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How much paint is required to paint a 10mX10m wall?

How much paint is required to paint a 10mX10m wall?

           There can be many approaches for this question:

  •   Firstly – You can use the estimate of Amount of paint Required/m2

   And next we find the area that is to be painted. The wall is to be painted thus the main area is 10mX10m. Let us assume this value as ‘A’=100m2.

  •     Secondly –  Now comes the most tricky part. We need to consider that the paint takes some depth from the wall. Assuming that depth to be 1mm.
  •     Thirdly – We must also consider that the oil in the paint dries after a few hours of applying the paint on the wall. So we can assume that the paint was halved after the paint has dried up. Thus the width of the paint can be considered 2mm now.

     Thus Volume to be painted is 100m2 X 0.002m=0.2m3 paint required.

     The most important thing here was to assume that the paint occupies some depth apart from the wall and it also dries up        after painting on the wall.

    And if the cost was asked then that would depend on the Quality of the paint and the pricing of the paint based on the brand.