Hexaware Aptitude Questions and Answers 2023

Hexaware Aptitude Questions and Answers for Freshers

Total Ques


Total Time

60 minutes(shared)

Adaptive/ Non- Adaptive

Non- Adaptive

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Job Opening

2200 - 3500 (approx)

Hexaware Syllabus

Hexaware Aptitude Questions with Solutions 2023

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Preparation Section

Hexaware Interview Experience 2023

We got the message from our college TPO cell. There was the superset application link as well. As I qualified for the drive I filled out the form. After about a month we got the email from Hexaware regarding the online exam.

On the TPO message, they had already mentioned the exam pattern. So I was already preparing accordingly from my PrepInsta Prime subscription. So when the exam was conducted I had more than enough preparation and was confident for the assessment.

Round 1:-

Online Aptitude Test and Tech Domain Test

This was the first round and was conducted on the CoCubes platform. The round was divided into two sections:-

  • Online aptitude test (45 minutes)
    • There were 15 questions from aptitude, 15 questions from logical, and 15 questions from verbal.
  • Domain Test (30 minutes)
    • There were 15 pseudo codes to solve and 15 questions on computer fundamentals.

Round 2:-

Communication Assessment

This was conducted on the Mettl platform 2 days after the first round. It was 45 minutes round and there were around 25-30 questions. This included reading sentences that appeared on the screen, listening to audio clips and repeating them or answering questions that followed, etc.

Round 3:-

Technical Interview

The shortlisted candidates were called for the interview. This was a technical interview and the questions were all based on my technical knowledge. It lasted around 30 minutes and was conducted on the Microsoft teams platform.

Some of the questions asked included:-

  1. Introduce yourself.
  2. Which coding language do you prefer?

I answered Java.

Following were the further questions asked from JAVA

  1. State the differences between heap and stack memory.
  2. What are access specifiers in java?
  3. What are constructors in java?

Additionally, he also asked me some DBMS questions, which included:-

  1. What is database partitioning?
  2. What is a checkpoint in DBMS?
  3. What is normalization?

Note:- You can find the answers to these questions and more at our Technical Interview Dashboard

Other than this, the interviewer also asked me to explain my final year project.

This was all for my technical interview. One day later I was called for my HR interview.

Round 4:-

HR Interview

This round was the last round. Only 25 students were called for this round and I was among them.

It was also conducted on Microsoft Teams and lasted around 15-20 minutes. The questions included:-

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  3. Why did you choose Hexaware?
  4. Do you know who is Hexaware’s CEO?
  5. Do you have any other placement offers in hand?
  6. Any questions for me?

Hexaware Aptitude Question and Answer Analytics

Stats About Hexaware Aptitude Exam 2023

Number of Questions 20 Questions
Cut-off Percent
Difficulty Medium

Topic Wise Analytics

Mixture and Allegation Question 0-1
Difficulty Medium
Importance Medium
Percentages Question 0-3
Difficulty Medium
Importance Medium
Ranking based Question 0-1
Difficulty Low
Importance Low
Ratio and Proportion Question 0-2
Difficulty High
Importance High
Ages Question 0-1
Difficulty Medium
Importance Medium
Speed Time and Distance Question 1-2
Difficulty High
Importance High
Probability Question 0-2
Difficulty Medium
Importance Medium
Profit and Loss Question 0-1
Difficulty Medium
Importance Medium
Bar Graph Question 1-2
Difficulty Medium
Importance Medium
Line Graph Question 0-1
Difficulty Medium
Importance Medium
Tabular DI Question 0-1
Difficulty Medium
Importance Medium
Pie Chart Question 1-2
Difficulty Medium
Importance Medium

Hexaware Aptitude Questions with Solutions 2023

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