Accenture Cognitive Assessment

Accenture Cognitive Assessment 2024

Accenture has introduced a change in the pattern of its selection process for 2024 batch pass-outs. They have introduced some new sections and sub-sections, and a few extra rounds, which judges the candidates on various different parameters in Accenture Cognitive Assessment Section Details.

The very first section in written test is Accenture Cognitive Assessment, which is a compulsory and elimination round for the candidates. This section is further divided into three sub-sections -:

  1. Numerical Ability
  2. English Ability
  3. Analytical Reasoning
Accenture Cognitive Assessment Test 2024

Accenture Cognitive Ability Test Detailed Information

Cognitive AssessmentInformation
Total Section
  • Verbal
  • Critical Reasoning and Problem Solving
  • Abstract Reasoning
Total Ques
  • Verbal- 17 Ques
  • Critical Reasoning and Problem Solving- 18 Ques
  • Abstract Reasoning- 15 Ques
Total Time50 mins

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Accenture Cognitive Assessment Section Details

This will be the first section in the Accenture Recruitment Drive. This section is further divided into three sub-sections, and all these have their sectional and also the sub-sectional cut-off. i.e; for clearing the first round you have to clear the sectional cut – off of Cognitive Assessment Section, plus the sub-sectional cut-off of each of the three sub-sections, that are –

  • Numerical Ability,
  • Analytical Reasoning , and
  • English Ability
Accenture Test Topics Basic information
English Ability 17 Ques
Critical Reasoning and Problem Solving 18 Ques
Abstract Reasoning 15 Ques
Common Application and MS Office 12 Ques
Pseudo Code 18 Ques
Network Security and Cloud 10 Ques

Accenture Cognitive Assessment Syllabus

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FAQ's on Accenture Cognitive Assessment Test

Is this is an elimination round?

Yes Cognitive Assessment is an elimination round, if you fail to clear this round, you won’t be allowed to continue further in the selection process

What all topics will be asked in the first section?

The first comprises of Cognitive Assessment and Technical Assessment

  1. Cognitive Assessment
    1. Numerical Ability
    2. English Ability
    3. Analytical Reasoning
  2. Technical Assessment
    1. Common Applications and MS Office
    2. Pseudo Code
    3. Fundamentals of Networking Security and Cloud

Are we eligible to give the interview if we clear the first section ?

Yes, if you clear the first section you are eligible to sit in the interview round.

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