C Program to print Factorial of a number

Write a C program to find the Factorial of a number

In this program we will find the factorial of a number where the number should be entered by the user. Factorial is sequence of a number whose  multiply by all previous number.  

Ex:- No is 5.


Factorial of a 5=120

Note:-Factorial of n number is 1*2*3*…n. You will learn to calculate the factorial of a number using for loop in this example.

Factorial of a number


Step 1.Read the number n

Step 2.Initialize the variable i, fact=1,n

Step 3.To take a user input for factorial of number

Step 4.We use for loop with the condition(i=1;i<=number)

Step 5.Than do fact=fact*i

Step 6.Print the variable of fact.

Step 7.Stop

C program:-

#include <stdio.h>
int main()
//initialize of variable
i, number, fact = 1;

//to take user input.
printf("Enter a number to calculate its factorial\n");
scanf("%d", &number);

//use this loop of following statement
for (i = 1; i<= number;i++)
fact = fact * i;

//display of factorial of a given number
printf("Factorial of a number %d is = %d\n", number, fact);

return 0;


Enter a number to calculate its factorial  4

Factorial of a number 4 is  24