What are your Strongest Point?

What are your Strongest Point or Strengths?

It is important to prepare your strongest points for the Interview. The Interviewer wants to know your strong points so that they can know that how your strengths can be useful to their company.

So how do you answer this questions that what are your strongest points. Below you get all the possible answers of this question that will work in your Interview Preparation. You have to be honest while answering the questions Interviewer.

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What Interviewer Wants to Know with "What are your Strongest Point or Strengths?"

This is the commonly asked questions in job Interviews for all level positions in Industries. The Interviewer wants to know about your Personality. If you will be over confident they will they will certainly learn something about you.

The main objective behind this question to understand that how your strengths will help their organization and why should they hire instead of others.

So you should must prepare your strengths. So this is the main opportunity for you to stand out from the crowd . Your answer should be wise and different from others.

Best Possible Answers for What are your Strengths?

Possible Answers

Suppose you go for a Interview and the job skills required Problem Solving , Projects Completion on time.Then you have to answer such that Interviewer don’t think you are boring and not flexible

You can answer like:- My strengths are I have a lot of patience and confident. I enjoy challenges whenever it comes and I am also happy in doing regular task. This helps them to understand that you are flexible in doing all works and whenever difficult situations will come you will not get frustrated.

Possible Answers

I am very collaborative and always happy in doing works with team. In colleges whenever team Projects came I was the team leader and directed everyone about their task and met different kinds of people. It also helped me to learn managing teams and the main strength patience helped me alot in this.

This will help Interviewer to understand that you are very collaborative and in future you will be able to manage teams.

Possible Answers

I am keen to learn new technologies of every sector. It really excites me and I find it very very interesting. Now I am also excited to applying my passion and abilities to this position so that I will learn something and my technical knowledge will also help your company in different ways.

This will help Interviewer to understand that you are very interested in learning technologies and In future if any different technology project will come up then they will have some employee whom they can trust.

Possible Answers

I am highly organized and focused person. In my college whenever any projects come up I am always focused to prepare it before deadline on both scenario If I am working alone or in team.

This will help interviewer to understand that you are very focused people. They can trust you in future if any project will come with short deadline.

More Strong Points you can mention in your Strength:-

  1. Honest
  2. Optimistic
  3. Determined
  4. Innovative
  5. Creative
  6. Flexible
  7. Enthusiastic
  8. Committed/dedicated
  9. ambitious ( can’t be negative sometime)

Common Mistakes During Interview

The common mistakes people make during interview while answering the questions:_

  • Self Awareness

Most people don’t know their strength thatswhy they just do some google search according to job requirement. But If you know your strengths it will serve you well in Interview and rest of the life also.

  • Choosing Wrong Strengths

Some Candidates just their strength which are not important for the job. Interviewer also wants to hire who has great strengths not the one whose strength is not important for the company.

If You Don’t Know your Strengths then :-

  1. Ask your friends and family.
  2. Review your resume
  3. Check for Clues. Go and check your previous feedbacks in colleges on your project, assignment , behaviour etc.


Question: Tips for giving the best answer.


  1. Display positive energy.
  2. Mention positives that demonstrate your culture-fit or skills.
  3. End on a positive note.
  4. Focus on tasks over people:

Question: What we should not say or avoid saying while answering this question?


  1. Don’t bad-mouth an employer or your peers.
  2. Don’t choose a negative aspect that isn’t common in the industry.
  3. Be Honest.