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What Do You Want To Improve In Yourself?

What do you want to improve in yourself?

“What do you want to improve in yourself?” Self Improvement and Self Criticism is a value that most interviewers appreciate, hence these questions are common and equally important too.

When hiring managers ask interview questions about areas of improvement, they want to really hear something legitimate that you’d like to improve and feel you could improve upon. 

what do you want to improve in yourself

How To Answer "What do you want to improve in yourself?"

The key point to remember while answering this question is to either focus on what you’re trying to improve lately or or something that you’ve improved and are looking ways to improve more. The interviewer only wants to know your plans about improving it, be it a quality or a trait.

Understand this – Improving something doesn’t always have to denote a weakness in you, it can also be some type of strength that you want to improve more to reach perfection.

Points To Emphasize While Answering The Question

  • Pick a quality or activity that is essential to you but is not essential to the post you’re interviewing for.

  • Talk more about the qualities that you want to improve

  • Discuss about the ways you’d want to make changes or improve the traits in yourself

  • Choose something that you wanted to improve for a long time but couldn’t because of job restraints and now you’d want to get back on track with it.

  • You can talk about something universal; that can be measured only in quality not quantity. For example – leadership, discipline or even practicing meditation

  • Be self aware during the interview and think promptly

  • Maintain a calm posture and answer the question with an upbeat positivity

  • Always try to set realistic goals for improvement and make the interviewer feel that you can achieve it with a plan

Points To Avoid While Answering The Question

  • Try not to talk about any long ignored resolution or pet peeve that you wanna improve or get over with

  • Do not talk about any quality that is essential to the job profile. For example – If you’re applying for a software engineer, do not say that you’re weak in coding, or if you’re applying for the post of a manager, do not say you struggle with managing your time and work. That will completely throw you off the list.

  • Do not beat around the bush. Delaying or turning the course of the answer will only distract the interviewer

  • Do not be nervous or use long pause between the answer. Self doubt or delays will only reflect that you are not serious about this topic and have nothing to improve.

  • Do not cringe at the question or say you have nothing to improve. That sounds very superficial and over confident.

  • Don’t just talk about the same weakness all over again. Talk about something that is “coachable” and not just imaginary

  • Don’t make false promises or commitments

Best Possible Answers for " What do you want to improve in yourself?"

Possible Answer:

Every human needs to improve himself / herself at some point. For me, I’d really want to improve my typing skills. I spend more of my work giving out work schedules and managing work on my manager front that I spend very little time in the computer typing. My habit of ‘two-finger’ typing makes my task take longer than it actually should. So i am keen to work on that and I definitely have started to already.

Possible Answer:

My biggest weakness or drawback is that I get sidetracked or distracted from my path very easily. I recognize that in myself and have made a conscious effort to plan my day as much as possible and to stay on target.

Possible Answer

For me, I find the greatest flaw would be that I work too hard to finish a couple of tasks that I sometimes juggle everything together. I am very focused in my work and wish to complete all tasks by the end of each day. However, it isn’t always possible to do so. To improve in that area, I try my best to prioritize and invest time in my daily to-do lists to keep track of my duties and not hustle hard between all of them.

Possible Answer:

I had been a person who was too skeptical about criticisms and feedback. However, I have improved that habit of mine and now am eager to learn and listen,especially those who’ve worked and have been into my position way before i was. Feedback, for me, now helps me to be more constructive and determined about my work. It helps me achieve excellence in whatever I do.


Question: What would be the one thing that we should not say when answering this question?

Answer – The most important point to avoid using while answering this question would be to use a quality or a skill to improve that is the principle requirement of the job profile you’re interviewing for

Question: What could be the follow up questions for this question?

Answer – The follow up questions for this could be:

  • What are your weaknesses or strengths
  • How do you deal with stress
  • What motivates you to do a good job

Question: Please provide some more tips to help construct the answer.

Answer – You should practice the answer before you actually appear for the interview. It’s difficult to get the appropriate answer at once, so practicing it prior to the final day always helps.

  • Practice and prepare
  • Choose the example wisely and carefully
  • Provide in depth details of the example
  • Try to be cam and positive
  • Be honest with your words and actions