What If We Don’t Select You?

What If we don't select you for this job?

“What if we don’t choose you for this job?” You will find replies to this interview question here.
Sitting in the HR round with a few questions remaining, and all of a sudden this topic is apparent to make you anxious.

But don’t worry, this question is being asked to review your plans and check your interest in the business and the position offered.

It’s almost of a trick question in which they check how you cope with the barriers and get to know your goals better.

Below you will get all possible answers to the question “What if we don’t want you for this work” that will aid you in your training.

Points to apply

Points to consider while framing your answer

  • Be polite and firm
  • Answer their concerns.
  • Try to determine their goals.
  • Try to find things that overlap their goals and your long-term plans
Points not to apply

Points to avoid while framing your answer

  • Use unprofessional language.
  • Being over-dramatic while answering.
  • I don’t know.
  • Saying irrelevant things.
  • Bragging about the other options you have.

Best Possible Answers for
"What if we don't select you for this job?"

Possible Answer:

It’s my first interview I’m going to be a little frustrated. For a long time I’m not carrying the feeling. I’m going to use this as an experience to correct my flaws and to attend more interviews with faith.

Possible Answer:

Despite performing well in the selection process, if I am not chosen then, it is clear that your expectations from the applicant in terms of performance are more. Next time, I’d give my best, and meanwhile, I’m going to focus on strengthening my skills.

Possible Answer:

If I’m not chosen then obviously, I’m going to be a little sad because this is my dream business, but that wouldn’t be the end of the way I’m going, I’m going to get to know where I’ve made a mistake, and I’m going to try my hardest to overcome it as soon as I can, and the next time I come, I’d certainly be chosen.

Possible Answer:

If I’m not picked in today’s interview, I’m going to be a little sad, and for future interviews, I will work on my weaknesses which are pointed out today, and look forward to the upcoming interviews with fresh enthusiasm and resources.

Possible Answer:

I have a great deal of interest in getting a job in your organization. Instead, I’m not going to be upset to hear what mistakes I’ve made and plan well and again to visit your company off-campus drives in a couple of months. .

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Should I tell them about the other opportunities I have?

Don’t ever do this. This question is to see your interest in the job and if you tell them about the other companies they might not take you seriously and the result might not be in your favor.

Talk about changing the job in a few years?

If you realize that you’ll need to leave the company within the next few years, you won’t volunteer that information during the interview (whether or not you’re selected for this particular job).

Say I would join your competitors?

Never ever say this in an interview. This is a turn off for the interviewers as it seems very unprofessional. Don’t talk about your other offers until asked by the interviewers.