TCS Ninja Verbal Ability Questions and Answers

TCS Ninja English Questions and Answers

Number of Question

25 Ques

Time Limit

75 mins (shared)

Exam Type

Non Adaptive

Negative Marking


TCS Ninja English Questions Pattern 2023

TCS Ninja English Question and Answers

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TCS Ninja Verbal Ability Test 2023 Preparation

Interview Experience

Student Interview

I was very excited when our college informed that TCS would be coming at our campus for the On-Campus drive. Subsequently, I went to seniors about the interview process, and they told me that for the written test, I must refer to Prepinsta’s material. The eligibility criteria stated to me was:

  • Eligible Stream: All Engineering Field
  • %Criteria: 60% marks throughout academics
  • Qualifications: Full-time graduate from B.E/B.Tech/M.Tech./M.Sc./MCA
  • 1 active backlog accepted
  • Academic Gap of 2 years is accepted

The college provided us with the link to apply for the drive. We had to register on the link for the written round. Furthermore, we were informed that the interview process would be of three rounds. First will be the written test, and the students clearing the test will move forward for the technical round and HR interview round.

Round 1: Online Written Test

The first round of TCS was made up of four sections, Verbal Ability, Numerical Ability, Logical Reasoning, Programming concept, and hands on coding.

Section No. of Questions Duration Question Types
English 25 75 minutes (shared)
  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Selecting words
  • Error Correction
  • Passage Ordering
  • Error Identification
  • Sentence Completion
  • more
Numerical Ability
20 75 minutes (shared)
  • Time & work
  • Profit & Loss
  • Number, decimal fraction
  • Geometry
  • more
Logical Reasoning
20 75 minutes (shared)
  • Number Series
  • Seating Arrangments
  • Coding- Decoding
  • Blood Relatons
  • more
Programming Concept 10 20 minutes
  • Iteration, procedural vs. OOp.
  • Data Structure
Coding 2 55 minutes
  • C/C++
  • Java
  • Python 2.7


Round 2: Technical Interview

The technical round had two interviews, TCS Ninja and TCS Digital. We were informed that only 10% of the students would be selected for the second interview. So we were instructed to prepare and answer very carefully and with full confidence. The TCS Ninja interview lasted for 25 minutes, and questions asked to me were:

  • A string was given, and I was asked to reverse word in the string.
  • Implement Atoi and strstr.
  • What is parenthesis checker?
  • Explain the concept of Oops.

The technical round also included questions about the academic project I prepared during my last semester.

As I cleared the TCS Ninja round, I was selected for the second TCS Digital interview. In this round, I was given a puzzle of the mislabelled jar. The question asked to me was:

I have 3 jars, and all are mis-labelled. One jar holds Bananas; another holds Apples, and the third jar holds a combination of both Bananas and Apples. I am allowed to pick as many fruits as I want from each jar to fix the labels on the jars. What is the minimum number of fruits that I have to pick and from which jars to correctly label them?

I answered him correctly with full confidence and was selected for the final round.

Round 3: Interview Round

As I entered the interview room, HR was seated there. He asked me for my resume. Then the interview began,

  • Tell me something about yourself?
  • What was your final year project, and what was your role in it?
  • Are you okay if you are relocated?

The interview was not that scary as I imagined. It went good as I was quite confident. We were told that the results would be mailed to us, and in ten days I got the mail that I was selected as the Back-end designer.

Analytics 2023

Stats About TCS Ninja 2023

Number of Questions 25 Questions
Cut-Off Medium
Difficulty Medium

Topic Wise Analytics

Synonym and Antonym Questions 0- 2
Difficulty Medium
Importance Medium
Grammar Questions 0- 2
Difficulty Medium
Importance Medium
Reading Comprehension Questions 1
Difficulty Medium
Importance Medium
Cloze Test Questions 0- 2
Difficulty Medium
Importance Medium
Spelling Questions 0- 2
Difficulty Medium
Importance Medium
Selecting Words Questions 0-1
Difficulty Medium
Importance High
Passage Ordering Question 0-2
Difficulty High
Importance High
Error Identification Question 0- 2
Difficulty High
Importance Medium
Error Correction Question 0- 3
Difficulty Medium
Importance Medium
Sentence Completion Question 0- 2
Difficulty High
Importance Medium