TCS NQT Interview Questions and Answers

TCS NQT Interview Questions and Answers 2024

On this page, find the most frequently asked Interview Questions as well as Answers in the TCS NQT Interviews.

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TCS NQT Interview questions and answers

TCS NQT Online Test Pattern

TCS NQT Recruitment Process

TCS NQT Eligibility Criteria

TCS NQT Requirements
Qualification Full time Graduates from B.E / B.TECH / M.E / M.TECH of 2023 batch
Eligible Streams from UG/PG All Engineering Streams.
Percentage Criteria 60% throughout Academics in X/XII/UG/PG
Backlog Criteria 1 Active Backlog at the time of appearing for the Exam
Gap Criteria Overall Gap in Academic Career not to exceed 2 year

TCS NQT Interview Rounds

There are three different types of Interview stages in the interview round:

  • Technical Interview
  • Management Interview
  • HR Interview 

TCS NQT Technical Interview Questions

Question 1: What is the spanning tree?


A spanning tree is a subgraph of a linked undirected graph. It has all of the vertices and the fewest amount of edges possible. If any vertex is missing, the tree is not spanning. A spanning tree is a graph subset that does not have cycles and cannot be disconnected.

Question 2:- What are the different storage classes in C?


The C programming language uses four main kinds of storage classes:

  • Automatic Storage Class
  • External Storage Class
  • Static Storage Class
  • Register Storage Class

Question 3: Write a Program to print the right triangle star pattern using python.

num = int(input("Enter Number:"))

for i in range(0, num):
    for j in range(0, i+1):
        print("*", end="")

Questions 4: What are the characteristics of Deep Learning?


The major characteristics of deep learning are:

  • Healthcare
  • Image Recognition
  • Stock Analysis
  • News Analysis
  • Fraud Detection
  • Self Driving Cars

Question 5: What are the uses of the super keyword?


Uses for the super keyword include

  • The immediate parent class method is called using it.
  • Instance variable for the immediate parent class is another usage.
  • Additionally, the super keyword can be used to call the immediate parent class function constructor.

Question 6: What are the data types present in JavaScript?


The two types of data types present in JavaScript are:

  • Primitive data type
  • Non-primitive data type

Question 7: What is encapsulation?


Classes use encapsulation as a tool to shield their internal data from the outside world. A class contains the data as well as the functions that interact with it. Due to its evident purpose of data hiding, encapsulation is also known as data hiding. Access specifiers, which essentially describe how data can be accessed, are present for each data type within a class.

Question 8: What do you know about the garbage collector?


The method used by Java programs to automatically manage memory is known as garbage collection. A Java Virtual Machine, or JVM for short, can run Java applications by compiling them into bytecode. On the heap, a section of memory reserved for the program, objects are formed when Java programs are launched on the JVM. Some items will eventually become unnecessary. These unneeded objects are discovered by the garbage collector, who then deletes them to free up memory.

Questions 9:What is Memory Alignment?


Alignment deals especially with the problem of accessing data as appropriate units of information from the main memory and refers to the layout of data in memory.

Question 10: Write a program to swap two variables in python without using third variable.

a=int(input(“Enter value : “))
b=int(input(“Enter value : “))

print(“Before swapping a :”,a)
print(“Before swapping b :”,b)
#logic to swap without using third variable 

print(“After swapping a becomes :”,a)
print(“After swapping b becomes :”,b)

TCS HR Interview Questions

Question 1: Tell me something which is not mentioned in the resume.


My ability to adapt to shifting circumstances is something I’m proud of yet doesn’t appear on my resume. I had gone to a camp where there weren’t many places to eat or stay. It was challenging due to the bitter weather and my lack of equipment, but I went on a quest, found some rocks, and constructed a fire for my coworkers and myself so that we could survive the night. I may then be assured that I can adjust to any circumstance.

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Question 2: Are you ready to relocate?


I believe that this position and organization are a wonderful fit for me. I am therefore willing to travel for it.

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Question 3: What salary do you expect?


Thank you! 

I’m honored to have the opportunity to work with your organization. I’d like to learn more about the responsibilities involved in more accurately determining rewards needs. I’ll have a better understanding of the position after my initial round of manager interviews.

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Question 4: Can you work under pressure?


Yes, I do well under pressure since pressure is a part of every profession and every task. This is necessary in order for the work to be finished on schedule. Without a deadline, nobody will feel the need to finish the assignment on time.

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Question 5: What if we don’t select you today?


I would be really interested in working for your organization. Instead, I won’t be unhappy to learn about my errors and will make sure to visit your company’s off-campus drives again in a few months with careful planning.

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Question 6: What do you know about TCS?


For more than 50 years, Tata Consultancy Services has been aiding many of the world’s largest organizations in their transformation initiatives through IT services, consulting, and business solutions. Its headquarters are in Mumbai, Maharashtra, and its main campus is in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Question 7: Why do you want to work with TCS?


TCS is like an ocean, with endless learning opportunities in cutting-edge technology and techniques. Being with TCS might be an incredible opportunity for me to study, grow, and explore while also providing first-rate services to the organization. TCS is also one of the major IT businesses in the market, with a fantastic working environment.

Question 8: Who is the current CEO of TCS?


Rajesh Gopinathan

Question 9: When was TCS founded and by whom?


On April 1, 1968, Tata Consultant Services was established as a branch of Tata Sons as a management and technology consultancy to generate demand for downstream computer services. FC Kohli, a talented technocrat from Tata Electric Companies, was hired as the company’s General Manager.

Question 10: Do you have any questions for me?


How does a person in this profile, contribute to the company’s overall success?

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