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Accenture Pseudo Code Question and Answer 2021-22

Accenture Pseudo Code Questions for 2022

No. of Questions



18 Minutes

Type of Test


Negative Marking


Accenture Pseudo Code questions analysis of test pattern

Accenture Pseudo Code questions

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Preparation Section of Accenture

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Accenture Interview Experience on-Campus

Interview experience for Capgemini

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As usual, we received a mail from ERP Cell of our college that Accenture is visiting our college for its Recruitment Drive. Accenture is a company which promotes women empowerment and mainly hire female employees but still, I applied for Accenture because I always wanted to get placed in such MNC's.

The whole process was basically divided into Written and Interview Round. After passing the eligibility criteria I got shortlisted for the Written Test.

Written Test -

Quantitative Aptitude which comprised of 25 questions where it had questions on topics like number system, pipes, and cisterns, profit and loss, time and work, speed and distance, etc.

Then the next section was Logical Reasoning where this section contained 25 questions on data sufficiency, arrangements, coding, and decoding, etc.

And the last section was Verbal Ability in which 25 questions were related to Basic English, such as synonyms, antonyms, comprehensions, etc.

The test was online so we got the result at the end of the test. For me logical was the toughest and trickiest Round because the questions were tricky and time taking. Verbal was the easiest section as normal basic English knowledge is very much enough to clear this section.

After clearing this section we were informed to move to the LRD Hall for the further process along with some documents-

2 Passport Size Photo
Xerox of Marksheet till 6th Sem

Interview -
As we entered the Hall we were divided into a group of 3 members and given us a number on which we have to enter into the Interviewer Chamber. Interview Round was categorized into 2 formats Technical and HR Round.


I was very nervous because I am not good enough in Technical Field. Few Questions I was asked while Technical Round was

What is REDO in the database?
Can you right-rotate a string by k-positions?
What is the best solution to external fragmentation problem?
Given a Tree, is it possible to find the greatest and least among leaves in linear time?

All the questions were related to Technical Field and I am weak in Technical Round but somehow I managed to answer these questions but then the Interviewer asked me about some new technologies in the market and I was unaware about them so I got nervous at that time and I was unable to speak at that time and then interviewer told me to wait outside for the results.

After some time they announce the result and I was not selected for the HR Round and I was a little disappointed because I missed such a great opportunity. That was my experience regarding Accenture Interview.

Analytics 2022

Stats About Accenture 2022

Number of Questions 30 Questions
Cut-Off 26 Questions
Difficulty Medium

Topic Wise Analytics

OOPS 3-4 Number of Questions
Difficulty Medium
Importance High
DBMS 1-2 Number of Questions
Difficulty Medium
Importance High
Data Stracture 4-5 Number of Questions
Difficulty Medium
Importance High
Input/Output 3-4 Number of Questions
Difficulty Medium
Importance High