Hexaware HR Interview Questions

Most Asked Hexaware HR Interview Questions 2023

Find Hexaware HR Interview Questions and Answers on this page. You can go through them to prepare for your Hexaware HR Interview.

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Hexaware Recruitment Process

Hexaware has 4 rounds in its recruitment process. 

  • Online Aptitude Test + Domain Test
  • Communication Assessment
  • Technical Interview
  • HR interview

Hexaware HR Interview Questions

Question 1:- Introduce yourself.


This is the first question asked in an interview. You have to give a brief introduction about yourself, including your background, academic experience, strengths, skills, work experience, etc.

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Question 2:- How was your experience of the previous rounds?


The interviewer often asks the candidate to detail their experience with the previous rounds (online test and technical interview). This is done to see how tough the rounds were for the candidates. 

You should tell the interviewer how you prepared for the previous rounds, according to you how difficult the rounds were and what type of questions were asked.

Question 3:- What makes you think you are eligible for this job?


This is your time to tell the interviewer about your strongest points that make you suitable for the job. You can include technical skills, communication skills, past work experience, etc., whatever makes you suited for the role.

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Question 4:- Do you know about the service agreement of the company?


Hexaware has a service agreement period of 2 years which the candidate has to sign before joining the company for the training period.

Question 5:- Do you have any location preferences?


Hexaware has multiple branch offices in the country and if you are selected then they can place you in any of their centers. If the interviewer is asking about your location preference, you should research beforehand where the branches are located. You can tell the interviewer one location that you prefer, but you should always include that you are ready to relocate to any other location if required. 

Question 6:- Tell me something that is not mentioned in your resume.


Interviewers want to know more about you than what is mentioned in your resume. This includes talking about any volunteer work or hobbies that you have not previously mentioned.

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Question 7:- Are you a hard worker?


Employers want to hire candidates who are hardworking but at the same time know where to put how much effort. Someone who is putting their maximum effort into a low-priority task is not efficient for the company.

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Question 8:- Give me an example of your creativity.


Companies want to hire candidates who can find creative solutions to their problems. People with the ability to think out of the box.

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Question 9:- How do you cope with criticism?


When you are working in an organization it is expected that your work will be criticized by your seniors and peers. How you react to this criticism depicts your professionalism. Whether you are offended by the negative feedback or you understand your shortcomings and work to better yourself.

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Question 10:- Are you open to working night shifts?


Night shifts are common in companies like Hexaware which have a global client base. You can be assigned rotational shifts upon joining, therefore you should answer this question with a yes.

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Question 11:- Tell me one negative thing about yourself.


Do not say that you have no negative qualities. Instead, give a strength disguised as a weakness.

For example, you can say one of your weaknesses is that you can keep working for long hours without taking a break. Or that you are too much of a perfectionist.

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Question 12:- According to you, what is success?

The definition of success is different for everyone. While some think having a lot of money is success others think having a job they enjoy is a success. There is no right or wrong to this question. You can define success by how you feel.

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Question 13:- You have done mechanical engineering, why do you want to join IT?


If you are someone from a non-IT background like mechanical, civil, electrical, etc., and are interviewing for a company like Hexaware that is primarily IT-based, then you can expect this question in your interview.

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Question 14:- Will you be able to work efficiently from home?


Hexaware has been offering its employees a work-from-home or hybrid work model. To work effectively in a remote model, you should be aware of work-from-home ethics.

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Question 15:- Can you work under supervision?


In Hexaware, you will be assigned to a team and have a team leader/reporting manager who will be supervising you. You need to report to them your work and they will review/give feedback on your work. 

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Question 16:- Who is the CEO of Hexaware?


The CEO of Hexaware is Mr. R Srikrishna.

Question 17:- What services are provided by Hexaware?


The services provided by Hexaware include:-

  • Application Managed Services
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics Services
  • Business Process Services
  • Digital Assurance and Quality Engineering
  • Enterprise and Next Gen Cloud Solutions

Question 18:- Where is the Hexaware headquarters located?


Hexaware is headquartered in Navi Mumbai.

Question 19:- Rate me as an interviewer.


When answering questions like this do not get carried away and start criticizing your interviewer. Give them a rating and give polite reasoning behind so. However, do not give them any negative feedback.

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Question 20:- Do you have any questions for me?


Always ask the interviewer a few questions before leaving the interview. It will give a good impression. Common questions you can ask:-

  • What is the usual work day here like?
  • Will there be any training period?
  • What do you like most about working here?

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