Accenture Communication Assessment 2023

Accenture Communication Assessment 2023 for freshers

Accenture Communication Assessment 2023 updated syllabus for freshers is discussed below. Communication Assessment section consist of approx 20-25 questions and the time duration provided to complete these questions are 30 mins.

This page will give you all the updated information about the latest and updated pattern of this assessment.

Accenture Communication Test 2024

Details of Accenture Communication Test 2023:

LevelRound 3
Time30 minutes
ParticipationA separate email with timelines and login details will be sent to you

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Accenture Communication Assessment Parameters

What is Accenture Communication Assessment Test 2023 For Freshers?

Accenture Communication Test is basically an online Test to check the candidates language spoken ability. One should be measured on 4 parameter in this Test.

It is a communication test that will assess you on the below parameters:-

  • Sentence Mastery
  • Vocabulary
  • Fluency
  • Pronunciation

You need to learn some topics of verbal to clearly understand the parameters of Communication Asssessment.

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Accenture Communication Assesment Sentence Mastery

Sentence Mastery

More about Sentence Mastery

  • Not everyone can become Sachin Tendulkar or Shreya Ghoshal, but you can definitely become a master in sentence construction.
  • Sentence mastery is an illustrative phrase used to emphasize on how a grammatically correct sentence can be written irrespective of the changes in its form, speech, voice, complexity and so on.
  • Are you struggling with sentence formation? Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a Shakespeare-level genius to master it! All you need is a little caution and some basic knowledge of the rules.
  • Here’s a tip from the experts: revisit your early childhood days, open your grammar books, and give them a quick read.
  • It’s not rocket science, just apply the rules, use proper phrases, and voila! You’re there.


More about Vocabulary

  • Do you ever feel like you’re lost for words when speaking English? You’re not alone! Many people experience anxiety and fear when it comes to speaking a foreign language.
  • It’s time to overcome your fear and start sounding sophisticated (a fancy word for smart).  Let’s take for example – Sorry and Apology – words with the same meaning but one fancier than the other. (So now you know what to use when pleading to your boss! JK!)
  • Enhancing your vocabulary and understanding the meaning of words is crucial in any environment. But fear not, we’re here to help!

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Accenture Communication Assessment 2


More about Fluency

Fluency means to communicate without any interruption and clear without messing your statement. It is one of the most important parameter to be  judged in the Accenture Communication Test.

Key Points while to be Noted

  • You must be fluent while talking other wise it will show a negative impact over your way of communication.
  • Try to make your conversation simpler so you don’t need to hesitate while speaking
  • Your Fluency shows your confidence to them which is very important
  • The better your English Fluency the better you will express or represent your ideas.
  • Now a days English communication is very important so the better your fluency will the great your impact will be in the interview.
  • The good you speak the good your scores will be in the different rounds of Accenture Communication Assessment Test.


More about Pronunciation

Pronunciation for few words can be vary upon person to person but there are few words also that have universal pronunciation and the way you represent your words is very important.

Key Points while to be Noted

  • One must represent his word in a good way because your pronunciation makes your first image.
  • If you pronounced incorrectly then it lead to Confusing Miscommunications.
  • Sometimes a common word shows two different meaning then the only thing by which we can differentiate between these words is the way you communicate.
    • for eg: Pre-sent
  • In English one vowel can be used in many ways so make sure that you know the difference between their uses.
  • Keep in mind that you have to represent and frame your words in such way that it will clearly reach out the person without any misconception.
Accenture communication assessment open questions
Accenture Communication assessment

Prohibited Technologies during Online Assessment:

1. Network VPN / Proxy should be disabled
2. Unstable 3G / 4G networks should not be used
3. Restrain from using bluetooth headsets or on system microphones and speakers.
4. Use of any electronic devices such as mobile phone, calculator, or smart watches is frowned upon.
5. Don’t be a nerd and try to violate the rules. Your Mr. / Ms. Smart Pant vibe can lead to the cancellation of your recruitment process.

Allowed Technologies during Online Assessment

  1. Enable your PC or laptop with a web cam and a microphone and they must be in the ‘switch-on’ mode.
  2. Requirement: 4GB + RAM, i3 5th generation 2.2 ghz or equivalent / higher.
  3. OS – Windows 8/10, Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks or Higher.
  4. Google Chrome browser with latest version. (version 5)
  5. Stabled internet connection of 2mbps + enabled through broadband connection.
  6. Use a USB enabled headset with a microphone or a single jack 3.5 mm headset with a microphone

Accenture Assessment Communication Information

Section 1- Reading

  •  In this round you will have 8 sentences that are going to display on screen in text form . You just have read it loudly in the window for 20-30 sec.

    This process is basically an exercise to examine the reading ability of the candidate.

    For an instance – The interviewing audio might direct you to read sentence number 1 and then within a few seconds you will have to read it out loud with proper pronunciation. This same procedure can go on for a couple of sentences.


  • Do not be in a rush to read it out within the first few seconds itself. Take your time, understand the words and then read. If needed, read it in your head and if that sounds perfect to you read it aloud.
  • It might happen so that they direct you to read all the sentence chronologically without breaks. Don’t rush with the words.
Accenture communication assessment repeating sentences

Section 2- Repeating Sentences

  • As an advancement to the above reading assessment, this section will be more of duplication.On this round you will be given 16 audio sentences. You have to clearly listen what the audio reads (probably a sentence) and then repeat it loudly which will test your pronunciation ability.


  • Do not rush with your words, listen intently and then repeat with exact pronunciations like the audio.
  • If there’s an accent which is foreign to you, do not hesitate, keep going and try to sound as close to the audio as you can.
Accenture communication assessment jumbled sentences

Section 3-  Jumbled Sentence

  • In this section, there will be 10 jumbled sentence audio will be given.This section tests more of your intellectual skills than verbal. You will be given a jumbled sentence which you will have to unscramble and read aloud thus diving into your sentence mastery skills.

For example,
The audio might read – on the table, the books are.
You will have to answer it with the correct sentence – The books are on the table


  • Pay attention to the statement that is being read out to you
  • This section takes an account of your pace in knowledge application.
Accenture communication assessment question and answer

Section 4- Question and Answer

  • In this section. There will be 24 easy questions asked orally and there will be no text that is displayed on screen. You have to answer each question in one or two words.

    This round is a quick question and answer round that takes into account your promptness in thinking and speaking while testing your vocabulary as well. The answer should be in one or two words.

          Example – you keep the books on the table or in fridge !
          You answer should be – on the table


  • The best aid here is to listen to the question carefully, think and answer promptly.
Accenture communication assessment story telling

Section 5- Story Telling

  • So if you ever wanted to test your memorization skills, this is all for you. Here you will be made to listen to an audio probably a short story twice.
  • The click is that you will have to grab the story and repeat it in your words when asked like a short snippet within 30 seconds. This test will aim to test your fluency and vocabulary too.


  • A short story will be narrated to you which you will have to listen to and recall it after a beep.
  • In the window of 30 seconds, you are supposed to speak what you retain.
  • Once your 30 seconds are over, it will be time for another story or narration.
Accenture communication assessment open questions

Section 6- Open questions

  • It’s like a virtual HR round. Here, a HR question will be asked to you and you will have a minute to answer it followed by another question.


  • Breathe in and breathe out! Have the monk style patience because you’ll do good if you keep your calm in this round.

FAQs on Accenture Communication Assessment 2023

What will be the difficulty level for the Accenture Communication Assessment?

The difficulty level for this assessment will range from easy to medium. Students are advised to brush up their reading and listening skills before sitting for this communication assessment.

Will there be any elimination for this round of assessment?

No, this is not an elimination round. All the round in Accenture test is an Elimination round except this one.

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