ZS Associate Interview Experience – 3

ZS Associates Interview Experience – 3

Never thought will be able to clear ZS Associates, that too amidst pandemic. I enrolled in a PrepInsta Prime Video subscription for ZS Associates and they guided me throughout.

Now I am here to share my interview experience in brief :

ZS Associates placement started with a pre-placement talk with all the business officials of the company where they narrated about the company, and we were asked to ask any questions we want to the HR of the company.

Interview Experience in detailed

ZS Associates hires for 3 roles :

  • BTA (Business Technology Analyst) [For CS, IT]
  • BOA (Business Operations Associate) [For all branches]
  • DAA(Decision Analytics Associate )[For all branches]

We were asked to select a role that we want to sit for, I chose for BTA.

 Let me brief what are these roles for :

  • DAA​ – Say you are given a project, you need to jot down the requirements needed and prepare the requirement analysis, that’s the job of DAA.
  • BOA​ – Deals with how to proceed after all the requirements are gathered as per the client’s requirement.
  • BTA​ – Deals with the technical part and coding.

There are 2 phases of the recruitment process.

Phase 1 : (on Talview Platform)

    1. Aptitude: ​General aptitude​​(​for BOA & DAA​) and additionally 7-10 questions from DBMS, the output of a code (​for BTA​).
    2. PSDD (Problem Solving Deep Drive)​: Situation-based questions were asked from a given passage. [around 25 minutes]
    3. Video Interview​ – Need to turn on the audio and video and you have to record the answers as soon as the time starts[ 3 minutes for each question].
For the BTA role​ –

In my case, they gave a table, asked me to answer 2-3 queries from that table.

For BOA & DAA role​ –

Asked guess estimate questions like :

  • How much paint is required for 10*10 walls?
  • How many people are currently flying in India?

All these rounds are elimination rounds, and for phase 2 around 25-30 students got selected out of 350.

Phase 2 :1.Case Study Round : (Talview Platform)

I was given a video and needed to solve the questions, around 8 qs were there. ​[Time: 30minutes to 1 hour]

Qs:​ I was provided with a Supermarket Database having several attributes, and asked to identify keys, queries were also there.

Tips: They don’t expect correct answers, make sure the approach is correct.

2.Case Study Discussion Round : (Zoom)

  • Discuss the case study.
  • Final year project.
  • Puzzle

Qs ​– ​There are 100 doors in a row, all doors are initially closed. A person walks through all doors multiple times and toggle (if open then close, if close then open) them in the following way: In the first walk, the person toggles every door, In the second walk, the person toggles every second door, i.e., 2​nd​, 4​th​, 6​th​, 8​th​, …, In the third walk, the person toggles every third door, i.e. 3​rd​, 6​th​, 9​th On the 100th walk, the person toggles the 100th door. Which doors are open in the end?

Got an idea about these kinds of puzzles  CLICK HERE

3.Technical & HR Round ( around an hour​) –Technical ]

    1. .What are polymorphism and abstraction?
    2. Discuss garbage collectors in Java.
    3. Write a program to use switch statements.
    4. Difference between merge sort and quick sort. Which one would you prefer and why?
    5. Significance of scope resolution operator.
    6. How to remove duplicate rows from a table?
    7. Difference between HAVING and WHERE clause.

HR Questions :

    1. Tell me about yourself.
    2. How did you come to know about us?
    3. Why ZS?
    4. Say if you are placed in Google, and at the same time in ZS, which one will you choose?
    5. What do you know about our competitors in the market?
    6. Any questions for us?

​That’s all, at the end 3 were selected, and I was among them. Kudos to the whole team of PrepInsta.