TCS Ninja Reasoning Ability 2024

TCS Ninja Reasoning Ability 2024

On this page we have provided a detailed information related to TCS Ninja Reasoning Ability 2024. Along with difficulty level and count of questions from each topic.

TCS Ninja is a recruitment examination conducted by Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) for hiring entry-level engineers. The exam is designed to assess the technical and aptitude skills of candidates.

TCS Ninja Reasoning Ability 2024

TCS Ninja Reasoning Ability 2024 Test

The TCS Ninja Reasoning Ability 2024 section in the Online Exam belongs to the higher difficulty sections.

This section analyses your quick logical thinking and prompt reasoning abilities. However, you need to be very quick in solving these questions during the exam to clear the test with ease.

To understand the pattern of the TCS Ninja Reasoning Ability 2024 section,

Check the table below:

 Foundation Reasoning Test ForTCS Ninja
Number of Questions20 Questions
Time Limit75 Mins (shared)
Negative MarkingNo

Reasoning Ability of TCS Ninja 2024 - Let's Prepare

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**Note:  As TCS has started hiring for Ninja Profile via TCS NQT. This Dashboard here will help you in clearing the FOUNDATION NUMERICAL SECTION of TCS NQT.

Total Questions
Shared Time Limit (in mins)
Marks Per Question

TCS Ninja Topic Wise Analysis

Most importantly, check the table below where you can find a proper topic wise analysis that represent the difficulty level of eachtopic. It also shows the number of questions that may be asked for each of them.

TCS Ninja Reasoning AbilityDifficulty LevelQuestionsTopicsFeatures
Identifying word and Numeric patternsMedium-High3-4Word Pattern, Letter Series, Number SeriesMin. 3 Questions
Problem SolvingMedium-High4-9Seating arrangements, Blood relations, Data ArrangementAvg. 5 Questions
Figures and Fractal AnalysisMedium3-4Cube Folding’s, Paper Cuts and FoldsMin. 3 Questions
Decision MakingMedium-High4-5Decision making, Syllogism, Data SufficiencyMin. 2 Questions
Prepositional ReasoningMedium5-7Statements based, Logical Venn, Diagram Based DIMin. 5 Questions
Visual/Spatial ReasoningMedium1-2Finding the Next Figure based on existed dataMostly. 2 Questions


Is Reasoning Ability a compulsory section in TCS Ninja?

Yes, among all the sections, Reasoning Ability section in TCS Ninja is also mandatory.

Can I prepare from PrepInsta for the reasoning selection and pass the test?

Yes, you can easily from our TCS Ninja dashboard for the logical section.We have given actual previous year questions along with many more questions based on the same pattern and difficulty.

Is there any sectional cut off for the Reasoning Section in TCS Ninja exam?

No, there is no set sectional cut-off. But you should get at least 13-14 questions correct out of 20 to get a better score in the overall test.

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