ZS Associates Video Conferencing

ZS Associates Video Conferencing Round

ZS Associates has included a video conferencing round in its recruitment process fro the year 2021-22 drive. This Particular round will be conducted when you will clear Round 1 which is Online Exam Round.

The basic Details related to the Round is given Below

Test forZS Associates
No. of Videos4 – 5
No. of Questions AttachedCan Vary from 3 – 6 (Each Video)
Time Allotted30 Minutes
Elemination Round (YES / NO)YES Video Conferencing is an Elemination Round.

Why there is a need to conduct such a round?

As we all know that in the year 2020 pandemic hit us very hard and it has effected the conventional business and client meetings all over the world. So by conducting this round this will help ZS to assess your skills and problem solving techniques that how much you will be able to assess and act in a client meeting situation when the presentation will be given by both the sides and the questions will be put up.

As the posts which ZS hires, which are BTA, BAA, DAA will mainly come face to face with clients for project purposes therefore assessing on this platform is the main priority of ZS Associates.

What type of Questions you can expect in this round?

This assessment will include general HR questions revolving around your achievements and failures, strengths and weaknesses, and interests and hobbies etc and questions from the profiles you have chosen to sit for.

As you know ZS Associates hire freshers for mainly three profiles those are BTA, BOA and DAA so you can also expect questions from Guesstimate. Since you will have approximately 30 seconds to think and 3 minutes to present your answer, the questions are simple and straightforward and will only test your basic aptitude and estimation abilities. You need to make any assumptions you find necessary and is practically possible. 

Moreover for BTA profile normal questions like these will be there but instead of guesstimate there will be algorithm questions in which you will be required to explain a flow chart of process which you will have to design wrt to the project assigned to you.

How to solve Guesstimate Questions effectively for the round of video conferencing?

ZS Associates Video Conferencing Example Question 2021 - 20

Let us suppose you encountered a question like

“How many soccer balls will fit in C-17 Globe-Master ?”

To master sizing questions, three skills are needed:

  1. Concise, clear note-taking
  2. Facility with numbers, units, and back-of-the-envelope calculations
  3. Constant, live communication

What follows are the top 8 steps you must take to master those pesky sizing questions and impress any interviewer.

  1. You will 30 seconds to 1 minute upfront to gather your thoughts. Take this time to sketch out an early course of action.

  2. Round your answers at each step.
    This will minimize future mistakes and communicate to the interviewer that you know what you’re doing. As long as rounding doesn’t change the answer by more than 10%, proceed.

  3. When you need to make numerical assumptions, pick friendly numbers (eg, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, etc.).
    For instance, if you need to estimate the percentage of people in India that play football, it’s better to assume 5% than 7%.

  4. Clearly label units when taking notes.
    Don’t get units confused – it’s one of the most common mistakes in sizing questions. Don’t end up with an answer for the average calls/hour/user when the interviewer is actually asking for the average minutes/user/month.

  5. Avoid numerical ranges.
    If the question is “How many footballs would fit into a C-17 Globe-Master?”, don’t start your thinking process by saying “First, I’d estimate the volume of a C-17 to be between 10,000 and 20,000 cubic feet.” Stick with one number. Ranges provide unnecessary complication and will double the number of calculations.

  6. Use a “sniff test” for each calculation.
    Double-check assumptions and steps taken. If it still doesn’t feel right, it’s OK to move on, but make a note of this potential problem area.

  7. Communicate each step clearly and concisely.
    Case studies and sizing questions are as much about communication skills as they are about problem-solving skills. What value is a great solution if you can’t persuade the client to implement your recommendations?

  8. Don’t over-complicate the solution.
    In an attempt to impress the interviewer, applicants will often add unnecessary steps that lead to mistakes. Only complicate your solution when it leads to a qualitatively better response.

FAQs Regarding ZS Associates Video Conferencing Round

Ques 1:- Is Video Conferencing an elimination round?

Answer:- Yes video conferencing is an elimination round and is a very important round as well because if you pass through this round your answers will be scrutinized in the final interview round

Ques 2:- Are questions asked in the round will be according to the profile appearing?

Answer:- In video conferencing round there will be 3-4 videos in which 2 video questions will be normal general HR questions and remaining will be with respect to the profile you will be appearing for like algo and flow-chart questions for BTA profiles.

Guesstimates questions, graphical questions for BOA and DAA profiles.