ZS Associates Interview Experience- 5

ZS Associates Interview Experience- 5

I participated in the ZS recruitment drive in Aug 2020. I applied for ZS directly on their website as I received mail from ZS itself. It was the Women Hiring Hackathon. I got the opportunity to apply for ZS Data Science Associate. I uploaded my resume to the website.

My exam was conducted on firstnaukri.com.

ZS Associates conducted the exam in Aug for the recruitment of two profiles:

  1. BTA (business technology analyst)
  2. DAA (Digital Analytics Associate)

We were asked to select the profiles before the actual drive and I opted for the role of DAA.

ZS Associates Interview Experience- 5

Round 1 ( Online Test)

First-round was the Online test round. There were 4 sections in the test.

  • Quantitative Analysis
  • Verbal Ability
  • Data Interpretation Questions with 3 sub-questions in each
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Computer fundamentals


Round 2 was the video conferencing round. There were 2 panels in the test.

Round 3: (Case study round)

It started around morning at 7:30 am and since then we were ready with our resumes and folder including documents of results and certifications.

We were given a case study of 12-15 pages long having a business problem with almost 7 databases and there were three to four questions on the same. We were given 30minutes to think and figure out. Now no one can solve the entire case study in just 30 minutes

Technical Interview-

Interviewer:- So tell me about yourself?


Interviewer:- Tell me about your project?

Me:- told

Interviewer:-What is a Foreign Key?

Me: told

Interviewer:-What is a DBMS?

Me:- DBMS stands for Database Management System. A DBMS receives requests from applications and translates those requests into actions on a specific database.

A DBMS processes SQL statements or uses other functionality to create, process,and administer databases. I studied for DBMS questions from PrepInsta DBMS Page. You can study all the important topics from here.

Interviewer:-Explain a join between tables

Me:- A join allows tables to be linked to other tables when a relationship between the tables exists. The relationships are established by using a common column in the tables and often uses the primary/foreign key relationship.

Interviewer:- What is Class?

Me:-All Java codes are defined in a class. A-Class has variables and methods.

Interviewer:-Describe an outer join.

Me:- An outer join includes the records that match and those that do not have a matching value in another table. Outer joins can be a LEFT outer join (includes all records from the first table listed) or a RIGHT outer join (includes all records from the second table listed). Outer joins are not easily used with more than two tables.

Interviewer:- What is Inheritance?

Me:-Inheritance means one class can extend to another class. So that the codes can be reused from one class to another class.

My interview lasted for 30 minutes and I answered all the answers Confidently.

Now the next round was HR Interview.

HR Interview –

Interview:- Tell me Something about yourself in brief?

Me:- I told him about myself, education, interest.

Interview:-Why ZS?


Interview:-What is your biggest fear?

Me:- I told him that height is my biggest fear.

Interview:- How Quickly do you adapt to new technology?

Me:- told

The result was declared after 10 days and I was selected by ZS. I received the mail for the job confirmation.