How Do You Define Success?

‘How Do You Define Success?’ – In an Interview

Given the position you’re looking for or the industry you work in, you might expect some obvious questions like ‘How Do You Define Success?’ from a prospective employer during a job interview. One such issue concerns your definition of success.

Hiring managers frequently inquire about your personal, team, and organizational success in order to assess your suitability as a candidate for the company.


How to Answer the Question, ‘How Do You Define Success?’ In an Interview

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Tips and Tricks to answer - How do you define success in your life?

To help you plan for and successfully address potential interview questions on how you define success, follow these steps:-

Prepare ahead of time

While you’re practicing for the other components of your interview process, take notes of the possible response in case the hiring manager asks you this question. Preparing before time helps you respond to the interview with more confidence, particularly if you do have notes with you.

Consider your professional accomplishments

Consider your achievements in previous employment. Write it down and explain what made the accomplishment feel like a victory. Aside from your feelings, keep track of any appreciation or acknowledgment that you have received from your teammates or bosses. 

Consider how you got to previous successes

Consider what led to your previous victories. Think about milestones, positive outcomes, masterstrokes that you have received a few times back and you are able to achieve.

Find out what constitutes a success for the company

Learn how the organization defines success  by doing homework on their core values and goals. Examine the company’s mission and vision statement or values to determine what success includes.

Prepare a response

Make a possible response using the facts you have gathered. Begin by offering a clear idea of success, based on your personal experiences as well as the company’s recommendations. Then, either from a past position or depending on the role for which you’re interviewing, give an example of what success looks like.

Best Possible Answers for - ‘How Do You Define Success?’

How do you define success ?

The answer to this question allows the interviewer to gain a better understanding of your definition of success and your goals for the achievements. As a result, they will get to know what kind of employee you will be.

Possible Answer:

Success is achieving something that you are trying to do. When you are focused to achieve your goal, work hard and finally achieve your goal,that is a success. It is something when you achieve what you had wished for and live your dream lifestyle.

Why It Works: 

This response reveals how the applicant is objective-oriented and has done the homework to determine whether the company values goals and achievements or not.

Possible Answer:

For me, success means doing a satisfactory job. I want to be remembered as someone who gives it her all and works tirelessly to achieve her objectives.

Why It Works:

This applicant demonstrates in her answer that she is self-motivated and takes on the responsibilities of her job. It should be a direct and genuine response delivered with the right tone and good eye contact, which would convince the interviewer that the candidate has a strong will to achieve heights.

Possible Answer:

I track my success not only in terms of my results but also in terms of my team’s efforts. The team must achieve both individual and team objectives to be regarded as successful.

Why It Works:

Many companies prefer to hire people who enjoy working in groups. In his response, this candidate exhibits his commitment to effective teamwork, proving that he cares as much about group progress as he does about individual achievement.

Possible Answer:

I want to see progress in small steps. I never want to feel as if there is nothing left to do, especially as someone who is energized by new, demanding challenges. It’s a victory for me if I can leave work every night confident that I’ve learned something new or valuable throughout my career.

Why It Works:

This response illustrates one of the candidate’s personal qualities: Her desire to work towards success and constant efforts to complete a project/task reflects that the candidate values accomplishment and strives towards achieving company goals. This type of motivation and teachability is highly valued by the interviewer.

Possible Answer:

Success is a path for me, not a destination. At this early stage in my career, any accomplishment, big or small, motivates me to learn new skills and improve my performance. In my previous role, I volunteered for new ventures and took advantage of every opportunity to learn. Along the way, I improved my skill set, allowing me to exceed my sales goals by 25%. I did not simply help the company reach new heights as I advanced professionally, but also felt successful on personal levels, and it’s a feeling I enjoy repeating anytime the opportunity arises.

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FAQs on ‘How Do You Define Success?’ - In an Interview


Yes, without a doubt! Explaining your answer with specific examples will undoubtedly assist you and make a positive impression on the interviewer. However, make sure your instances are relevant and demonstrate your influence.


No, never do that. Since the interviewer is more knowledgeable and you may face the risk of seeming overly confident. If the recruiter finds out about your made-up story, your chances of being chosen are reduced and your impression can be ruined.

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