Have you done any kind of technical certification?

Have you done any Certification?

What Interviewer Really wants to know with "Have you done any Certification?"

You must have mentioned the certificates on resume which you hold. The Interviewer wants to know more about your certificates ex:- what you have learn from those trainings.

If you are going for any job like teacher , software developer, web developer , Accountant  you must hold the certificates related to the job requirements. It will help Interviewer to understand that you have knowledge in these fields already and they will give you more preference because you are better suited than someone who doesn’t have any certification.

Certificates are the most important thing on your resume.Earning a certification demonstrates your passion and provides evidence of your specific expertise and skills. If you have more than one certificates then you need to know when you have to include those certificates on your resume.

Why technical Certifications to Include on your resume

To demonstrate your experience:-

Good reason to a certificate on your resume . It will leave a great impact that you do have a knowledge in particular post. Listing your certificates can be a efficient way to verify your knowledge.

Additional Skills

In some case your certificates might prove that you have extra valuable skills boyond those that the job lisiting requires..

How to answer question "Have you done any technical Certification?"

  1. When Interviewer asks about What certificates do you hold?. Then start giving description about your certification. Like the title , date from which you have started the training and end time too. What you have learnt during those trainings and projects you made.
  2. Not only describe your certificates. Tell them how relevant are you for the job in comparision to others. For example:- If you are interviewing for java developer and you do have certificates of java then explain that you certificates are the evidence of your expertise in java field.
  3. If you do have extra certificates which are not related to the job post don’t omit them. Use them as your additional skills.With an added advantage, that brings the best out of you,” It enhances your knowledge in a particular field and is always helpful”. It can be useful in your future. It can also leave great impact on future that you have interest in gaining knowledge.
  4. If you don’t have any certificates you can opt these certificates that will help you in interview:-
  • C/C++
  • JAVA
  • Full Stack Developer
  • JAVA Developer
  • Machine Learning
  • Network +
  • Python

Tips for givinig the best Answer

  1. Confident:- You should be confident while speaking about your certifications . It will show how confident you are about your knowledge.It will leave a great impression to Interviewer.
  2.  Be Honest:– Don’t say false certification to interviewer because they can do cross questions which can leave you in problem.
  3. Knowledge:– You should have great knowledge about your training.
  4. Score:- It will leave a great impression if you had score great on your certification exam


Question: Why did you choose that particular certificate


Suppose you have java certificate then you can answer it like:- I have a keen interest in learning java and I know it will also do a great help in building my career thatswhy I choose this particular certificate.

Question: Why you think this certification course help to enhance your resume ?


Suppose you have gone for interview like java developer post then you can say:- I have a certificate of Java and do have a great knowledge in this java language. So I am perfect for the company.

certification could mean the difference between being a qualified candidate who receives an invitation and an applicant whose resume gets promptly rejected.