ZS Associates Interview Experiences

ZS Associates Interview Experiences

ZS Associates Interview Experiences
ZS Associates Interview Experiences

About ZS Associates

  • ZS is a worldwide professional services organization that creates solutions for customers that function in the real world by combining deep industry experience, cutting-edge analytics, technology, and strategy.
  • For customers particularly in the pharmaceutical industry, the business also provides staff augmentation and technological services.
  • Official Websites:  zsassociates.com
ZS Uses 2 platform to conduct it’s exam:
  1. Talview: On Campus
  2. First Naukri or AMCAT: Off Campus discontinued.

ZS hires for 3 profile mainly:-

  1. BTA (Business Technology Analyst) [For CS, IT]
  2. BOA (Business Operations Associate) [For all branches]
  3. DAA ( Decision Analytics Associate) [For all branches]

Business Technology Analyst (BTA) –

Business Operations Associate (BOA) –

  • Some of you may be involved in QA (Quality Assurance – Testing) for BTA and DAA systems.
  • Others may focus on client interactions, such as understanding clients’ needs, proposing new goods, taking requirements, and conducting analysis calls.
  • Monthly sales tracking, monthly staff performance, report preparation, data collection, data quality assurance, and so on).

Decision Analytics Associate (DAA)-

Key Points for ZS Associates Interview Experiences

ZS is one of the most difficult interviews to pass, ensuring that only the most intellectual candidates advance!

  • In the ZS Interview Process, your resume is the most crucial factor.
  • It is the first thing that they consider.
First Round and Interview:-
  • Essentially, act as a preliminary screening for each candidate.
  • Several Assessment Round like Online Aptitude Test, Video- Conferencing, Cast Study Round etc.
  • Also, Focus on your academic expertise.
Final-round interviews

(MR Interview, HR Interview)

  • Focus on
    • Knowledge of business procedures and ideas in general.
    • Your capacity to express a notion or concept succinctly and accurately.
    • How well your talents and ideals match ours, as well as your long-term interest in consulting.

ZS Interview Experience : Test Pattern

ZS Associates Interview Experiences

Recruitment Process:

Around the middle of July, ZS was doing recruitment campaigns for the class of 2021. I learned about this drive through PrepInsta and applied for the position of BOA.

The company was hiring for three posts : 

  •  BTA (Business Technology Analyst) [For CS, IT]
  • BOA (Business Operations Associate) [For all branches]
  • DAA(Decision Analytics Associate ) [For all branches]

I am here to share my interview experience in brief.

Round 1: General Aptitude 
  • Arithmetic Ability
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Data Interpretation
  • Attention to details
Round 2: Video Conferencing ( Platform: Talview)

Few guess estimate questions were asked like :

  • Estimate the number of washing machines in India
  • How many people are currently flying to India

Some HR questions like :

Received a mail after 2-3 days that I got selected for the next round.

Round 3: Case Study Round (Platform: Talview)

Qs-1: I run a small coffee shop that has been in my family for over 30 years. Recently, I learned that Starbucks has bought the lease on a unit just around the corner. Starbucks will be opening in 3 months. I’m worried about what this means for my business and want your advice.

There were around 2-3 questions from this particular case study and then gave me bar graphs and pie charts and asked some logical-based questions from that.

This was around 30 minutes video interview round, all they want to know is your approach to the case, not the actual answer. So waste your time just to find out the actual answer.

Round 4: EBA+FIT(Technical & HR Round) –

The interviewer asked me to share my CV and I was asked to wait for few minutes so that he can check my resume.

Platform Used in On-campus hiring Interview Process is Monjin Platform.

Questions that were asked :

  • Introduce yourself.
  • What are polymorphism and abstraction?
  • Define black box testing.
  • What are the different stages of SDLC?
  • Why is C not considered as an OOPs language?
  • Do you know about the latest advancements in C++?
  • Difference between structure and union.
  • EXplain pointer to a pointer with an example.
  • Why are you interested in this company?
  • What challenges are you facing in IT?
  • Do you enjoy researching any topic?
  • Tell us about your failures.

Again few guess estimate qs and puzzles like :

  • Estimate the volume of a plane.
  • You are provided with 2 buckets that can hold 3 liters and 5 liters. How do you fill 4 liters?
  • Any qs for us?

I was able to attempt most of the questions. After 2 months I received a mail that I am selected in ZS Associates for the BOA role.

Tips: Prepare the guess estimate qs and case study well. Be calm and confident. You have everything to make it through!  

ZS Associates Interview Experiences

ZS Interview Experience- 1

It was conducted in the month of July-August 20 and they took the test on the Talview platform.

ZS Interview Experience- 2

I got to know about all the rounds of ZS Associates, and they guided me throughout. ZS Offered 3 profiles.

ZS Interview Experience- 3

ZS Associates placement started with a pre-placement talk with all the business officials of the company where they narrated about the company.

ZS Interview Experience- 4

I applied for ZS Associates from their website, the roles they are hiring for were mentioned, and I applied for the DAA role.

ZS Interview Experience- 5

I participated in the ZS recruitment drive in Aug 2021. I applied for ZS directly on their website as I received mail from ZS itself. It was the Women Hiring Hackathon.

ZS Interview Experience- 6

ZS was conducting drives for the graduates of 2021 around mid-July ’20. I came to know about this drive from PrepInsta and registered for the post of BOA.

FAQ on ZS Associates Interview Experiences

What is the Difficulty level of the ZS Associates Exam?

The difficulty level of the ZS Associate section is medium to high. All these sections are little bit tough so prepare well for these section to score good in exam

Question : In how many parts the Interview experience is divided?

Answer: The whole process is divided into 3 parts.

Few puzzle questions are also asked. You can check our Interview experience dashboard to prepare well for ZS.