What If We Don’t Select You?

What if we reject you?

Interviewers often ask candidates questions like “What if we reject you” or “What if we don’t select you for this job” in HR interviews. In this page you will find how you can answer this question in the interview.

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  • Why : “What if we don’t select you for this job” asked
  • How to answer : “What if we reject you”
  • Sample Answers: “What if we don’t select you”
what will you do if you are rejected interview question

Why is : “What if we don’t select you for this job” asked?

This question is commonly asked during the ending of an HR interview. Often candidates freak out hearing this as they start thinking that they probably won’t be selected. But don’t worry. Interviewers asking about rejection does not mean they are planning to reject you. This question is mostly asked to see how a candidate will handle rejection. Will they get frustrated and depressed or will they learn from their mistakes and try again.

How to answer : “What if we reject you”

This is a tricky question. How you answer this question reflects a lot about your personality, especially how you will handle situations where your plan does not work out. Therefore it is important that you know give a justifiable answer. Below we have given some points to help you frame an answer:

Points to Avoid

Sample Answer: "What if we don't select you?"

Refer the sample answers given below.

Answer 1: "What will you do if we don't select you ?"

It’s my first interview I’m going to be a little frustrated. For a long time I’m not carrying the feeling. I’m going to use this as an experience to correct my flaws and to attend more interviews with faith.

Answer 2: "What if we reject you?"

Despite performing well in the selection process, if I am not chosen then, it is clear that your expectations from the applicant in terms of performance are more. Next time, I’d give my best, and meanwhile, I’m going to focus on strengthening my skills.

Answer 3: "What will you do if we don't hire you?"

If I’m not chosen then obviously, I’m going to be a little sad because this is my dream business, but that wouldn’t be the end of the way I’m going, I’m going to get to know where I’ve made a mistake, and I’m going to try my hardest to overcome it as soon as I can, and the next time I come, I’d certainly be chosen.

Answer 4: "What will you if we don't select you for this job?"

If I’m not picked in today’s interview, I’m going to be a little sad, and for future interviews, I will work on my weaknesses which are pointed out today, and look forward to the upcoming interviews with fresh enthusiasm and resources.

Answer 5: "What are your plans in case you are not selected?"

I have a great deal of interest in getting a job in your organization. Instead, I’m not going to be upset to hear what mistakes I’ve made and plan well and again to visit your company off-campus drives in a couple of months. 

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FAQs on What if we don't select you?

Question: Should I tell them about the other opportunities I have?


No, you should not tell the interviewer about your other opportunities. Not only will this make you sound arrogant, this interviewer will also feel that you are not serious about the company and the job.

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