How Do You React To The Mistakes Of Your Subordinates?

Tell Me About A Time When You Were Reprimanded For Something Your Subordinates Did.

When interviewing for managerial positions, interviewers ask questions like how you will react if a subordinate makes a mistake. These questions are very tricky to answer. On this page, you will find a guide to answering such questions.

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  • Why: “How do you react to the mistakes of your subordinates” is asked?
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  • Sample Answers:- “How do you react to the mistakes of your subordinates?”
how to respond to an employees mistakes

Why: “How Do You React To The Mistakes Of Your Subordinates” is Asked?

This is a common question, asked to see the temper of the candidate. When a team member makes a mistake, how do you react to it? Do you get mad at them? Do you ignore it? Do you try to cover up for them? Or Do you try to make them understand their mistakes?
Your answer to this question will determine whether or not you are a good leader.

How to Answer Questions Like “Have You Ever Been Scolded For A Team Member's Mistakes?"

To answer questions like this, it is best to relate real-life instances. If you have been in a position where you were scolded for someone else’s mistake, you can talk about it.

Steps to Answer:-

Sample Answers:- “How Do You React To The Mistakes Of Your Subordinates?”

Refer the sample answers given below.

Answer 1:-

There was one time when an intern on my team made a mistake. Since it was during rush hours, her work was not reviewed properly and it ended up causing a huge problem. I was called in by my supervisor, and he was pretty mad at me. He did not scold me, but he went on to detail how the mistake could have been avoided.
In the end, I had a meeting with the intern. I spoke to her about her mistakes and how we could avoid them in the future.

Answer 2:-

If one of my subordinates makes a mistake I’ll immediately point it out to them. Mostly I will set up a discussion with them and help them rectify their mistake. If the mistake was very serious, and have damaging consequences then I rectify it while showing them how it could be done. And lastly, I ask them if they are having any issues with the work and try to resolve their doubts.

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