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Accenture Verbal Ability Questions and Answers

Accenture Interview Experiences

Interview experience for Capgemini

Accenture interview Questions and Answers

Student Interview
During our last semester, Accenture visited our campus for their recruitment process. Our college placement officer shared a link to apply for communication and online assessment. Through the link, I received my hall ticket for the test and the application form. I started my preparation as soon as my friends, and senior suggested me the PrepInsta material, and it was easily available. We were informed that Accenture has its predefined eligibility criteria. The criteria were:

%Criteria- 60% marks throughout academics
Backlogs- no current backlog accepted
Academic Gap -Not exceeding 1 year

Our professor informed us that we have to complete four rounds to crack the interview. The rounds were:
1) Online written test
2) Communication Assessment Test
3) Technical Interview Round
4) HR Interview Round

Round 1 - Accenture Online Test

The second round had two different sections, Cognitive Test and Technical Test. The round had 50 questions, and 90 minutes were given to complete it. The questions asked in both the sections were:

● Cognitive Test – There were 3 different sections in this round, and each section included 20 questions and time given was 20 minutes. The questions asked were related to Quantitative aptitude, analytical reasoning, and written communication questions. Quantitative aptitude section included questions on topic, algebra, progression, HCF and LCM, series, as well as speed distance and time. The analytical reasoning included questions on blood relation, visual reasoning, coding-decoding, and arrangements. the third written communication included questions on verbal reasoning.

● Technical Assessment - This round included technical questions on Fundamentals of Programming and Pseudocode. The time given to complete this round was 30 minutes and there were 30 questions. 20 questions were from Fundamental of Programming,and 10 questions were from Pseudocode.

I cleared the paper with 90 percentile and was selected for the technical interview round. It took place at our college campus the very next day of the online test round. We were asked to carry some essential documents for the interview:
● One copy of the updated resume
● All original mark sheets till 7 th semester
● 2 passport size photos

Round 2: Communication Assessment Test

The first round was communication assessment, which was divided into 6 sections that included Reading, Repeating Sentences, Jumbled sentence, Question Answer, Story Telling, and Open questions. We were asked to give the test online over webcam anywhere where were comfortable, and we were given 30 seconds to answer each question orally. These 6 sections included the question such as,

Reading - There was a total of 8 sentences given to me, and I had to read those sentences which the computer asked me to read. For example, the audio said read sentence 1 then after some seconds; you’ll have to read that sentence. Similarly, one after another sentence came on the screen, and I was asked to read it. The computer was recording my answers.

Repeating Sentences- In the second section audio was there. I was asked to hear the audio and just repeat it as it is. The section had around eleven-twelve different audio clips.

Jumbled Sentence- Here, a sentence was given, which was divided into three parts, and all the three parts were spoken in a jumbled way. I was required to listen to it and speak out the corrected form of the sentence. Around 6-12 questions were asked, and the length of the sentences was increasing with every following sentence.

Question Answer- In this section, I was asked very simple questions, and I was asked to answer them in one or two words.

Story Telling- Here I was given a short story to listen twice and answer those questions
related to the story.

Open Questions- It was similar to the HR round. HR questions were asked, and one minute
was given to answer those questions.

Those who qualified the first round were selected for the second online test. A mail was sent to each candidate who cleared the first round. The mail included the information regarding the next two rounds of technical interview round, and HR interview round.

Technical Interview Round

The second was the technical interview in which the interviewer asked me questions about my technical skills. He further asked me about my final year project and what was my role in it. The interview lasted for 25 minutes and included questions on programming concepts such as:
1.What is Java?
2.What is the concept of Oops?
3.Define encapsulation in C++. Explain "Abstraction and encapsulation are
complementary concepts".
4.What are the 7 layers of OSI Module?
5.Name different types of database keys.
6.What is the significance of semaphores? What are the different types of Semaphores?

HR Round
The final interview was taken by the company HR. Some of the questions asked were:
1.Tell me about yourself and your family.
2.Why should we hire you?
3.What do you expect from Accenture as an employer?
4. Do you have any questions for us?
5. What if I do not agree with my colleagues?
6 .What is 'MAKE IN INDIA' initiative? What are your views on it?
7.Why does the Indian flag have 24 spokes?
The interview went well, and I answered all the questions with confidence. We were told that we would receive a mail if we get selected for the post. Luckily, after 10 days, I received a mail from Accenture that I was selected, along with my joining date.

Analytics 2023

Stats About Accenture 2023

Number of Questions 17 Questions
Cut-Off 12 Questions
Importance Medium

Topic Wise Analytics

Sentence Correction 1-2 Number of Questions
Difficulty Medium
Importance Medium
Prepositions 1-2 Number of Questions
Difficulty Medium
Importance Medium
Grammar 2-3 Number of Questions
Difficulty Medium
Importance Medium
Reading Comprehension 1-2 Number of Questions
Difficulty Medium
Importance Medium
Synonym and Antonym 3-4 Number of Questions
Difficulty High
Importance High
Idioms and Phrases 1-2 Number of Questions
Difficulty Medium
Importance Medium
Speech and Voices 1-2 Number of Questions
Difficulty Medium
Importance High
Article 1-2 Number of Questions
Difficulty High
Importance Medium
Spotting Error 1-2 Number of Questions
Difficulty Med
Importance High
Sentence Arrangement 1-2 Number of Questions
Difficulty High
Importance High