ZS Associates Interview Experience- 4

ZS Associates Interview Experience- 4

During the pandemic, our campus took place in online mode. We had no idea about how the procedure will be in online mode. And the thought of taking help from any source used to follow PrepInsta on Youtube and Instagram, and they always try to give updates about any companies at first. And thus joined their placement cell.

And here I am placed in one of the top consultancies, ZS Associates.

Roles that are usually offered by the company are:

ZS provides 3 role to the candidates. The role will depend upon the branch and your interest. If you are a student of CS, IT then you can apply for BTA (Business Technology Analyst) role. And in the rest two role i.e BOA (Business Operations Associate) and DAA (Decision Analytics Associate ) all branches are eligible.

You can choose your branch according to your choice and branch.

Let me share my interview experience for ZS Associates in short :

ZS Interview Experience : Detailed Information

I applied for ZS Associates from their website, the roles they are hiring for were mentioned,and I applied for the DAA role. After that, I got a confirmation mail from them that the application has been successfully submitted and reviewed.

Received a mail from them with a link for the aptitude test.

Round 1​: ​General aptitude ( nearly 45 qs, 90 minutes )​  –No-negative marking

  • Arithmetic analytics
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Data Interpretation
  • Attention to details

Round 2: Video Interview Round (First Naukri Platform, 3 minutes for each qs)

Asked few guess estimate questions like :

  • The number of flights out of Delhi in a day?
  • How many people come to Kolkata during Durga puja?
  • The number of rectangles in a chessboard.


Few personal HR questions :
    • What are your good qualities?
    • Which is your worst quality?

Then I got an email that you made it to the next round. :

Round 3: Case Study Round (First Naukri Platform, around 30 minutes) :

Again it was a video round, provided me with a case study video and 6-7 questions were there on graphs, charts.

They were testing my problem-solving skills from this round.

Round 4: Case Study Discussion Round ( Platform: Zoom) :

It was all about the discussion on the case study.

  • Asked about the approach
  • Why that approach?

Not something else.The interviewer will try to deviate from the reason you had given, but be clear with the concepts with which you had solved the case study questions.

And some more guess estimate questions.

Received a mail that qualified for Technical & HR Round.

Round 5: Technical & HR Round (40 mins)Technical Question :

  • Difference between Java and C++.
  • Advantage of using #define to declare a constant.
  • Strength and weakness considering IT domain.
  • What is the difference between Database and Database Management System?
  • Write a query to fetch the count of employees working in a department.

Projects HR Questions :

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • Where do you come to know about our company?
  • About co-curricular activities.
  • What is important to you? Money or work?
  • How would you like to proceed in ZS?

That’s it. Received mail after a week with the offer letter. The journey was this smooth because of the entire team of PrepInsta.

My suggestion would be if anyone wants to get into ZS, practice the approach of guess estimate questions, and case study questions