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How to apply for TCS NQT 2021

How to apply for TCS NQT 2021

Looking for information on “How to Apply for TCS NQT 2021” ? and also without any mistake as even a little mistake can lead to disqualification from the Placement Exam, don’t worry you are at the right place.
We have the latest form with updated information which will help you in your every query. For more information please check application link.

Registrations Starts on16th January 2021
Registration Ends on10th February 2021
Hall Ticket13th- 14th February 2021
Online Test18th- 19th February 2021
Interview Starts onWill be informed by mail

Make sure you watch and follow each and every step very carefully for steps on How to Apply for TCS NQT 2021 because many students gets disqualified as they had filled something wrong in the Application Form. Please visit our TCS NQT dashboard for more information.

TCS NQT 2021 Form


What will happen if I fill my Registration page wrong?

While filling the TCS NQT Application form take care you don’t fill any irrelevant information because a slight mistake can have a huge impact on the Hall Ticket.

Even while filling details do enter all the information necessary and in same order as you are supposed to because the TCS System might not get you and will not receive your Hall Ticket.

  1. There will be no negative marking.
  2. TCS NQT is adaptive this year
  3. You will not get any extra rough paper in the exam as a calculator and Rough Paper will be available on your Desktop Screen. You are not allowed to move your eyes down while giving the examination.

TCS NQT Application Form 2021​

Before filling the form first you need to Login on the Page, even if you are logged in we will advice you to make a new profile. You can make the new profile by following steps:

TCS NQT 2021 Apply Link

Step 1

  • Login if you have not created an account on the TCS NQT page.
How to apply for TCS NQT 2021

Step 1.1

  • Choose Learner instead of Publisher and Distributor.
  • Enter:
    • Name
    • Email ID
    • Password
    • Mobile No.
  • Verify your mobile no. via OTP
Application process of TCS NQT 2021

Step 1.2

  • Enter the given CAPTCHA properly.
  • Tick on the check box.
  • Click on Create Account

Step 1.3

  • Read Privacy Notice and Tick the Check Box

Step 1.4

  • Read the Privacy Policy and Tick the Check box.
TCS NQT Apply Link

Step 1.5

  • Read the Terms of Use and Tick the Check Box.
  • Now Enter OK
How to Apple for TCS NQT 2021

Step 2

  • Click on Register now.
  • *Note: Registration end on 10th February 2021, so register now and don’t wait for later.
Steps for TCS NQT 2021 registration

Step 2.1

  • Read the instruction carefully i.e., what is mandatory, enter the correct details, etc.
  • Enter:
    • Name
    • Email Id
    • Date of Birth
    • Resident State
    • Resident City
    • Phone Number
  • While entering D.O.B choose carefully as a lot of students makes mistake here.
  • Enter that phone number on which you can receive the O.T.P for verification.

Step 2.2

  • Once you request for O.T.P, it will redirect you to a page where you have to enter a CAPTCHA to confirm you are not a robot. After that only you will receive the O.T.P.

Step 2.3

  • You will receive a notification that you have to enter only that O.T.P that has been sent to you on your entered mobile number.
  • If you don’t receive O.T.P. immediately, wait for some time and then press Resend O.T.P and don’t go back in the window.
  • Once you enter the O.T.P. click on Validate O.T.P

Step 2.4

  • After your O.T.P has been verified you will receive a confirmation pop-up. Click OK.
TCS NQT 2021 Application form

Step 2.5

  • In Educational Qualification Details
  • Enter:
    • Course for example B.Tech, B.Com, B.Arch ,etc
    • Stream or Branch for example CS, IT, ECE, etc.
    • Year of Completion.
  • While entering your Institute name do not enter the name directly, click on the 3 dots and you will be redirected to another page.
TCS NQT 2021

Step 2.6

  • Here fill institute state and city.

Step 2.7

  • Select your institute.

Step 2.10

  • Click on Yes
  • Click on Test Name Programming as it is mandatory for TCS NQT 2021, plus it will be mandatory for many other companies.
  • Enter the CAPTCHA
  • Tick on Declaration.
  • Click on SUBMIT

Step 2.11

  • A pop-up will appear where you will find your Application Number. Note it down as it will be required afterwords during your whole selection procedure.

Application form Preview

How to apply for TCS NQT 2021

Step 3

  • A preview of your application form will appear
  • After checking your final form. Press Close.
  • You will receive a Confirmation Mail on your entered Email ID.

You are not done yet