Top Puzzles for Interview Preparation

Why Puzzles are Important for Placement?

Here on this page you will get information about Top Puzzles for Interview Preparation and Why puzzles are important for placement?

Now-a-days many MNC’s are including puzzles in their placement process, whether it’s in the form of written test part on in the interview round. Puzzles are asked mainly to check your critical thinking and Problem solving skills.

These puzzle questions, like brain teasers, put your humor, ability to function under pressure, and inventiveness to the test.

Here on this page all the information, tips and tricks to solve puzzle is given. Scroll down and learn in detail how to answer puzzle in Interview Round.

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Top Puzzles for Interview Preparation

What is the purpose of Puzzles in Interview

This technique is unique in that it helps the recruiter identify the perfect fit through puzzle problems. It is commonly used in interviews for IT roles. These are logical thinking exercises that require the interviewee to apply deductive reasoning to answer difficult questions. The main reason to ask puzzles in interview rounds are:

  • Critical Thinking
  • Problem solving skills
  • Creativity
  • Function under pressure

Top Puzzles for Interview Preparation: How to Answer?

  • First read the puzzle clearly:

Don’t rush while answering the question. First take your time and understand the puzzles carefully as puzzles can be tricky so there is high probability that you can do mistake. So take your time read and understand the puzzle carefully.

  • Clear your doubts:

Even after solving numerous puzzle you can get a more trickier puzzle. So don’t get confused ask the interviewer again to clarify the problem and then only solve the questions.

  • Explanation:

Make sure that you are explaining your answer in a very arranged and concise manner so that the interviewer will understand the solution easily without wasting time.

  • Always find the solution:

Do not sit without any answer. Being right always doesn’t matter. Come up with the answer whether it’s right or wrong. Show them that you are hardworking and you tried to solve the question.

Tips and Tricks to solve
Top Puzzles for Interview Preparation

Few Important Points are

Extract all the information given in the puzzle.

Arrange that information on a paper(table form).

Discard all the unuseful information.

Make sure to cross check all the possibilities.

Do not miss any information given in the question.

By doing the same you will get your correct answer.

Cross Verify your Solution again.

Tips for preparing for puzzle interview

Always keep you paper pen with you. And note each point and details mentioned in question.

The more you will practice puzzle questions the more you will find it easy.

Make sure to apply all the possible approaches and possibility while solving the question.

FAQ's on Top Puzzles for Interview Preparation


Puzzles are now-a-days asked in every step of recruitment. So you need to prepare well for puzzles to answer. PrepInsta is updated with Top 100 commonly asked puzzle.



Yes, it doesn’t matter always whether you are right or wrong. Puzzles are tricky so becoming correct doesn’t always matter. Sometimes your way of thinking your creativeness and approach to solve any question also make a good impression in front of the interviewer.