How to Apply for TCS NQT and Next Step Portal

How To Apply for TCS NQT Next Step Portal 

TCS has finally announced a fresh round of hiring process for the B.Tech Students of 2019 and 2020 passouts. They have made it compulsory for the students to register on their two platforms:

  • NQT dashboard (mandatory)
  • Next Step portal (mandatory)

On this page you will find all the necessary details on how to apply for the TCS NQT and TCS Next Step Portal.  This page contains all the step by step graphics for you to understand the procedure clearly and not go wrong by any means.

you need to
KNOW about TCS NQT -

TCS NQT EVENTS Important Dates
Registration Ends on 27th February 2021
In Center Exam 10th March 2021
Interview Starts on Will be informed by mail

TCS NQT Next Step Portal Registration 2021

Before filling the form first you need to Login on the Page, even if you are logged in we will advice you to make a new profile. You can make the new profile by following steps:

TCS NQT Next Step Portal

Consequences of Filling the Form Incorrectly:

There are some cons to your actions if you fill the form incorrectly or provide any misleading and incorrect information. Let’s see what they could be:

  • Your application will be cancelled
  • Your Hall Ticket can be revoked
  • You might not get a second chance to apply for the company any more

To evade such situations be sure to follow the steps given below accurately and do as required.

You can check some of the important pages for TCS from the links below:

Step 1 - TCS ION Digital Learning Hub

The very first step to registering for TCS NQT is to login into their digital hub. We would recommend you to create an account first and then proceed with the further details. To register yourself follow these steps:

  • Click on this REGISTRATION LINK
  • Tap on the REGISTER NOW button
  • Click on CREATE ACCOUNT and follow the steps given below to register yourself.
how to apply for tcs next step

Step 1.1 – Enter Details

  • Start with logging in.
  • Log in as a learner
  • Enter required details as asked
  • Provide mobile no. for verification
how to apply for tcs next step

Step 1.2 – Enter Captcha

  • Enter the captcha properly
  • Check the box for proceeding forward
  • Click on Create Account
steps to apply for tcs next step

Step 1.3 – Policy Agreement

Before creating your account, you will have to:

  • agree on all the policies given
  • check the boxes individually on the three tabs.
steps for tcs nqt

Step 1.4 – Enter State

Before you finish creating your account, your
last step is to Select your STATE.

Step 2 - TCS NQT Registration Form

Once you have logged into your account, you will be redirected to the TCS NQT Registration Page. This form is one of the two forms that needs to be filled very carefully and according to the rules.

To go through the steps of this procedure refer to our ‘How To Apply For TCS NQT’ Page

Step 3 - TCS Next Step Application Form

This time TCS has made it compulsory for the students to register on both the platforms i.e. TCS NQT and TCS Next Step to be eligible for this drive. Filling the Next Step form is a bit complicated, hence it makes it more important to follow the steps give below and move ahead with care.

Below are the detailed step by step graphical presentation to help you understand the procedure easily.

Step 3.2 Filling Personal Details

steps for next step portal

Step 3.2.1 –

  • Fill your Name and personal details
  • Fill your Address
  • Check the box if your Permanent address is same as present Address
tcs next step

Step 3.2.2 –

  • Fill in your contact details. Double check the contact number
  • Your email id should be active
  • After filling all field, click on Save and Continue

Step 3.3 Filling in Academic Details

Academic Details is the most important part of the entire form. Here you will get multiple tabs to fill in. Make sure your cross check all the details that yo fill in.

None of the information must be untrue or invalid.

Step 3.3.1 –

  • Read all the instructions very carefully
  • Start clicking on each tab to fill the form accordingly.
  • Keep all your academic documents ready to fill in the details
tcs next step
tcs nqt next step
how to apply for tcs next step portal

Step 3.3.2 –

  • Select your college from the drop down list
  • Select your qualification
  • Select your Year of Passing ( applicable for 2019 and 2020 pass outs only)
how to apply for next step tcs

Step 3.3.3 –

  • Select your course name, duration and type
  • Select your University
  • Be very cautious while inserting your score. Be careful about the CGPA and Percentage scoring scheme.
tcs next step
tcs nqt next step
tcs next step application form

Step 3.3.4 –

  • Choose between XII grade and diploma course. Choose ‘OTHER’ if neither of the two courses are valid for you
  • Select your specialization, board and duration
  • Choose course type
  • Fill in your score according to CGPA or Percentage format. Be careful in this step
application for tcs next step 2021

Step 3.3.5 –

  • Correctly fill your Roll Number.
  • Fill in your University
  • Select Board of Education
  • Be careful while filling in your score in CGPA or Percentage form. (convert your percent score into CGPA and then fill the blank)
tcs next step
tcs nqt next step
how to apply in tcs next step

Step 3.3.6 –

Check the box for Yes / No if you have done any other qualifications.
how to apply for tcs next step portal

Step 3.3.7

  • Fill in with YES / NO with regard to your work experience
  • Do not fill internship / training as work experience
tcs next step
tcs nqt next step
steps for tcs next step portal form

Step 3.3.8 –

  • Carefully read all the declarations and choose YES / NO
  • Information filled in should be true
  • There are multiple declarations to be marked, take your time and go through all of them one by one.
steps to apply for tcs drive

Step 3.3.9

  • Finally, after checking all the boxes, click on I AGREE
  • Then click on SAVE and CONTINUE
next step portal

Step 3.4 Filling Other Miscellaneous Details

The section of other details comprises your extra skills and qualities. Be sure to fill this section properly as it might give you some added bonus in selection.

how to apply in tcs next step

Step 3.4.1 –

  • Select your Nationality
  • Check the box if you know any extra languages (add rows to add multiple languages)
  • Check on the box if you have done any certified course for foreign language (add rows to add multiple certifications)
tcs next step
tcs nqt next step
tcs next step application form

Step 3.4.2 –

  • If you have earned any achievements or scholarships in your academic life, make sure to add them here.
  • Any certification that has been completed should be added here.
next step portal form for tcs

Step 3.4.3 –

  • Read the instructions given on this page before uploading the documents or fill in the details
  • Be careful when filling in the blood group
tcs next step
next step portal form for tcs

Step 3.4.4

  • Upload your Photo. (read guidelines for photo size, type and format)
  • Upload your CV (read the guidelines above for the size and type)

Step 3.5 Final Declaration and Agreement

This is the last section of the Next Step form where you state that the informations provided in the form are true and valid.

steps for tcs next step portal form

Step 3.5.1

  • Select the check boxes for YES / NO as applicable
  • Click on Application Form Preview to check your form again. (go through the form carefully to avoid any misinformation)
  • Check YES / NO if you have applied earlier for TCS drive or not.
tcs next step
registration form for tcs next step portal

Step 3.5.2

  • After reading all terms and Conditions, click on I AGREE
  • Fill in your Place of application
  • Click on Submit Application Form to finally register for the drive.

Step 4 - End Step for Application

This step involves your final step to make up your mind to apply for the drive. No Changes can be made once you click on APPLY

tcs next step portal

Step 4.1

  • Fill in your nearest center for TCS
  • Fill in your NQT Registration number (once you submit the form you will get a registration number via mail)
steps to apply for next step tcs

Step 4.2

  • Click on APPLY after reading all the important notes
process for txs next step

Step 4.3

Your form is submitted and your start preparing for your exams now.