


Question : What one should not say while answering this particular question?


Don’t give a memorized response.

While it’s important to practice this pitch for a fluid delivery, don’t go crazy trying to memorize it. Rather, have a general idea of what you’re going to say and tailor it based on how the interview is going.

Don’t make it about you.

The hiring manager is looking for what you can offer the company, not what they can do for you. Focus on who is important for future and you are not going to regret the decision in future. So don’t make it all about you/

Question: What can be the possible follow up questions?


  • Mother or girlfriend — who do you save in a fire?
  • Your mother and your wife are drowning. Who would you save?