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12 comments on “Interview Experiences”

  • Wrutz

    november 28-11-2020
    TCS NINJA interview experience
    via tcsion
    section 1 :
    quants- 26questions 40mins
    this was the most difficult of all
    (divisibility of number,powers,logarithms,boats,speed of moving object crossing stationary objects,LCM,HCF etc)
    section 2:
    English Verbal 24qs 30 mins
    section 3:
    reasoning ability
    30qs 50mins
    section 4:
    programming logic
    basic c,c++oops related questions

    section 5:
    this section consisted of 2 questions.
    we can use either of these languages-python3,c++,java

    after a month I got a mail from tcs nqt that I got shortlisted for the next round
    after a weeks time I was invited for an interview
    the panel consisted of 3 interviewers- a managerial expert,a technical expert and a H.R expert
    the interview lasted for 45minutes.
    face to face interview on webex
    1.what are the programming you know?
    I answered: python,c,c++
    2.can you write a code for sorting an array of integers ?
    I used bubble sort method
    the interviewer asked me to reduce one for loop and write the code(he meant more efficient sorting technique).
    I thought for a while and then said I can use quicksort.
    he asked me the logic:
    I expained
    then he asked me to write a program to find the count of words starting with the starting letter of my name.(coding logic)
    I answered
    then he moved to DBMS
    1.differentiate between primary and secondary key with an example
    2.write a query to update values in a table
    H.R round
    1.are you aware of cloud computing?
    I said I just know the basics
    2.explain applications of python and its advantages .
    3 have you conducted unit testing for any of your projects?
    4.are you okay with testing?
    5.tell me about your family
    6.what is your short term and ling term goal? you have any backlogs or year gap? you have any questions for us?

  • Gaurav

    Ernst & Young Global Delivery Services (EY-GDS) On-Campus Drive 2020

    EY-GDS conducted an On-Campus Placement drive at UPES, Dehradun for Cyber Security profile. The recruitment process had three rounds which took a month to complete.

    Round 1: Aptitude Round
    This round had 5 sections comprising Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, Verbal Ability, Computer Programming and Cybersecurity). The exam was 2 hours long and was conducted on Aspiring Minds (SHL-AMCAT). The question-level was Easy to Moderate. There was no coding round as such, however, the output of pseudocodes was asked in the Computer Programming section and basic to moderate question on Cybersecurity were asked. There was no backtracking and negative marking and it was compulsory to attempt all questions. Every section had an allotted time.

    Round 2: Technical Interview

    It was a virtual interview (1:1) which was conducted on HireVue. Questions were mostly based on my resume, internships and projects. The questions asked were more or less a mix of Technical and Situation based. Questions related to OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities, Attacks and Algorithms were asked. I was asked to design an algorithm such that for every name entered, it generates a different unique value (even if two people have the same name). A question on Identity and Access Management was also asked. There was a provision to write code if the interviewer asked to do so. The overall experience was moderate and I cleared the interview.

    Round 3: HR Interview

    This one was a telephonic round and a certain employee from the EY HR team contacted me. The round lasted for 5-10 mins. I was asked about my academics, interest, certifications and location preference to work.

    I was SELECTED for the Job! This happened to be my first ever job interview and I cracked it in the very first attempt!

  • sidharth sk

    ORACLE conducted pool campus at CET, Trivandrum.So my college was one of the 5-6 college chosen for participating.The process is as follows:
    The step one was online test conducted by ORACLE in their platform.The question was divided into
    1)Quantitative aptitude and Logical reasoning
    2)Data structures and algorithms
    3)General CS subjects
    4)English and vocabulary

    Each of the section was allotted some time and the time was total 90 minutes which is equally divided between each of them.Quantitative aptitude was medium to hard questions which is not seen in normal service company tests..Logical Reasoning had 2 flow chart based questions which required high level of understanding and analyzing complex flowcharts other than many data interpretation questions.Data structures and algorithms had many questions mainly from Red Black trees,binary trees,AVL tree and insertion or deletion and traversal of these trees.Also there was a section on a single topic which was different for all, mine was based on Radix sort.Although there was no coding part, all questions were based on finding output or choosing the correct code for a particular task like left rotation in AVL trees etc.Third part of general CS subjects had questions covering from core CS subjects like OS, DBMS, C++ output based questions with importance towards pointers and variable declarations.Last English questions was simple and included grammar correcting ,paragraph comprehension,reordering of sentences, vocabulary, etc
    around 35 students cleared it from out college (TKM College of engineering ,Kollam) and around 20s-30s from other colleges.

    The above results were given before two days of interview so i had only two days to prepare for interview as i had already got offer from TCS digital and was not doing any preparation after that.The interview was held at CET,Trivandrum.
    I had total 5 rounds including HR and each round where the following :-
    2.1)i was asked 2 Easy coding questions-2.1.1) second largest number in O(n). 2.1.2)Stock buying problem in O(n). puzzles included 25 horse race,single torch and bridge puzzle,finding the defective item in 10 containers puzzle.Few questions on python,bs4 and pyc,because i mentioned in my resume.I answered all of them and i felt i impressed them.
    It was system/database design round where i was asked to construct a database schema for online tailoring shop with various requirements.What i answered was not the answer he was expecting and was not satisfied.He asked me to explain about my project.In the end he asked about 3 ants in equilateral triangle puzzle which i answered.
    It was basically a stress interview and was taken by some senior employee/manager.He asked me a coding question to be done on paper -in 2D matrix i needed to find the count of occurrence of “ORACLE” word in it which can occur in any manner downward upward or diagonal etc. I solved it using DFS based backtracking,Although it had very minute mistake he was impressed by the quickness of implementation of algorithm and coding.He asked to implement database schema for relief camps and kept on increasing its complexity and requirements.I answered most of them.He then asked basic question from IOT,serverless computing,cloud computing,difference between NOSQL and SQL and mongodb and SQLite. I could answer almost all of them vaguely.He then asked what is “friend” function in C++ which i could not answer.
    it was a short interview.He asked me to code printing matrix spirally and gave very less time (around 5-7 minutes).He then asked how to optimize it.He asked basic questions like why ORACLE and my projects.
    This was the HR round.She first asked me how was my interview and then asked me to explain about my resume.She asked about my family and asked what i know about products of ORACLE and other general HR questions.She also asked about what all interview i attended and what all i offers i got.It ended normally.

    Got the offer

  • vamshi

    I have got a chance to attend the interview with TCS through codevita. The process is as follows:
    Step 1:
    The step one was codevita. I have taken part in codevita 8 and have completed successfully 2 programs. I got a rank of 2000 in codevita season 8.
    After that, I have got an email stating the interview date and interview venue details. I had to carry TCS application form along with my academic certificates photocopy as instructed in the email.
    Step 2:
    On the interview date, I have reached the interview venue which is Synergy park, at 8 O clock we were given id’s to enter the campus and then we have been given the panel numbers. All set for the interview process.
    Step 3:
    I had to wait until 4 in the evening and then I was called for the interview:
    The interview started with my introductions , there are two-panel members and then they skimmed through my resume. Then the first question was about the problems that I solved in codevita. Since one of the problems that I solved was based on patterns, one of the panel members has given me 5 pattern problems and asked me to write code in both c and java. Then usual questions about c and java like oops concepts,etc. Some of the questions were like
    “why strings are immutable in java”,
    “explain real-time examples for oops concepts”,
    “Explain about polymorphism”
    “What is database”,
    “Why have you chosen java”
    “Difference between java and c and c++”,
    “Sql commands”,
    After round 1, I was asked to wait and then I was informed that I have cleared technical round. It was Managerial round and there was only one panel member. Actually the interview started with SQL. Since I have mentioned SQL in my resume, I was asked to write a query for a real-time scenario in employee management. Then I was asked to optimize the existing query that should process millions of records to output the results. Then some of the queries like, when 4 tables are present and you have to get results out of those 4 tables, write a query to extract data from 4 tables. Explain inner and outer joins with examples and with table structure. Then he has asked me about cloud computing, and machine learning concepts. Then I was asked to go to a particular panel where my HR is going to be conducted.
    Round 3:HR ROUND
    This is the final round. There was only one panel member. He asked me about my projects and asked me to introduce myself and my family. Then the usual questions like why tcs?, etc. Then he asked me ” How will you use your technical expertise to improve and develop our country”, I answered him and explained to him my idea about using artificial intelligence. He seemed to be convincing. Then listening to my idea he asked me “Do i have any start-up idea”, I somehow explained to him that I don’t have any start-up idea. Then he asked me about my percentage and asked me whether I can work in any shift and at any place. Then I was asked to leave.

    After a week I got the mail and I was selected for Digital Profile.

  • Arvind

    Round 1: First Round is an online test having 2 sections one is e-mail writing and another is aptitude.There is negative marking in the aptitude section.But questions are not so hard you can easily crack with good practice.
    Second round is technical
    1.What is database?
    2.Difference between delete and truncate?
    3.What is jbdc ?
    4.write a program to find the sum of the series(1-2+3-4+5……….+n)?
    5.Few basic questions on c?
    Round 3:MR ROUND
    MR will sit next to TR.If TR gets satisfied with our performance we can go for MR
    1.Introduce yourself?
    2.What are you strengths and weakness?
    3.What are the challenges you have faced?
    Round 4:HR ROUND
    Among all the rounds this is easy round
    1.Introduce yourself?
    2.Are you ready to relocate?
    3.Asked about my projects?
    I got selected.

  • anitha

    Round 1: First Round is an online test,with 4 sections. First section is Verbal questions,Second section is Aptitude ,Third section has technical questions and pseudo codes(c++,java and c),Fourth section is coding round.Only one coding question which was easy and simple.The question which i got was very easy we need to check whether the given words are present in list or not.We can code in any of the languages(c,c++,java,perl and python).Only basic questions were asked.My code has passed all the 7 test cases.There is negative marking in the aptitude,verbal and technical sections.There are also fill up the blank type questions and they don’t have negative marking.You can easily crack it!!
    Second round is technical
    1.What is database?
    2.Difference between delete and truncate?
    3.What is jbdc ?
    4.write a program to find the sum of the series(1-2+3-4+5……….+n)?
    5.Few basic questions on c?
    Round 3:MR ROUND
    MR will sit next to TR.If TR gets satisfied with our performance we can go for MR
    1.Introduce yourself?
    2.What are you strengths and weakness?
    3.What are the challenges you have faced?
    Round 4:HR ROUND
    Among all the rounds this is easy round
    1.Introduce yourself?
    2.Are you ready to relocate?
    3.Asked about my projects?
    I got selected.

  • Gajula Jahnavi

    Valuelabs Interview Experience

    Round 1: First Round is an Online test,with 4 sections.First section is Verbal questions,Second section is Aptitude and Logical,Third section is pseudo code round(concentrate on c++ and java),Fourth section is simple coding round(Mainly concentrate on patterns and arrays)

    All sections were easy,but maintain time properly.You can easily crack it!!

    Round 2:Second Round is Group discussion

    Topic given was Information security,Talk only valid points with a real time example and future scope that would impress them.

    Most of the topics were based on trending technologies.

    Round 3: Third Round is Technical interview.It was around 25 min.

    I was asked questions mainly about Java.He also asked me write simple programs.I will mention some questions that I remember.

    1.Difference b/w vector and array list

    2.Explain life cycle of Thread

    3.Concept of Synchronization

    4.Reverse a string such that special characters in that string should be in same place

    5.Identify missing numbers in a sequence of numbers

    6.Sort the given integers without using any sorting techniques

    7.Given an element find whether it is present in the fibonacci series

    8.How to handle Exceptions in java

    If you are strong in basics of any one programming language and Data structures .It is easy to crack this interview.

    Round 4:Fourth Round was HR interview

    once you crack above rounds  you are almost done.

    I was asked to tell about myself.He asked me to explain the projects and then he asked me how do you see yourself in next 5 years.

    1.A real time scenario-what would you suggest to UBER manager to improve it.

    2.A horse race puzzle

    3.Time and watch puzzle

    It was simple and easy,Just presence of mind is enough to crack this.

    Totally 900 students wrote the exam,where 140 students were shortlisted and 18 got selected.I am happy that I was one of them.

  • oprolevorter

    Great website. A lot of useful information here. I am sending it to several friends ans also sharing in delicious. And obviously, thanks for your sweat!


    Round 1: Round 1 was a 90 minute test and had 3 sections. First section was English communication and the questions were based on synonyms, antonyms, jumbled sentences and basic syntax of English sentences. The second section was logical aptitude and the questions were generally basic logical questions. The third section was Quantitative ability and this section contained questions from Profit and Loss, Permutations, Probability and Speed and Distance. I would recommend R.S. Aggarwal book on Quantitative Aptitude to hone your time management skills. Each section had a sectional cutoff so it is important to give equal preference to all the sections.

    Round 2: Around 80 people were selected for Round 2. This round was a Group Discussion round and the topics are very general.Here they basically see how do you put forward your points.

    Round 3: 39 people were selected for Round 3 which was a Face to Face interview. This interview was completely based on my resume. I would recommend everyone to put only those things on your resume which you are confident about. They asked me about my projects and my extra curricular activities. It is important to be confident in your answers and put forward your points eloquently.

    Round 4: 19 people were selected for the final round. Here they basically checked if you had problem solving skills. I was asked how many NRI people do you think contribute to India’s GDP. Don’t worry about the actual answer, they look for your approach and how you land up on your answer. Then the interviewer gave me different situations wherein there were different problems regarding to the work done in the company. They basically want your personality to come to the fore and for you to be confident.

    Finally 11 people were selected for the internship including me. I would suggest everyone to develop str


    Capgemini Off-campus Drive 2018
    The recruitment process is of 4 rounds
    1.Round 1-Written Test
    2.Round 2-Pseudo code Test(MCQ’S)
    3.Round 3-Technical Round
    4.Round 4-HR
    The whole process starts with the Written test .Questions were easy,you can prepare from prep insta and refer previous papers.Most of them are repeated questions.Almost 60 questions are asked from qunat,reasoning,english.In addition,We have an essay writing test with it.Its easy-no need to worry if you are from english medium.As soon as we get finish our exam ,results are announced by representatives of college.Then we are asked to take pseudo code test where 20 mcq’s are to be done in 20 minutes of time.
    Then we should wait for results of pseudo code round.As i was qualified in that round,i was asked to wait in a waiting hall for technical round.
    As soon as i entered interview room,he was so cool and jovial.Asusal the question came from interviewer -tell me about yourself.
    Later he asked some basic questions and some sql queries as i mentioned in resume.And was asked whether you are willing to relocate to Bangalore,I said yes.He said please wait outside,our HR will contact you
    Unfortunately,all the process is judged based on %….my friend got selected for that and asked to verify certificates.

    All the best.Hope for best.