What Do You Think Makes A Leader Unsuccessful?

What makes a Leader Unsuccessful?

Not being able to carry out your supervising or guidance role makes a leader unsuccessful.

This being a very common interview question, read all about it on the page below. Make sure to go through the qualities of an unsuccessful. List the ones that you think you may have and would want to improve.

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what makes a leader unsuccessful

Why: "What can make a leader unsuccessful?" is asked -

During an interview, the panelists puts up this question before the candidate because they try to assess the candidate’s personality and point of perception regarding leadership.

Your selection would highly depend on this question if the role you’re interviewing for requires you to take up team tasks or enroll as a leader. Hence, you should be careful when you answer this question. Scroll down below you know what to include and exclude from your reply.

How to Answer - Who is an Unsuccessful Leader?

For you to be an unsuccessful leader, you ought to do every right thing in the most wrong way. Sounds easy! Right?

Let’s quickly look at the traits that define an unsuccessful leader:

Any leader who cannot communicate with the team mates in an effective way can be termed as unsuccessful

A person who cannot make decisions and depends on the team to put forward a point or stick to the goals is an inefficient leader.

A team, during any disagreements, looks forward to the leader to step in and resolve the conflict whatsoever. If the assigned head fails to do so, the unity of the group gets affected. This is a sign of an unsuccessful leader.

If you find your leader to do all the tasks themselves and who doesn’t divide and manage it among the teammates, be sure to tag that person as a failed leader.

The leader gets comfortable in the existing Status Quo and makes no effort to strive for growth.

Any leader who is afraid to take accountability of the success and failures of the team and has the habit to blame others for their faults, is not a successful one.

Apart from the above given qualities, there are some specific traits that are the trademarks of an unsuccessful leader.

Sample Answers - What do you think makes a leader unsuccessful?

Go through the sample answers given below for your reference:

Answer 1:-

To me, an unsuccessful leader is someone who has put in no effort to manage a team and work towards the goals. Along with that if you cannot keep your team together and motivated, then your role as a leader is ineffective.

Answer 2:-

It is not necessary that you have to possess the negative qualities to be an unsuccessful. Even after imbibing all the good ones but only putting a half hearted effort to your tasks and role, will lead to you being unsuccessful. And to me, this is exactly what I am afraid of. I know I am not the perfect of all. However, I always try to give my all when I am assigned a task, which ultimately helps me to complete it successfully.

Answer 3:-

I remember in my last job, the team chose me to lead them in a project that was due the coming week. The reason I was elected was that the leader before me had left the project midway because he got too puzzled on how to complete it. Due to his incompetency, we didn’t want our team to suffer. Nevertheless, we completed the task with team effort. But the way the former leader gave up on the team and abandoned us in the middle of the task, I would remark that as a quality of an unsuccessful leader. Not being able to handle pressure and to strategically think.