ZS Associates Guess Estimate Questions and Answers 2024

ZS Associate Guess Estimate 2024

Check ZS Associates Guess Estimate Questions with Answers here on this page. In ZS Associate exam, there is video conferencing round in which interviewer can ask you Guess Estimate Questions.

If you had applied for Non technical branch in ZS then the ZS Associates Guess Estimate questions will be display in your screen during video conference round.

Guesstimate is defined as an estimate made or one arrived at by guess-work without using correct or complete detail.

ZS Associates Guess Estimate Questions

ZS Associates Guess Estimate  For Freshers 2024

NOTE: You can expect guess estimate question in interview round also. It depends on the Interviewer.

Guess EstimateInformation
Number of Questions8
Time Limit30 min
Difficulty LevelHigh

ZS Associates Guess Estimate Information

In ZS Associates there will be puzzle like questions, where you are expected to estimate solution by determined by placing a structure to a question, forming segments, making assumptions .

While answering the questions if you say wrong answer with a better approach will be considered but if you say wrong answer with a bad approach it will lay a negative impact of yours. The most important thing that matters here while answering the questions is a good approach.

Tips and Tricks to Solve ZS Associates Guess Estimate :-

  1. Clarify:-

    First understand the question try and extract the exact information from the question that what you need to calculate. Suppose there is a question how many people in India consume a cup of coffee.

  • In the tea estimation problem, the population of India is a good proxy to find the number of cups of coffee consumed monthly in India.If the person will consume coffee then they will consume atleast two in a day or more than 2. But we will the take the average as 2.
  • If the population of India increases, it can be safely said that coffee consumption will increase proportionally.
2.Analyze and Breakdown :- 

Then you need to break down the problem into pieces.

  • Total Population of India.
  • Total Number of People like to drink tea in India.
  • How many cups of tea are consumed daily.
3. Do smart calculations and round off:- 

Speed is really essential and a balance between the consumption of time needs to be maintained. Suppose you need to calculate 599/2 then first do 600/2 =300 and then you can calculate by doing minus 1. so it will be around 299.

 4.Validate number magnitude: –

It is always a good idea to keep on validating intermediate numbers using your experience and sense checks.

ZS Associates Guess Estimate Questions:

1.  What is the guess estimate for the number of laptops sold in Delhi on an average routine day?


Take two sides of this into consideration – demand and supply. I assume demand </= supply, since the location listed is Delhi. Let us concentrate, then, on the demand side, because it is the guiding power.

Starting with the Delhi population
= X = 20 million.

A laptop is used by a student or a working professional, i.e. persons belonging to the 18-45 age group, representing approximately 70% of the population of Delhi.

Assuming a laptop’s average cost is about 30k INR and assuming that a typical Indian spends around 10 percent of the annual revenue on electronic devices, a laptop buyer’s annual revenue could be about 4 lacs.This comprises about 70 percent of the population of a city like Delhi.

Assume that 70 percent of this population currently has a laptop and thatin a given year just 30 percent expect to purchase a new one.

Assume a PC will be purchased by 20 percent (20 percent as laptop popularity increases), a laptop will be bought by 80 percent.

So average number of laptops sold in a given year in Delhi = 0.7*0.7*0.3*0.8*X = 2,35,200.

In a year = 235200/365 = 645 = Y


  • On weekdays, this number will be around 80% of it = 516
  • On weekends, this number might shoot up by 30% = 838.5
  • On festivals like Diwali and Christmas, sales might increase by 40% = 903 .

    2. You have two buckets that hold 3 lit. and 5 lit. How do you fill 4 lit?


Firstly Fill the 3L bucket FULL. Then transfer this water to a 5L bucket. It now has 3L. Fill 3L bucket FULL again. Transfer to a 5L bucket till it fills completely. Now the 3L bucket has 1L. Throw away 5L of water. Transfer 1L water from 3L to 5L. Fill 3L bucket FULL again. Transfer to a 5L bucket to get 4L in the bucket.

ZS Associates Guess Estimate Questions and Answers:

ZS Associates Guess Estimates Questions with Video Solutions

FAQ's on ZS Associates Guess Estimate Questions

Guess estimate questions will be asked in which ROUND ?

This depends on the interviewer. The interviewer can ask Guess Estimate Questions in Video Conferencing Round.

How many Guess Estimate questions can be there ?

There can be 8 Guess Estimate Questions

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