Program to find the sum of numbers in a given range in C

C program To find Sum of numbers in a given range:- 

In this Program to find the sum of  number in given range. In the C program we are using for loop. In that loop we have to start a first range given by the user and last range also input by the user. And perform the arithmetic operation of sum of number

The program given below accepts a range of values and calculates their sum. The program uses a loop to calculate the sum of the values provided by the user. Also, the provided numbers must be in integer format for successful calculation. The following section presents an algorithm followed by a C program to calculate this sum. 

Enter first and last range 4 and 8.
To use for loop start at 4 and end 8 and sum of inside the this range.
Answer is 30(i.e 4+5+6+7+8=30). 

Sum of numbers in a given range in C programming (1)


Step 1. Initialize variables (firstrange,lastrange, total and i).

Step 2. Input fistrange and lastrange by user.

Step 3. We use for loop with the condition (i=firstrange;i<= lastrange;i++).When loop will work until i= secondrange.

Step 4.The loop with start with i=firstrange and end with i<= lastrange.

Step 6.In the loop for every cycle total will be incremented by i.

Step 7.Than condition false print sum of number(total).

Step 8.Stop 

C Program:-

#include <stdio.h>
int main()
//for initialization of variable
int firstrange,lastrange, i=0, total= 0;

//to use user input first range & last range
printf("Enter the value first range and last range\n");
scanf("%d\n%d",&firstrange, &lastrange);

//use for loop for total no.inside the range
for(i = firstrange; i <= lastrange; i++){

total = total + i;

//print the sum of number
printf("Sum of number firstrang %d to lastrange %d is: %d",firstrange, lastrange, total);


Enter the value first range and last range:
40 sum of number firstrange 30 to lastrange 40 is : 385


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