ZS Associates Recruitment Process

ZS Associates Recruitment Process for Freshers

ZS Associates has changed its placement process for 2018 freshers, until 2015 the test was conducted by Aspiring Minds. However, in 2017 the test was conducted by hirepro for both on campus and off campus. But this year the test has been changed and the whole process has been renovated and the new test is conducted by a company called Almamapper. Almamapper has its products called Talview on which the online test is conducted. On this page you will find all the relevant ZS Associates placement process for freshers 2018

ZS Associates Recruitment Process for Freshers 2018

ZS Associates Recruitment Process for Freshers 2018

Currently on campus test is conducted on platform called which is a product of almamapper. However, the of Campus round is still conducted on hirepro on this page you will find all the information about both of the drives.

Zs Associates On Campus Recruitment Process 2018

  1. Platform – Talview
  2. Number of Questions – 45/55 Questions
    1. BTA – 55 Questions
    2. BOA – 45 Questions
    3. DAA – 45 Questions

The number of questions is different for the different profile that is offered by ZS Associates. There are three different profile that they offer on campus.

The first profile is called business technology analyst(BTA) for which branches like computer science(CSE), Information Technology(IT), Electronics and Electrical Engineering(EEE), Electronics and Communication Engineering and Electrical Engineering are eligible.

Technology Candidates will work when they join ZS –

  1. Data science and mining (SQL, Orcale, MongoDB, NoSQL etc)
  2. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ROR, AngularJS, ReactJS and other front end profiles
  3. Back end technolgies like Java, Python, Ruby, C, C++, SAP, Salesforce etc
  • Number of Questions – 55 
  • Time Given – 60 mins

The second branch is called business operations analyst for this branch all the different engineering disciplines are eligible. However, this profile is not a coding profile in ZS Associates. Rather, is a operations profile which focusses more on speaking to the client understanding the client’s requirement and managing the whole project and coordinating with the different teams in ZS internally. Students will be given 3 months training on software engineering where then they will be taught about different software engineering prospects like Agile method waterfall method and the detailed implementation of the new method that is used in software project management.

One good thing about this profile is most of the Coder who code for about 3-4 years in the are eventually move to this profile and this profile then is called project manager however as a fresher level ZS is offering you this position the role of yours is no less than a project manager but you will be starting as an assistant project manager.

Technologies Candidate will work on when they Join ZS –

  1. Software Engineering, Agile, Waterfall, Jira etc
  • Number of Questions – 45 
  • Time Given – 60 mins

This profile is a coding profile under this all the branches and disciplines of Engineering are eligible for application but has a lesser coding complexity profile than business technology analyst for which only top branches of Engineering are eligible.

In this profile, you will be only working upon data and however, in Business Technology Analyst position you will also get positions which are not data analyst position but other positions like website development, app development, backend engineering and internal projects that ZS has.

Technologies Candidate will work on when they Join ZS –

  1. Data science and mining (SQL, Orcale, MongoDB, NoSQL etc)
  • Number of Questions – 45 
  • Time Given – 60 mins

Detailed Placement Process 2018 and Syllabus for On Campus

  • Number System
  • Set Theory
  • Equations
  • Averages
  • Percentages
  • Venn Diagrams
  • Ratio & Proportions

Approx Questions – 15

For all three profiles

  • Pie Charts
  • Bar Charts
  • Line Charts
  • Radar Chart

Approx Questions – 10

For all three profiles

  • Arrangement
  • Coding-Decoding
  • Blood Relations
  • Distance & Direction
  • Visual Reasoning
  • Ranking
  • Clocks and Calander

Attention to details has no Specific Syllabus and are easy Questions

Approx Number of Questions – 10

For all three Profiles

  • Input output
  • SQL
  • Basic C++/OOPS
  • Basic DSA

Approx Questions – 10

For only BTA Profile

This will be an online interview where in no actual person will be interviewing you rather on the talview platform you will see a question and then you will be given two minutes to answer accordingly for that questions.

For example a sample question is you are a part of client project which is designing a sales process management system for clients organisation how would you transform business requirements into functional requirements

Search eight questions will be there on the screen and for each question you will be given 180 seconds to answer and 50 seconds will be given to think for the answers. Your voice will be recorded by the talview platform and at a later point in time a ZS employee, will listen to all your recordings and we’ll decide if you are selected for the interview round or not.

ZS Associates Off Campus Recruitment Process 2018

I hirepro for all three profiles there are only one type of process, in off campus. The platform used is Hirepro.

  • Number of questions – 60
  • Time – 75 mins

Topics –

  • Quants – 15 Questions
  • Logical – 15 questions
  • Data Interpretation – 15 questions
  • Verbal English – 15 questions

Then they call you for interview at one of their campuses. For the Group study round.

You can find detailed Syllabus for HirePro here on this page.

Candidate Experience for ZS Associates

  1. Name: Jahnvi Soni
  2. College: Amity University, Jaipur
  3. Branch: Computer Science
  4. Type of interview: Off-Campus Interview

Student Interview

I applied at ZS Associates for the post of Data Analyst through an off-campus drive. There were two rounds in the complete interview process, Online Round and The Face to Face Interview Round. So, I enquired from my seniors and they told me to focus on data interpretation questions, and topics such as Probability and Speed, Time and Distance. They asked me to refer to PrepInsta and solve the previous year practice papers available there. They were a great help in the complete interview journey.  

Online Written Round
HirePro conducted this round. There were four sections in this round. The total time limit for the paper was 75 minutes. Though there was no individual sectional time limit, there was an individual sectional cut off. So, if you cannot solve all the questions of a particular section in the given time, then skip some questions and answer the other section. The sections and the question distribution was as follows:

SectionsNumber of QuestionsCut off




Difficulty Level
Quantitative Analysis1511MediumMedium
Logical and Attention to Detail1510MediumHigh
Data Interpretation1510HighHigh


During this test screen and audio is recorded and if the screen is changed, a dialog box appears. If this happens more than twice, then the test is automatically published. The Data Sufficiency and Probability questions were very tricky. Still, I managed to score 87 percentile in the test. In a week, I received an email from ZS Associates as my score was shortlisted and I was called at the ZS Associate campus for further interview rounds.

Face to Face Interview

There were three interviews, case study, behavioral, and HR. There was One Structured Case and one Unstructured Case.

Interview Round 1

The interviewer asked me to introduce myself. Then he asked about my academic career and what was I doing for past six months, how did I come to know about the off-campus drive for ZS Associates, what do I know about the company. Then he gave me some hypothetical case study of an XYZ company. I had to make a business plan to increase itsproduct sales. He gave me 15 minutes and a sheet of paper and calculator to go through the statistics and form the business plan. I studied the history of the company and formed the business plan and explained my approach. The interviewer seemed quite impressed which boosted my confidence. Then he asked me, if we increase the working hours of the labor, will it make any changes in the production. At last, he asked me to make a step by step, the graph for my approach. He told me to wait for the next face, to face round that will take place after the lunch. I smiled and left the cabin.

Interview Round 2

After the lunch hour was over, the receptionist asked me to follow her to the cabin of the MD for my next interview. The interviewer asked me to introduce myself until then he went through a note. Then he asked me to state five essential skills a data analyst should have. He asked me if I have to develop a database for the same XYZ Company that was mentioned in the 1st interview round, then what all tables will I use. I realized that the note the second interviewer was going through was the same note the 1st interviewer was writing. So, I explained with a rough tabular representation about the database that I would make. Then he asked me certain questions that can you use any other table instead of that particular table. After that, he asked me some basic database queries. Also, I was asked to estimate the number of red color wagonR Jaipur city? Then I explained that at first go through the total population of the town, then the average number of members in a family, then average number of cars in a family, then what is the probability of that car to be a wagonR, then if it is a wagonR then what is the probability that it is of red colour. Based on this I formed the logic and roughly explained it to the interviewer. At last, he gave me some probability questions and asked me to solve them. Finally, after this round, I was sent for the HR interview.

HR Interview Round

The HR asked me very general questions about my life and career. She also asked about the previous interview rounds. Then she asked that why I want to join ZS and what I know about the company. Also she asked if I had any queries related to the previous interviews or the company. I asked a few questions, and then I left.

After a week I received an email saying I was selected at the ZS Associates as the Data Analyst. My joining letter was attached with the email.

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