Accenture Quantitative Aptitude Questions

Accenture Quants Questions with Solutions

Accenture Aptitude Questions have a little high difficulty but is a little short on time, as analysed constantly from accenture previous year quantitative questions with solutions the paper is lengthy in the online test and the accenture quants questions are adaptive also, i.e. in Accenture quants papers with answers if your previous question was easy and you solved it correctly then next Accenture quantitative aptitude questions in the exam will be tougher and if accenture aptitude questions and Answers PDF last question was tough and you solve that questions incorrectly in Accenture Aptitude Test Papers then, next question will be a little easier.

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 Accenture Aptitude Test Papers Free Materials AMCAT

Accenture Aptitude Questions and Answers PDF

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Accenture Quantitative Ability Paper

This section is called basic mathematics – 

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  • Number of Questions:
    • LCM & HCF – 2 Questions
    • Divisibility – 2 Questions
    • Numbers, decimal fractions and power – 1 Questions
  • Difficulty Level: Low
  • Importance: Medium
  • Suggested time to solve: 45 sec
Accenture Quants Questions and Answers

Accenture Quants Questions and Study Materials

Accenture Aptitude Paper

This section of the test is called applied mathematics.

  • Number of Questions:
    • Profit and Loss – 2 Ques
    • Simple and Compound Interest – 2 Ques
    • Time, Speed and Distance – 1 Ques
    • Inverse – 1 Ques
  • Difficulty Level: Medium
  • Importance: High
  • Suggested time to solve: 1 min
Accenture Quants Questions and Answers

Accenture Quants Questions and Study Materials

Accenture Aptitude Questions and Answers PDF

This section is called Basic Engineering Section –

  • Number of Questions:
    • Logarithms – 1 Ques
    • Permutation and Combinations – 1 Ques
    • Probability – 2 Ques
    • Misc – 1 Ques
  • Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Importance: Medium
  • Suggested time to solve: 1 min
Accenture Quantitative Ability Questions with Solutions

Accenture Detailed Analysis for Aptitude Papers

Accenture Aptitude Questions FormatDifficultyNo. of QuestionsTopicsSpecial Feature
Basic Mathematics Medium6LCM and HCF, Divisibility etcLogic Based
Applied MathematicsMedium6Inverse, Speed time Distance etcFormula Based
Engineering MathematicsHigh5Log, P & C, Probability etcHigh thinking Logic
MiscMedium1Time and WorkNone

Topic wise analysis can be followed here – 

Accenture Quantitative Aptitude TopicsNo. of QuestionsDifficulty in 1 to 5Average Time to solve
LCM and HCF23.5/545 secs
Divisibility23/540 secs
Numbers, decimal fractions and power13/540 secs
Profit and Loss24/545 secs
Inverse13/540 secs
Time, Speed and Distance13.5/51 min
Simple and Compound Interest24/51 min 30 secs
Logarithms13.5/545 secs
Permutation and Combinations14/51 min 25 secs
Probability 23.5/545 secs

Accenture Aptitude Syllabus and Paper Pattern

Here is the Syllabus for Accenture Quantitative Aptitude Sections in the written test paper held online –

Accenture Aptitude Questions and Answers SectionAccenture Aptitude Test Papers Questions DifficultyImportanceCorrect Question by 90th %ile Suggested Avg time per Question
– Divisibility
– Numbers, decimal fractions and power
2 or 3 Ques
2 or 3 Ques
1 or 2 Ques
MediumMedium555 sec
Applied Mathematics
-Profit and Loss
– Simple and Compound Interest
– Time, Speed and Distance
– Inverse
Total – 10 Question
2 or 3 Ques
2 or 3 Ques
2 Ques
1 Ques
MediumHigh7 or 81 min
Engineering Mathematics
– Permutation and –
– Combinations
– Probability
– Misc
Total – 8 Question
2 Ques
2 Ques
2 Ques
1 Ques
MediumMedium655 sec

Accenture Quants Questions and Paper FAQ’s

Ques. Where Can I find Previous year Accenture Aptitude Papers and Questions along with Study Material for Preparation?

Ans. We have made a complete set of materials for Accenture Quantitative Aptitude Placement Questions and Materials Please visit our Accenture Dashboard for this and study for accenture quantitative aptitude questions.

Ques. Accenture Aptitude Questions are they in the Accenture Test Papers with Solutions?

Ans. Yes, as observed in the previous year papers a good percentage of Question are highly in the Accenture Exam. Thus studying from Accenture Sample Papers for First round is not suggested directly practice from past year paper with answers on PrepInsta

Ques. How much time is required for preparation of Accenture Aptitude Test Papers?

Ans. We guess around 4 – 5 days must be enough for you to prepare for Accenture Aptitude Test Papers.

Accenture Student Experience

  • Name: Sushma Pillay
  • College: Hindustan Institute of Technology
  • Branch: Computer Science
  • Type of interview: Off-Campus Interview

Student Interview

I applied for Accenture off-campus drive through AMCAT. I registered for AMCAT through I started preparing for the written test from previous year papers available on PrepInsta and referred some other competitive books. The eligibility criteria for Accenture is 60% throughout the academic career and no current backlogs. Since I met the eligibility criterion I was shortlisted for the written test.

AMCAT Written Paper

AMCAT paper was divided into three sections Verbal Ability, Quantitative Analysis, and Logical Reasoning. The paper had 75 questions which were to be completed in 95 minutes. There was a sectional cut- off for each section.

  • Verbal ABILITY section had 25 questions, and the time limit for this section was 25 minutes. This section was of medium difficulty level with 4 Reading Comprehensions, passages, and Fill in the blanks. The reading comprehensions were quite long, but they were simple as well.

  • In the Quantitative Analysis section, there were 25 questions. The paper was of medium difficulty level. This section had questions related to basic mathematics such as Permutation and Combination, Profit and loss, Geometry and Time and Work.

  • In the Logical Reasoning section, the questions were conceptual. This section was slightly tricky as compared to the other two sections. The questions were moderate to difficult. There were 25 questions and the time limit for this section was of 35 minutes. There were questions on puzzles, charts, graphs, and tables.

The scorecard for AMCAT was issued after a month. I managed to get a good score eligible for the major IT companies. I received an email from Aspiring minds informing that I have been shortlisted for ACCENTURE interview.

HR Round

My interview was scheduled on 10 May at Accenture Mumbai. The HR interview began at 10:00 am. The interview was completely non-technical. The HR asked for my resume, and the interview began,

  1. Introduce Yourself

  2. Tell me something about you which is not on the resume

  3. What do you know about Accenture?

  4. Have you done any certifications?

  5. How would you be fruitful for us?

  6. Are you fine with relocation?

The interview went very good. I answered all the questions with confidence. The HR also seemed happy with my performance. After 15 days I received an email from Accenture. It was a congratulations mail that I was selected. I was very happy. I received the joining letter after two months.

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