TCS Ninja Registration Process 2024

Step-Wise TCS Ninja 2024 Registration Process

TCS Ninja Registration has been announced for the 2024 batch. If you want to get placed for TCS Ninja, don’t miss the chance. TCS Ninja Registration Process 2024  Step by Step given only on PrepInsta. Along with the things that students might fill wrong in the TCS Ninja Registration from which can cause any kind of hindrance in their selection procedure.

**Note: This year TCS Ninja has been conducted under TCS NQT. If the students will be able to clear Foundation Section of TCS NQT then he/she will be eligible for TCS Ninja profile.


Points To Remember while Registering for TCS Ninja

  • A single mistake while submitting the form for TCS Ninja 2024 Registration Process can lead to the cancellation of your form and you will not get the Hall Ticket.
  • So check the above steps mentioned and then only fill the form.
  • We have marked all the possible mistakes one can do while the form submission
  • Along with mistakes correct way to fill the form is also mentioned there.

Step-Wise TCS Ninja 2024 Registration Process

  • Below here all the Step Wise TCS Ninja 2024 Registration Process is explained.
  • Go through the steps in detailed so that you will not do not any mistake during Form Submission.

These 2 symbols are used in images to make the whole process easy.


Arrows indicates You have filled the Form correct

tcs nqt registration

If you have missed any part or filled the form in incorrect way



How to Register for TCS Ninja 2024

  • Open the TCS Ninja Registration Process Page in the another Tab
  • Then start filling the form by going through this page.
  • You will get the TCS Ninja Registration Page by clicking on the button below.

Go through the text and image thoroughly to complete the TCS Ninja 2024 Registration Process.




  • Click on Create Account if you don’t have any account on TCS NQT platform.
  • Account should not be created via college email as your college will deactivate email ID once you passouts.
  • Use your personal ID for account creation so TCS will be able to send joining dates and other info even if college
    disables email ID.



Select Category

There will be two options for you. Among the two options given you will have to select IT.



Fill the Application Form Details Correctly

  • Once you select IT as a Category, now you need to fill the details correctly.
  • Mention your name, ID and academic details correctly.
Step 4



Click on Submit Button

  • Once you are done, submit the form by clicking on submit button given at the bottom.
Step 5 TCS Ninja Registration



Note down your Application ID

  • Note down you “Application No” to future use and login.
  • Now, click on Continue Button



Click on Application form

  • You will land on Home Page, click on Application form now to fill form in detailed manner.
Step 7 (a)TCS Ninja Registration



Fill the Application Form in Detail Now

  • First Fill the Personal Details Column.
  • Here, you need to submit all the personal details correctly.
Step 8



Fill the Academic and Work Details Column

  • Fill your Xth, XIIth, Graduation Academic Details Correctly.
  • And, if you can work experience then also fill work experience details.
  • Also, you need t answer some common ques at the end in terms of yes/no.
STEp 9

STEP 10:


Fill the Other Details Column

  • After filling Academic and Work Experience Details, now fill other details such as:
    • Certifications Details
    • Language and Nationality
    • Your Achievements and Scholarship
    • Upload Your Resume/CV
    • Upload Signature and Photo

STEP 11:


Application Form Preview and Declaration

  • Once you are done with all 3 columns, you can preview your form before declaration.
  • Here, you are asked about criminal records

STEP 12:


Apply for TCS Recruitment Drive​

  • select the mode of your exam.
    • If you want to appear from home then go for Remote
    • If you want to appear in exam from center decided by TCS then you can go for In-Center option.

TCS Ninja Syllabus 2024

  • As, we all know there is no separate syllabus for TCS Ninja. It’s just the same as TCS NQT.
  • It depends totally on your performance in Online Test and then Interview.
  • If you score well in Online Test i.e; you are in top 20%, then you can appear directly for TCS Ninja Interview.

IMP NOTE: Perform well in you Interview only then you will be offered TCS Ninja profile else TCS NQT or may be none of them.

TCS Ninja Syllabus

TCS NQT Syllabus

TCS Placement Paper Pattern

Additional Information (FAQ's)

Shall I build my profile under the headings of ‘BPS’ or ‘IT’?

Students should build profiles in the category of “IT.”


If I already have a CT/DT reference number, what should I do? Is it necessary for me to re-register?

No, you do not have to re-register. Please complete the Application Form and click the ‘Apply for Drive’ button.

My profile was established wrongly under ‘BPS.’ What am I supposed to do now?

If you built your profile under BPS improperly, you will need to create it again under ‘IT’ using your own alternative Email ID.
Send an email to [email protected] if you want your BPS profile removed.

Is it possible to make adjustments to my profile because I committed certain errors?

Once the profile is in the Application Received / Applied for Drive state, only minor modifications may be made. As a result, we ask that you carefully fill out the application form.