Accenture Fundamentals of Networking Security and Cloud Questions 2021-2022

Fundamentals of Networking Security and Cloud Questions and Answers

Number of Questions

10 Questions

Time Duration

10 minutes

Adaptive/ Non- Adaptive

Non Adaptive

Negative marking


Syllabus for Networking Security and Cloud

Accenture Fundamentals of Networking Security and Cloud Questions 2021-2020

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Preparation Section

Interview Experience

The test was 90 minutes long consisting of five sections, namely Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, and Verbal English, Computer Programming and Email writing.

Among all these 5 sections Computer programming was the toughest but thanks to prepinsta it helped me to understand computer programming.

  • Quantitative Aptitude:- 25 Questions
  • Logical Reasoning :- 25 Questions
  • Verbal English:- 25 Questions
  • Computer Programming :- 20 Questions
  • Email Writing:- 1 Question

The Test went well and I scored well in CoCubes test. After 2 week I got a call from Accenture for Interview. I was very excited and nervous too.In Interview there were two Rounds Technical and HR.

Technical Interview:-

There was a team of 3 members in the panel who took my technical and HR interview as well.

  • Tell me something about yourself?
  • Tell me about your Project.
  • What is an Object?
  • What is Conctructor?
  • What is the purpose of default constructor?
  • How many types of Database languages are?
  • What is Primary Key?
  • What is Normalization?
  • What is 3NF, 4NF, BCNF?
  • What is Operating system?
  • What is the concept of Demang paging?
  • Write a program of Fibonacci series?

After asking some technical questions they asked me some HR questions too.

  • Tell me what is the difference between hard work and smart work?
  • What makes you angry ?
  • What has been your greatest failure?

My Interview went well. I got a mail after 1 week that I was selected. I was so happy.