TCS Ninja Recruitment Process for Freshers 2022

TCS Ninja Recruitment Process For Freshers 2022

The TCS Ninja Recruitment Process for Batch 2022, for which most of you will be applying, is rather simple. In fact, PrepInsta was used by nearly 95% of the students who were hired by TCS in 2020.

We ensure that we will prepare pupils as efficiently as possible for this. So, on this page, you will get information on the pattern, syllabus, and other important details about TCS Ninja.

This year, TCS has replaced the email writing section with a new English section, which is a paragraph-based fill-in-the-blank sort of section.

About TCS Ninja Recruitment Process :

TCS Ninja  Information
Year of Passing 2022
Registration Starts on 16th July ’21
Date of Exam 30 August’21 onwards
Job Role Associate System Engineer
Package offered
  • For UG

INR (3,36,877 + 60,000*)

  • For PG

INR (3,53,578 + 60,000*)

TCS Ninja Recruitment Pattern for the Batch 2022

TCS Ninja starts with an Aptitude Test and those who clear the test will be called for the Interview Process (Both Technical and HR). The Hiring Test is conducted in 2 rounds:

  • Round 1 – Aptitude Test
  • Round 2 – Interview
TCS Ninja Recruitment Process 2022

First Round – Aptitude Test

The Aptitude Test of TCS Ninja 2022 is divided into 5 sections:

TCS Ninja Recruitment Process Number of Questions Total Time Difficulty Level
Quants 26 Questions 40 minutes High
English 24 Questions 30 minutes Medium to High
Logical Reasoning 30 Questions 50 minutes Very High
Programming Logic 10 Questions 15 minutes Medium to High
Coding Ability 2 Questions (15 + 30) minutes High


  • There is no negative marking in TCS Ninja Aptitude Test this year.
  • The Aptitude Test is totally adaptive.
  • You will be given a calculator on the screen during the Aptitude Exam and one needs to do the calculations on the on-screen calculator provided.
  • No rough sheets will be provided individually.

TCS Ninja Exam Pattern 2022

TCS Ninja Exam 2022 consists of the following sections: 

  1. Quantitative Ability or Quants
  2. English
  3. Logical Reasoning
  4. Programming Logic
  5. Coding Ability

There can be two types of Questions. They are:

  • Multiple Choice Questions – Can choose one option among the options given.
  • Box Questions – No choices will be given, you need to write the answer in the blank provided. 

Detailed Analysis of Quantitative Aptitude for TCS Ninja Recruitment Pattern 2022 

The syllabus for Quants Section in the Aptitude Exam is as follows:

TopicsNo. of questionsDifficultyImportance
Permutations and Combinations1HighMedium
Number System and HCF & LCM1MediumMedium
Clocks and Calendar1HighMedium
Percentages0 – 1MediumLow
Time, speed, distance0 – 1MediumLow
Series and Progressions1 – 22 minsHigh
Work and Time1MediumMedium
Ratios, Proportion and Averages0 – 1HighLow
Allegations and Mixtures0 – 1HighLow
Arrangements and Series1 – 2HighHigh
Geometry2HighVery High
Reasoning1 – 2HighHigh

Detailed Analysis of English Section for TCS Ninja Recruitment Process 2022

The topics included in Verbal Ability/ English Section in TCS Ninja 2022 are as follows:

English Grammar

Reading Comprehension

Verbal TopicsQuestionsDifficulty 
Preposition & Conjunction2 – 3Medium 
Tenses1 – 2Medium 
Articles1 – 2Medium 
Vocabulary1 – 2Medium 
Sentence Completion1 – 2High 
Sentence Ordering0 – 1Medium 
Passage Ordering0 – 1High 
Reading Comprehension1Medium 
Error Identification1 – 2Medium 
Error Correction1 – 2Medium 
Best Expresses Synonym0 – 1High 
Spellings1 – 2High 
Synonyms1 – 2Medium 
Word Selection0 – 1Medium

Detailed Analysis of Logical Reasoning Section for TCS Ninja Recruitment Process 2022

The topics included in the Logical Reasoning Section in TCS Ninja 2022 are as follows:

Reasoning TopicsQuestionsDifficulty
Meaning Word Creation1 – 2Medium 
Number Series2 – 3Medium 
Blood Relations1 – 2Medium 
Coding – Decoding1 – 2Medium 
Ages1 – 2High 
Data Sufficiency1 – 2Medium 
Seating Arrangement (Easy)1 – 2Low 
Seating Arrangement (Complex)1 – 2High 
Odd Man Out1 – 2Medium 
Distance & Direction1 – 2Medium 
Statement & Conclusion1 – 2High 
Analogy1 – 2High 
Mathematical Operational Arrangement1 – 2Medium 
Symbols & Notations2 – 3Medium

Detailed Analysis of Programming Logic Section for TCS Ninja Recruitment Process 2022

The topics included in the Programming Logic Section in TCS Ninja 2022 are as follows:

Programming Logic topicsQuestions Difficulty
Variables Functions1 Medium
C input Output2 Medium
Command Line1 Medium
Stacks Queues Arrays1 – 2 High
Trees Graphs2 High
Linked Lists, Greedy1 – 2 High

Interview Process

After the completion of the Aptitude Exam, the students who will clear the cut-off for the Aptitude Exam will be called for an Interview Process.

There are 2 rounds of Interviews (Though due to the pandemic, they were clubbed together in one single round). The rounds are:

  1. Technical Interview
  2. HR Interview

Technical Interview

This round is mainly to assess the technical skills of a candidate. The candidate should be well versed in the subjects that he/she mentions on the resume.

HR Interview

In this round, the interviewer mainly wants to see how a candidate is acting in a particular situation. The interviewer also tests the communication skills of a candidate. 

A few common questions asked in the HR Interview Round are: 

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • Do you have any issues with relocation?
  • Why this company?
  • What are your future goals?

And many more. 

TCS Ninja Recruitment Process: Interview Experience

  • Name: Harshit Balakrishnan
  • College: Don Bosco Institute of Technology, Bangalore
  • Branch: ECE
  • Type of Interview: On-Campus Interview

Student Interview

I am an ECE student but wanted to join an MNC like TCS, Cognizant or L&T. When our placement cell informed about the TCS Ninja on-campus drive in our college, I applied immediately I will share my TCS Ninja Interview Experiences.

I started collecting materials to prepare for TCS Ninja interviews and was regularly in touch with my placement trainers so that I can get placed in TCS Ninja. The trainers gave me some materials. They also asked me to prepare for the placements through PrepInsta. The website helped me to prepare for almost all the sections of the recruitment process. I found a lot of valuable information about the recruitment process as well as sample questions for the entire recruitment process.

The placement process had two rounds: online written round and interview round.

Round 1: Online Exam

My TCS Interview Experience took place in two rounds. The first round was an online test that had four sections.

English Verbal

  • No. of Questions – 24
  • Time  allotted – 30 mins

Quantitative Ability

  • No. of Question: 26
  • Time Allotted: 40 mins

Reasoning Ability

  • No. of Question: 30
  • Time allotted: 50 mins

Programming Language Logic

The test also had some questions from a programming language. As I was from an ECE department, I was a little afraid of this round. I did face a little difficulty in this section, but it was not as hard I expected. The tips and materials provided by the placement trainer and PrepInsta.

Some questions were also from DSA.

Coding Section

In this section, I was asked to write simple program code. Through I was quite confused about the solution, I tried to write the code. I focussed more on the logic part of the programming.

The online test took place for 90 minutes. Soon after the online test, I was informed that I would get results by the end of the day. I got selected for the interview round which was scheduled the next day.

Round 2: Interview Round

One representative conducted the interview. He asked me to share my resume and started asking me questions.

Technical Questions

Some of the questions asked in this section were:

  1. What are the properties of intrinsic semiconductor?
  2. What is modulation and its types?
  3. What is the difference between electronics and electricals?
  4. What is the difference between C and C++?
  5. What is OOPS?
  6. What is a Linked List?

All these questions went well. They were simple, and I answered them all. The interviewer also asked me to write some simple programs of my choice. I wrote a program to check even-odd number.

HR Questions

Towards the end, he asked me some HR related questions, such as:

Tell me about yourself.

To this, I described my early education, the projects I have been working on, and my extracurricular activities.

Why do you want to shift your domain from ECE to IT?

I confidently answered this question that I have worked with hardware part of the devices, and I am aware of the basics of coding. I also told that I wish to learn more about programming.

How many offers do you have?

I gave an honest answer that until the 3rd year of my academics, I did not have a perfect score and was not allowed to sit in campus placement until then. But, I worked hard in my final year to achieve a good score and grab a good placement option.

Why don’t you join your father’s business?

I told him that my father business had a fewer opportunity also it did not have anything related to my degree.

The interview took around 45 minutes. A week later, I received my acceptance email. I was excited to join the company.

Then I wrote my TCS Ninja Interview Experience on PrepInsta and got 200 Rs as Paytm Cash for it.

Link to write Interview Experience

About Tata Consultancy Services

  1. TCS abbreviated as Tata Consultancy Services is an Indian multinational technology service and consulting firm.
  2. It is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra.
  3. It is the largest IT services company in the world by market capitalization. 

TCS Ninja Recruitment Process for Freshers (Batch 2022)

FAQs on TCS Ninja Recruitment Process 2022

Ques: What is the difference between NQT & TCS Ninja Hiring?

TCS iON (NQT) is the Test Provider for the TCS Ninja Hiring Selection Process. Students need to complete the TCS NextStep Application Process (Including Apply For Drive) to take part in Ninja Hiring.

Ques: What are the TCS Ninja Test dates?

The test dates are in August 2021. The exact test date will be communicated individually to students through the mail by TCS.

Ques: How will we get the results of the Test?

As part of the hiring process, only shortlisted students will receive further communication on their registered email IDs.