Hexaware Communication Assessment 2024

Hexaware Communication Assessment For Freshers

Updated information about Hexaware Communication Assessment Test 2024 is given here on this page. This round is an elimination round and it will revolve around how better you can communicate. There will be 67 question in total for this round.

All the updated information about timing, Pattern and Test process is given here on this page. Go through the page in detailed to know more about Hexaware Communication Assessment.

Hexaware Communication Assessment 2023

About Hexaware Communication Assessment Test:

There are four parameters on which you will be judged during this round. As this round is all about communication you will be judged on the following components:

  1. Vocabulary
  2. Fluency
  3. Pronunciation
  4. Sentence Mastery
Number of Question67 Ques
Time Limit45 minutes
Elimination RoundYes

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The body of words used in a language is referred to as vocabulary.

  • English is considered as tough language because of the words confusion.
  • Most of the us are not aware of when and how to play around words and results in not having a good communication skills
  • It is often noticed that the words are having same spelling but the meaning of the word is completely different.
  • To overcome this, you must have a command on words with proper meaning. Click on the button below to see the list of words.


Fluency matters a lot during the process of communication. More fluency lead to a smooth conversation.

  • It is one of the very important parameter to be judged on during Hexaware Communication Assessment Test 2024
  • Fluency involves being able to speak without being interrupted , without stumbling over the words.
  • Your confidence will boost if you will speak fluently
  • Talk to your friends and other person in English, it will make you more fluent.


Pronunciation for words can’t be specific in all case. It vary person to person but few words are universal same.

  • The better you will have command on Pronunciation the better you can communicate.
  • Vowel and other words can be used in different ways so you must have a knowledge on how and when to use those words
  • Wrong pronunciations can result in miscommunication.
  • Keep in mind that you must reflect and frame the words in such a way that they reach out to the individual simply and without any ambiguity.

Sentence Mastery

Sentence mastery is a term that emphasizes how a grammatically correct sentence should be written regardless of variations in structure, vocabulary, accent, ambiguity, and so on.

  • All the above mentioned parameters are cross linked with each other and will help you in constructing sentence.
  • You need to keep in mind about when, how to use words and meaning of your words.
  • Keep your sentence simpler and then communicate with confidence.
  • Click on the button below to know more about sentence formation.

Hexaware Communication Assessment Information

Hexaware Communication Test detailed Syallbus

Section 1- Reading

  •  On screen there will be few sentences given.  You will be provided 20-30 seconds to read that sentence.
  • This round is all to check your communication, speaking capability.
  • Take your time and read the sentence calmly.
  • Don,t get in rush and read the sentence in speed. It will create the  difficulty to understand.
Communicatio Assessment Test of Hexaware For Freshers

Section 2- Repeating Sentences

  • This portion would be something of a replication of the reading appraisal mentioned above.
  • You will be given few audio sentences in this round.
  • You must listen carefully to what the audio reads (probably a sentence) and then repeat it aloud, which will measure the ability to pronounce words correctly.
Detailed Information about Communication Assessment of Hexaware

Section 3-  Jumbled Sentence

  • There will be few jumbled sentence audio files in this segment.
  • This segment focuses on your mental abilities rather than your verbal abilities.
  • You will be given a jumbled sentence to unscramble and read aloud, putting your sentence mastery skills to the test.
Overall pattern of Communication Assessment Hexaware Test

Section 4- Story Telling

  • So, if you’ve ever wanted to put your memorization skills to the test, this is the place to be.
    You would be forced to listen to an audio file, most likely a short story, twice.
  • The catch is that you you have 30 seconds to snatch the story and repeat it with your own words when asking for a brief snippet.
    This exam will assess your fluency as well as your vocabulary.

FAQs on Hexaware Communication Assessment Round

Is Hexaware Communication Assessment 2024 is an Elimination Round?

Yes, all the rounds in Hexaware Recruitment Process is elimination Round. So prepare well for Hexaware. All the updated information is given on our website.

What is the difficulty level and Importance of Hexaware Communication Assessment Round 2024?

The importance is high as it is an elimination round so you need to prepare well for this round. Difficulty level of this round is Moderate so don’t need to worry just a bit of practice and you will clear this round easily.

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