How do you define success in your life?

How do you define success in your life?

“How do you define success in your life?”  This is an open-ended question, without a correct or wrong response, and it offers a perfect opportunity for you to show, by your responses and body language, the attributes most employers are searching for—determination, inspiration, drive, excitement, and a common collaborative vision.

How you interpret success determines expectations and how you calculate them. Since your idea of performance is so significant, interviewers are likely to ask you how to describe it.

Your interviewer is just looking to see how well you blend into their corporate culture. Will the idea of achievement fit the objective of the organization? Will your goals be in line with the company’s objective?

If you can show how in the past, you have become a quality-conscious, improvement-oriented employee, this will earn you points with the hiring manager.

Tips for answering What quality do you have that differs you from others ?

Tips for answering question” How do you define success in your life”:

The most successful answers to this question prove that you are a candidate who cares about setting and meeting personal and professional expectations.

How to Answer "How Do You Define Success in your life?”

The easiest way to address this question is to point to concrete examples of your accomplishments and to clarify the reasons that have led to your achievements.

 Here are a few ways you can plan to respond successfully to this question in an interview:

Consider your proudest achievements.

Learn how to characterize success by recalling your greatest achievements. At least five of them should be in your dreams. You might be proud of the promotion you received at your previous job, or you might consider chasing your dreams and changing careers to be one of your greatest accomplishments

View success as a process

The most impressive achievements, such as becoming a CEO or actually making large money from a start-up business, are perhaps the easiest to focus on. Short-term improvements, such as meeting regular, weekly, and monthly goals, can also be viewed as growth. When you think about improvement as a tool, you’ll be able to focus on the little victories that add up to a major victory. greatest accomplishments

Consider how the company views success

Perform analysis prior to the interview to consider how success should be portrayed. Synthesize your understanding of achievement with the company’s values using this research, which will help you respond to the interviewer’s question and demonstrate that you understand and share the company’s vision.

Give specific examples

Since success can be hazy, giving interviewers specific, concrete examples can help them understand your idea and allow you another opportunity to talk about your achievements. Give specific examples of times where you think you’ve done something positive and explain how it happened.

Best Possible Answers for "How you define success in your life?"

Possible Answer:

I use a variety of terms to describe results. At college, I’m meeting the goals that my bosses and coworkers have set for me. From speaking with a few of your other employees, I understand that GGR is respected not just for promoting accomplishment, but also for providing opportunities for employees to develop.

Why It Works: This response reveals how the applicant is objective-oriented, as well as that he has done his homework to determine if the goal achievement is valued by the employer with whom he is interviewing. He also shares that he enjoys competition in a team setting by using the softball example of his off-hours life.

Possible Answer:

For me, success means doing a good job. I want to be remembered as someone who gives it her all and works tirelessly to achieve her objectives.

Why It Works: This applicant demonstrates in her answer that she is self-motivated and takes on the responsibilities of her job. It’s a straightforward and genuine response that, when delivered with the appropriate tone of voice and good eye contact, would convince the interviewer that the candidate has a strong work ethic.

Possible Answer:

I track my success not only in terms of my own results, but also in terms of my team’s efforts. To be considered good, the team must achieve both our individual and team objectives.

Why It Works: Many businesses want to hire people who thrive in collaborative settings. This candidate demonstrates his commitment to effective teamwork in his response, demonstrating that he is as committed to collective progress as he is to individual success.

Possible Answer:

I want to see progress in small steps. I never want to be in a situation where I feel like there is nothing left to do or do as someone who is energized by fresh, complex issues. It’s a victory for me if I can leave work every night confident that I’ve learned something new or valuable over the course of my career.

Why It Works: This response does a great job of showing one of the candidate’s personal qualities: her willingness to learn new things and determination to further her skills and work outcomes on a continuous basis. This type of motivation and “teachability” is highly valued by administrators.

Possible Answer:

Success is a course for me, not a destination. At this early stage in my career, any accomplishment, big or small, motivates me to learn new skills and improve my performance. In my previous role, I have volunteered for new ventures and took advantage of every opportunity to learn. Along the way, I improved my skillset, allowing me to exceed my sales goals by 25%. Any time I advanced professionally, I didn’t just assist the company in reaching new heights; I also felt successful, and it’s a feeling I enjoy repeating whenever the opportunity arises. 

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No, Never do that because the interviewer is much more experienced and there is chance he will caught you. And if the interviewer will get to know about your cooked story then it will decrease your chances of selection.


Yes definitely !! Explaining your answer with relevant examples will definitely help you and will give a good impact in front of interviewer. But make sure your examples are relevant enough and shows a positive impact of yours.